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No information is available for this page. Amazon offers a range of great benefits that support employees and eligible family members. Your benefits as an employee begin on day one and include paid time. Use the Amazon Alexa App to set up your Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get news updates, and much more.
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Start earning a competitive pay and choose from a variety of shifts to suit your life. We offer part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs.

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Amazon provides some of the most advanced workplaces of their kind in the world. Offering competitive pay, flexible working schedules (full-time, part-time or seasonal) and a comprehensive benefits package. All alongside processes and systems to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all employees.

Warehouse Operative

Warehouse Operatives work in large buildings between 600,000 to 800,000 square ft in size. Your role is to process and prepare customer orders. We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company, your focus is on picking, packing, and shipping customer orders.

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Sortation Operative

Sortation Operative work in smaller-size sites. Your role enables customers to receive fast, everyday delivery. We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company, your focus is on sorting customer orders by final destination and consolidating them onto lorries and trucks for last-mile delivery.

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Reasons you will love working at Amazon

Competitive pay

The base pay for new Amazon Associates starts at £10 per hour, up to £11.10 an hour. You can rapidly earn more with overtime and night shift allowance. Plus, the longer you stay with us, the more your base pay increases.

Employee Benefits

Amazon offers a range of great benefits that support employees and eligible family members. Your benefits as an employee begin on day one and include paid time off, private medical and life insurances, parental leave, company pension plan, Amazon discount, free hot drinks, snacks, and more.

Work-life balance

We recognise that all our employees have different schedules and responsibilities. That is why we strive to offer multiple types of contracts and working hours that allow you to organise work around your life. In addition, we offer paid time off and other resources to improve your well-being.

Growth opportunities

We support your employee experience and professional growth with paid on-the-job training, cross-training opportunities to help you gain further qualifications, along with access to Career Choice and apprenticeship programs.

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What are employees saying?

Meet Melvyn, Amazon Associate

Meet Melvyn, Amazon associate “It’s very important that we all work together as a team, because without the team ethic, none of this would work".

Meet Fati, Instructor at Amazon

Fati onboards new associates and colleagues and helps them reach their full potential. She finds that "Amazon is a workplace that allows flexibility in your life".

Meet Kevin, Operations Supervisor

Apart from coordinating operations to ensure timely package delivery, Kevin is also keen to keep everyone safe at Amazon. In his own words: "It's about coming out safely on the other side".

Welcome to the Backstage

Take a look behind the scenes of Amazon, because Backstage is where it all happens.
It’s the place, where colleagues become friends, where technology makes life easier, and where shifts work for you.
Join the crew that keeps the show going. Welcome Backstage

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Virtually visit a fulfilment centre

Go behind the scenes with our tour leaders Adam, Marta, Paul, and Toni. This 10-minute video takes guests inside our Fulfilment Centres to see what happens when you shop on Amazon.

Please click the CC icon on the bottom right of the video to turn on subtitles.

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Amazon announces 10,000 UK jobs and £10 million training investment

The creation of new permanent roles nationwide will boost the economy and bring Amazon’s total workforce to over 55,000 in 2021.


Amazon actions to help employees, communities, and customers affected by COVID-19

A roundup of actions Amazon has taken to reduce the spread of the coronavirus while supporting those directly and indirectly impacted by COVID-19.


How Amazon prioritises health and safety while fulfilling customer orders

We are committed to the health and safety of our associates, delivery service partners, drivers, employees and customers.


Teaming up with Shoreditch Trust to deliver free meals for the local community

Caterers at Amazon’s UK head office in Shoreditch, London have been supporting Shoreditch Trust’s Community Table programme by providing hundreds of free meals to the local community.


Amazon is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other legally protected status.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there differences between the order reports and the reimbursements for advertising costs?

All of the reports available in Associate Central are updated daily. Any qualifying items ordered via your links will appear on your Order Report on the date the order was placed, however, the items will only appear on your Earnings Report once they have been dispatched.
This may cause a discrepancy between your orders and earnings reports as some items may take longer to dispatch (e.g. they may be out of stock at the time the order is placed).
Also, if the order was cancelled or returned, the commission income would be removed from the final payout at the end of the month.

