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Mauitopia is a Hawaiian television program hosted by Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan and is broadcast island wide on Akaku TV. Each episode is also broadcast globally online at Mauitopia is an expose on the most amazing, magical, and mysterious people, places, and phenomena happening on the tropical island of Maui. Tune in for an all access back stage pass of playfulness, turn on to the unusual, underground, and utterly artistic side of life... drop out of your obligations for a while as you experience what island life is really like on Mauitopia!

Part traditional talk show, part interviews of Maui’s most amazing people, and part variety showcase of the wonder, natural beauty, and aloha spirit that is behind the saying, Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui is the best!) Mauitopia H.Q. is the embodiment of that statement…


This hour long program consists of thematic segments, featuring interviews with musicians, highlighting projects that make Maui more beautiful, and looks in depth at the everyday Mauitopians who’s lives and work are worthy of the what the native Hawaiians call the a’ina (life force of the land) itself. This program is filmed live in Akaku’s state of the art studio, and on-location in the most beautiful scenic nature spots on Maui. Featuring MTV style unplugged musical performances. Mauitopia also takes our viewers for a Walk on the Wild Side with our on the street correspondent/Maui-goddess Allaurah Bortoli.

Mauitopia premiers July 2013. This program’s segments are dedicated to showcasing the ‘best of the best’ that Maui has to offer in all fields of art, culture, music, cuisine, spirituality, sustainability, the unique, natural beauty, science, Hawaiian culture, and topics relevant to Maui. Directed by veteran media correspondent Alberto Rojas, who brings his candid cinematography style to each episode… as a unique way of reaching into the heart, and showing the human story behind the scenes on this fantasy island, where dreams come true everyday.

Each week we explore all things underground… a broad range of different guests, locales, and undiscovered secrets Maui has to offer. Mauipotia HQ located in lush Haiku is where much of the magic happens, because Mauitopia isn’t just a TV show, it’s an actual 4 acre Enchanted Forest! This ‘dream come true’ is where nature and technology meet to cross pollinate in the form of an estate fully equipped with sustainable solar, water catchment, luxurious accommodations and wireless internet, filled with fruit trees, organic gardens, and educational retreat facilities!

Mauitopia H.Q. Organizers gather weekly under a gigantic Banyan tree called the ‘PoetTree’ where we have fire by starlight and translate the voice of nature into music.

Dr. DreamingBear, Mauitopia’s the project visionary and host says, “I want to honor the magnificence of Maui, and in the process… shine a light on those grass-roots individuals whose everyday efforts help to keep our little piece of the planet pristine, and full of beauty. Why? Because I love Maui! Simple as that.”

Dr. Beth Savitt (winner of the 2012 Compassion in Action award) is the Mauitopia Matriarch and co-creator of the manifested vision, not of a perfect society, by of an artistic one in which generating beauty and good will is the name of the game. She is President of the Savitt Foundation, and our Ohana Mama without whom none of this would even be possible.

The Lovevolution Foundation is the sponsor of this series, and we’d like to extend our gratitude for the time, money, and energy the Lovevolution Charity brings to the table. We encourage our viewers to donate and in so doing, to help create a true Mauitopia! viva Lovevolution! 

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