Am I allowed to use product images obtained through Amazon Associates on my own site and what do I need to know about it?

You may not add to, delete from, or otherwise alter any content provided by Amazon to you (except for resizing such content that consists of a graphic image in a manner that maintains the original proportions of the image or truncate text content in a manner that does not materially alter the meaning of the text or cause it to become factually incorrect or misleading). You cannot use the product images outside the context of the Amazon Affiliate links as such links are provided to you.

What happens to the Affiliate link if the product no longer exists?

If you had linked directly to a product in the Amazon shop that now no longer exists, two things could happen: either it will be shown that this product can no longer be delivered, or clicking the link will lead to an error page.
That is why it is a good idea to regularly check all direct product links. Should the product only be temporarily unavailable, there is no need to change the Affiliate link. But should the product remain unavailable, it is essential to search for an alternative.
An alternative can be to link to the follow up product or, for example with books, a new edition. If this is not possible, you could still find a worthy alternative to the original product.
If neither seems to work out, you can link to the respective category in the Amazon shop or remove the Amazon link entirely.

Do I have to label Amazon banners and links as advertisement?

Yes, the Operating Agreement requires that you must state the following on your site:“[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission incomes by advertising and linking to [insert applicable site name].”

How to include Amazon Affiliate links on a blog or website without impacting your editorial integrity.

There are a couple of ways of including Affiliate links on your page without letting them appear too promotional. One suggestion is to use your own recommendations. For this, the classic graphic banner may not be an ideal solution, as these look like a commercial. This way you are in a position to speak from experience. For example, you could link to books you have recently read, or to records that you enjoy listening to.
Another possibility is writing a review for products, weighing their advantages and disadvantages. A comparative test of several products also helps inspire trust with your visitors.
Another way of creating an opportunity to include Affiliate links in a non-promotional context, is to organize a poll for your readers to participate in. The products that turn out to be the most popular among voters, could then be presented in more detail – of course including an Affiliate link.
As an alternative to text links, Amazon offers Widgets. There is a large selection of widgets to choose from and many don’t require too much maintenance.
There are plenty of possibilities to build Affiliate links into your content. The key is to inspire trust in your readers and and use your personal recommendations.

How to contact Amazon Associates for questions and problems?

Please click on “contact us” located in the top right hand corner in Associates Central and complete the form.

Can I use the Amazon Associate program on more than one of my websites?

Yes, you may use the Amazon Affiliate program on several of your own websites. However, it is a good idea to set up a tracking ID for each of your sites to see which of your websites generates what part of your proceeds.
In the event that you operate websites in different languages for different countries, you will have to be signed up for the Amazon Affiliate Program in each of the respective countries.

Am I allowed to use the Amazon Associate program on social networks?

Amazon permits the usage of Amazon Affiliate links on social networks in accordance with the Operating Agreement. This can work really well, especially when you use them in connection to your own experience and in form of recommendations. Do not simply advertise for a product.
The new Site Stripe feature has made it easy to directly share and publish links to the amazon shop on Facebook and Twitter. This can be found at the top of if you have logged into your Amazon Associates account.

Is there a payout-minimum for the Amazon Associate program?

For payment by direct deposit or by Amazon Gift Certificate, Amazon may accrue and withhold payment of commission income until the total amount due is at least £25 or €25 for Qualifying Purchases, as applicable depending on the Amazon Site.
For payment by cheque, Amazon may accrue and withhold payment of commission income until the total amount due is at least £50 or €50 for Qualifying Purchases, as applicable depending on the Amazon Site.

Do I need a registered business if I want to use the Amazon Associate program?

You need not have a registered business. However, if you are a non-UK resident, we will need your tax information in order to process payments when you’ve earned a referral income. Amazon may request tax information from you from time to time.

Text links or Widgets – which of the two should I use?

That depends on how you plan to use them.
Text links have the advantage of not looking like obvious commercials, which attracts more clicks. However, a text link neither includes a picture of the product nor does it reveal any further information about the product.
Widgets offer the opportunity to add a variety of information, like a product image, prizes and more. These load information dynamically, so that a change in price would be immediately adopted in the Widget.
Often a combination of the two proves effective as well, offering the visitor more than one instance that affords clicking.

How long will it take for my registration to be approved? Will it be reviewed, or does it happen automatically?

All applications to the Associates Program are reviewed by our internal team. „You will usually receive an update of the status within 12-24 hours“.

I have received payment for products that I have not advertised. Why?

You may earn an commission income for any qualifying items placed in a customer’s shopping cart during a 24-hour window. This window begins at the time a visitor clicks through your Associates link. However, the 24-hour window will close if the customer submits his/her order or re-enters through another Associate’s link.
Once the window is closed, any additional purchases will not earn commission incomes for your Associates account. If the customer returns to through your Associates link, this will generate a new 24-hour window. As long as the item was added to the shopping cart during the 24-hour window, you will earn an commission income on this item even if the actual order is placed several weeks later.
In any case, you will not earn commission incomes for (a) any purchase that, after expiration of the applicable 24-hour window, is added to a customer’s shopping cart, purchased by a customer via Amazon’s 1-Click feature, or is streamed or downloaded by a customer, even if the customer previously followed your Associates link to or (b) an purchase order that is cancelled or returned.

Am I allowed to adapt or modify the Amazon text links?

When creating a text link with Site Strip, the link itself cannot be modified. You can choose a tracking ID, as well as edit the link text for publishing.
If you are not sure if the Amazon text links that you created work, Amazon provides a tool in Amazon Associates, called “Link Checker” that allows you to test them.

Can I change the profile information that I registered with? (e.g. e-mail or address.)

Yes, you can edit your profile information. The Operating Agreement requires Associates to keep their account information up to date. To do this, go to Account Settings. Here you can change your contact information, update your site profile, modify your payment settings, add users to your account, and more. Only the primary account user can change payment settings and add new people to the account.

Will I be excluded from the Amazon Affiliate program, if I have not integrated an Amazon affiliate link?

You are not obligated to the use the program. When and how you include Widgets and Affiliate links in your content is your decision entirely. However, your account will be marked “’dormant” if your amazon affiliate link has not generated any traffic for 3 years.

Do I have to pay to be an Amazon Affiliate?

You will not have to pay to take part in the Amazon Affiliate program. It is entirely free of cost.

Will I need a finished website when I register for Amazon Affiliate program?

Yes your website will need to be completed. Please be aware that websites will get reviewed and just having a finished website alone does not guarantee they will be accepted.

Where can I find the Affiliate link to a specific product?

There are two ways to find the Affiliate link to a specific product. You can use the grey Amazon Associates toolbar (also called Site Stripe) on the top edge of the browser window to create an Affiliate link for the currently visited shop page. You will need to be signed into Amazon Associates for the Site Stripe to appear, and then visit the respective product page.
Click on “Link to this page” on the Site Stripe and the Affiliate link will appear for you to copy and paste. As an alternative, you can login on and click „Links and Banner“ on the top bar, and then select „Product Links“. You can then search the specific product you would like to link too and then press „get link“.

Can I encourage my readers to make purchases using the Amazon Affiliate links I publish?

You should tell your visitors that you receive a commission income if they make a purchase through one of your affiliate links, but you must comply with the EU Associates Program Operating Agreement (for example only, you cannot offer any person or entity any consideration or incentive for using the links or imply sponsorship or endorcement by a person or company).

How soon will I start making money?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Your commission incomes from the Amazon Affiliate program are dependant on several factors.
It is essential to keep up steady traffic onto your site, since only a portion of your visitors will click on the Widgets and text links in use, and only a few of these visitors will actually make a purchase.
Another factor is how you include Affiliate links or Widgets on your site. They should be noticeable and draw the eye.

What Widgets require the least amount of maintenance?

The majority of the Amazon Widgets only require some maintenance. This includes, among others, the Deals Widget, the Search Widget and the Self-Optimizing Links Widget.
Other Widgets, for example the “My Favourites” Widget or the Carousel Widget, require additional maintenance. You should check regularly whether the included products are still available.
The same applies to product Widgets that contain singular products. It is advisable to check whether the product advertised is still in stock.

What is the best way to integrate an Amazon Associate link into a blog?

The Amazon advertisement should be tailor-made for the specific content of your blog. It may be useful to write product test reviews, product introductions, comparisons, special offers, product news or comparable product related articles, in which one would place the respective Amazon Affiliate links or widgets associated with the content.
It is usually not very effective to simply include an Amazon banner in the sidebar of every page of your website which is not associated with content. These do not have to necessarily focus on just one or several products, but can present advantages and disadvantages or work as recommendations. Equally popular, is content that keeps the reader up to date with current deals and discounts.
For a blog, it is a good idea to regularly present products that you use yourself. This generates trust among your readership. It is important here to stay authentic to yourself.

Why do I receive lots of clicks on Amazon Affiliate links and yet generate no sales?

Several things can cause this.
It could be the case that your Affiliate links do not function correctly, so that visitors cannot be allocated as a Affiliate. For this reason all links should be checked in the testing tool of the Amazon Central.
Another reason can be related to your visitors’ expectations. If you, for example, were to recommend a product that receives a lot of negative feedback in the Amazon shop, most readers won’t purchase it in the end. The same of course applies for false and unreliable information on your website.
Additionally, you should check whether the linked product still exists and is available.

How can I track the amount of clicks one specific affiliate link or widget?

One possibility is to use different tracking IDs. Of these you can generate up to 100. To do this, you can simply generate a new tracking ID and assign it to only one Amazon Affiliate link on your website. In the statistics of the different tracking IDs, you can then see which and how often each of the links were clicked and how many products were purchased through them.

How can I improve the click rate of my Amazon affiliate links and widgets?

You should try and test different advertising styles and then see which attracts the most clicks on your website. This could for example be an Affiliate link, or an image or a product Widget. You should also consider testing the Favourites Widget and the Deals Widgets.
It is also important to integrate the Affiliate links on your website in such a way that they are visible to your readers.
In addition, it is essential that the presented Affiliate links correspond and represent the interests, needs and wishes of your target audience. For every written article you should add an Amazon Affiliate link that is directly related to the topic, as well as the needs of your readers.

How many Amazon links per page are allowed on my website?

There are no limitations set by Amazon.
To recommend singular products, you can include the Amazon product image Widget. On sites that serve as comparison between products, it is no problem to use more than one product image, but you should be weary of the overall impression you give and keep it simple for clarity.

Am I allowed to create my own Amazon Affiliate banners?

A banner that is manually created in Photoshop or another image processing software is not permitted.
Instead Amazon offers a variety of different Widgets, of which some can be adjusted and modified in size and appearance. This way the affiliate has a variety of advertising means at his or her disposal.


HTTPS setup in Amazon EC2

This answer is focused to someone that buy a domain in another site (as GoDaddy) and want to use the Amazon free certificate with Certificate Manager

This answer uses Amazon Classic Load Balancer (paid) see the pricing before using it

Step 1 - Request a certificate with Certificate Manager

Go to Certificate Manager > Request Certificate > Request a public certificate

On Domain name you will add and and go on Next

Chose Email validation and Confirm and Request

Open the email that you have received (on the email account that you have buyed the domain) and aprove the request

After this, check if the validation status of and is sucess, if is sucess you can continue to Step 2

Step 2 - Create a Security Group to a Load Balancer

On EC2 go to Security Groups > and Create a Security Group and add the http and https inbound

It will be something like: enter image description here

Step 3 - Create the Load Balancer

EC2 > Load Balancer > Create Load Balancer > Classic Load Balancer (Third option)

Create LB inside - the vpc of your project On Load Balancer Protocol add Http and Https enter image description here

Next > Select exiting security group

Choose the security group that you have create in the previous step

Next > Choose certificate from ACM

Select the certificate of the step 1

Next >

on Health check i've used the ping path / (one slash instead of /index.html)

Step 4 - Associate your instance with the security group of load balancer

EC2 > Instances > click on your project > Actions > Networking > Change Security Groups

Add the Security Group of your Load Balancer

Step 5

EC2 > Load Balancer > Click on the load balancer that you have created > copy the DNS Name (A Record), it will be something like

Go to Route 53 > Routes Zones > click on the domain name > Go to Records Sets (If you are don't have your domain here, create a hosted zone with and )

Check if you have a record type A (probably not), create/edit record set with name empty, type A, alias Yes and Target the dns that you have copied

Create also a new Record Set of type A, name , alias Yes and Target your domain ( This will make possible access your site with and Note: You will need to configure your reverse proxy (Nginx/Apache) to do so.

On NS copy the 4 Name Servers values to use on the next Step, it will be something like:

Go to EC2 > Instances > And copy the IPv4 Public IP too

Step 6

On the domain register site that you have buyed the domain (in my case GoDaddy)

Change the routing to and select Forward with masking

Change the Name Servers (NS) to the 4 NS that you have copied, this can take 48 hours to make effect


All-in-one Asin Lookup Tool

for Amazon sellers.


Invalid ASIN


  • Daniel Wilson

    Review by a confirmed purchaser

    Amazon ASIN Check in incredibly useful. With just one click I got all the information I need about my products. It is very informative and comprehensive. The best part is it’s free! I’m amazed!

  • Simon Timothy

    Review by a confirmed purchaser

    This free tool saved me so much time and energy. I find most of the tools hard to use but not this one. You just type in ASIN and voila! There it is! Covers all areas of my product listing, sourcing, competition, everything. Really cool!

  • John Roberts

    Review by a confirmed purchaser

    ASIN Check is an amazing tool! In one report you get so much data about any Amazon product. Including keywords! Good for competitor research and a quick check on one’s own SKUs

What does the free Amazon ASIN lookup tool do?

The Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool provides you with all the business intelligence that influence the success of the specific product

Utilize the Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool to generate a detailed report to analyse the product, its success factors and opportunities for improving sales. The Amazon ASIN lookup report helps you understand

  1. Daily sales and revenue estimates
  2. Potential FBA costs and profits
  3. Listing quality and opportunities for improvement
  4. A list of high search volume keywords utilised
  5. Amazon suggested keywords and trending keywords
  6. Keyword ranking and trends
  7. PPC costs and campaign phrases used
  8. View buybox price for used and new items
  9. Available sourcing options and price
  10. List of competing products
Screenshot of Asin Lookup

Increase Sales & Market Share

With the help of Amazon ASIN lookup tool, you can find the profitable keywords used by competitors. Use this information to bring in more visibility and thereby increase sales and market share.

Product Research

Are you looking for quick validation of new product ideas! Amazon ASIN lookup tool is the only place where you can get comprehensive information about an ASIN. Find your next product to sell!

Reduce PPC Cost

Uncover potential keywords and phrases that has low CPC cost and can bring in higher sales while spending low on PPC. Utilise keyword research with SellerApp to further find profitable keywords to bid for!

Product Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck because of lack of product ideas!? Get hundreds of new product ideas with SellerApp based on

BSR Jumpers

ASINs whose BSR has improved in the past 24 hours. BSR is a direct reflection of sales. If BSR improves it implies sudden increased sales.

Trending products

Currently trending products on Amazon. Trending products indicate current demand.

New arrivals

Newly released products that have seen significant sales on Amazon.

Most wished

Most gifted products and added to registries on Amazon. Bundle these products or private label them to increase your sales.

Validation of profitability of products

Validate your product idea by checking competition and daily estimate sales for the product

Daily estimate sales and revenue

With Amazon ASIN Lookup search check the average daily estimate sales and revenue for all similar products listed on Amazon

Use different metrics to identify competition

View number of reviews, average BSR of the top sellers, average listing quality, number of sellers for the same product to evaluate competition and check if the entry barrier is high or low.

Product Listing Optimization

Quality of your listing is one of the critical factors that affect customer’s buying decision. Creating a strong credible presence on Amazon involves the following - Content rich listing with good images, keyword rich copy for the product page, ratings and reviews.

LQI as an indicator to gauge quality of listing

Listing Quality index is a measure of quality of the listing. It is an aggregate of various areas of Amazon product page - title, description, bullet points. A low or medium LQI implies there is scope for improvement. Amazon ASIN Lookup helps you know what areas of your listing needs improvement.

Keyword Optimization is an important part of listing quality check

A good quality listing will build trust and credibility in the minds of potential buyers. But the first step is to be visible to the right audience. Creating a great listing involves using the right keywords. Keyword optimization gives visibility. Use Amazon ASIN Lookup to find relevant keywords for your listing

Keyword Research

Keywords make or break sales, in a way. Amazon users verbalize their intention to buy a product through search terms. Using the same search term as users becomes critical to reach out to them. A great copy involves good use of right keywords.

Keyword research

Two critical factors that determine profitable keywords are search volume and competition. Higher the search volume and lower the competition, better the keyword. Few other attributes that makes a keyword good is if it is auto suggested by Amazon or if it is currently trending.

Backend keyword optimization

Some of the keywords could be relevant to your listing but it might not make sense to put them on the product page. In such cases these keywords can be included in your backend. Amazon allows upto 250 characters in the backend.

Keyword Optimization

Find profitable keywords and add it in the copy of the product page or add it to the backend. These keywords have to be evaluated from time to time to check if they work for you or they don’t. Keywords that lose aren’t efficient and need to be replaced frequently and checked for indexing. Use this Amazon Keyword tool to do keyword research

Keyword Ranking

Studies show buyers do not go beyond page 2 and 90% of buyers do not go beyond page 1. No matter how amazing your listing is, without visibility, it all goes to waste. Page rank indicates if you are visible to your target audience or not. Boost your keyword ranking for the right keywords using PPC. Use SellerApp to do keyword rank tracking to measure performance.

Keyword indexing

When keywords are used in the listing, Amazon recognizes the keywords and associates it with listing so that when the same keyword is searched by a user, it shows the listing in its search result. This process is called keyword indexing. Use SellerApp to do keyword tracking and index checking.

Page rank

The other side of the story is once the keyword is indexed, which page is the listing appearing in. Since Amazon has hundreds and even thousands of sellers, it implies that many sellers will compete for the same keyword at the same time.

PPC strategy

To compete with established sellers to rank on page 1 is a hard task. PPC campaigns allow a shortcut to appearing on page 1. The secret to success for not losing money on ppc campaign is to bid for the right keywords at the right time.

Keyword Tracking

Checking individual page rank for every keyword and maintaining an excel with page rank for all the keywords over a period of time is time consuming yet vital. We give you an easy way to track your keywords.

Competition Lookup

Amazon is a huge marketplace with low entry barrier. Although this is an ideal place for Amazon customers, it is not so beneficial for Amazon sellers. How do you track your competitors and strategize your game plan?

Seller Tracking

One way is to track competitors and all their products, view their estimate daily sales, listing quality and keywords they have used and their rank. This way you can strategize your listing and optimize keywords accordingly. Sounds too good to be true?. SellerApp got it for you!

Product Tracking

The other way is to track products and check daily sales and revenue, check when the product is out of stock, check pricing trends, review trends. This will give insights into what the product lacks, how it can be improved and strategy to beat competition. Have a product in mind? Track it now.
Once you track an Amazon ASIN, you can use this reverse keyword lookup tool to find out your competitors’ main keywords.

Amazon FBA Calculation

Want to make Product Research a whole lot easier? Use the FBA Calculator now We know the tracking and numbers makes product research tiring and exhausting. Use the awesome FBA calculator to cut down work. It analyzes a product's profitability, taking into all the possible costs, including the Amazon fees.

Sourcing leads and top lists

One way to increase profitability is to opt for smart sourcing options. Profit margins can be maximized without compromising quality of the product.

Setting the right selling price

Evaluate different sourcing options, calculate the profit margin and set the selling price in a way that your profit is more than 30% per unit.

Evaluating suppliers

Find a good balance between price, quality and good reviews. Thoroughly examine supplier history and ensure transaction assurance. Shortlist suppliers based on the service during sample batch delivery. Find suppliers with spotless records and documents.

Join our 2500+ Amazon seller community

Discuss everything from choosing a product, sourcing it, listing and ppc. Get advice and support from your fellow Amazon sellers.

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