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I've had HINT since February and it's been fantastic. Also been using the T-Mobile Tuesday's app since then to grab a few deals here and. T-Mobile customers #GetThanked every week with great deals and free stuff - no strings attached, no hoops to jump through. Check the app every Tuesday for. T-Mobile Tuesdays took the form of an app that gave any T-Mobile customer a chance to claim free prizes just for being a part of the "Un-Carrier" family. The.
app t mobile tuesday

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Download the FREE T-Mobile Tuesdays app - #GetThanked - T-Mobile

: App t mobile tuesday

App t mobile tuesday
App t mobile tuesday

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T-Mobile Tuesdays are full of amazing surprises and chances to win free stuff!

So if you’re a T-Mobile customer, get ready app t mobile tuesday every week you could win tons app t mobile tuesday free stuff including coupons such as a FREE Whopper at Burger King, 65% off Holiday Photo Cards from Walgreens, $25 off $50 purchase + free shipping at Harry & David and so much more!

Even better, T-Mobile Tuesdays also include Sprint & Metro customers – awesome!

While you missed this week’s game, stay tuned for next week to see what the awesome prizes and freebies are and score chances to win free stuff!

What is T-Mobile Tuesday?

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T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app for Android and iOS that gives legal U.S. residents, over the age of 18, the opportunity to get great offers and the chance to win prizes. Every week you’ll receive several My Stuff offers and, when available, a chance to win various prizes from their Featured Partner of the week.

*New offers are available every week from Tuesday at 5 a.m. ET through Wednesday at 4:59:59 a.m. ET.

Here’s how you’ll redeem your prizes every week:

man holding cell phone smiling at screen

To access this promotion each week, T-Mobile customers need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for iOS or Android. There is a limit of one game play per person each Tuesday.

* Note: Offer expiration date and time vary. Some offers expire two minutes after you select redeem. Don’t select redeem until you’re ready to redeem an offer with the exclusive partner.

Check out these awesome Freebies you can score!


T-Mobile Tuesdays App – T-Mobile customers, this is why you will want to download this app and make sure to have notifications on every Tuesday.

Are you a T-Mobile customer? Do you know about T-Mobile Tuesdays and the T-Mobile Tuesdays app? If not, keep reading. If you do, keep reading as I have some news that you will want to hear – hint hint, it involves freebies! 

Here’s the deal people. I am a proud T-Mobile customer. I’ll go into my why I love T-Mobile so darn much spill later in this post, but first I wanted to tell all T-Mobile customers that they MUST download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Here is what it is and why you need to download it! 

2021 Tmobile App t mobile tuesday Update

This post was originally written in June 2017 and updating here in January 2021 to tell you that every Tuesday the Tmobile Tuesday app is still dishing out goodies! From free coffee to discount gas, theses free gifts still are available on Tuesdays on the app!

T-mobile Tuesdays app

My teen daughter loves this app and I cannot tell you how many times she used the Dunkin Donuts discount for her coffee.

T-Mobile Tuesdays App

EVERY Tuesdays, T-Mobile thanks their customers with free stuff and a chance to win epic prizes.

To get in on this, T-Mobile customers just need to download T-Mobile Tuesdays app. On Tuesdays, check the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and see what your gift is. 

T-Mobile Tuesdays App

That’s right – EVERY Tuesday, T-Mobile customers #GetThanked by the Un-carrier with gifts from their favorite brands like StubHub, Baskin-Robbins, Shell, Lyft, and Redbox! Pretty nifty, right? It gets better.

T-Mobile Tuesday Thankiversary Trucker Hat

What are you waiting for? Download the app and learn more here.

Free Gifts From Tmobile Tuesday App

Here’s a little bid of insider information in regards to the over 40 million free gifts given away to T-Mobile customers this year: 

Thankiversary Stats - T-Mobile Tuesdays App
  • Binged over 24.5 million hours or nearly 3,000 YEARS of movies
  • Slurped down more than 1 million free Frostys from Wendy’s—enough to fill 350 family size hot tubs
  • Eaten more than 2 million free pizzas—enough to stretch from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone National Park
  • Taken enough free Lyft rides to make nearly white center food bank seattle wa coast to coast trips across the US
  • Pumped millions of gallons of free gas from the Fuel Rewards® Program and Shell —enough to drive to Mars and back

Switching to T-Mobile

As I mentioned, our family made the switch to T-Mobile. We’ve been extremely happy with our new service and massive savings for the last several months – so much so, we’ve become THOSE people who can’t shut up about it. Seriously guys, our cell phone bill was averaging $340 a month for 4 lines. We moved to T-Mobile and our bill is now $160. Like $160 ALL TAXES AND FEES INCLUDED with unlimited data. We have had excellent service wherever we have gone with no lapses or issues. 

Side note: I was a customer before working with T-Mobile. I can honestly say without hesitation, our experience has been awesome. 

Last summer, when we road tripped from Texas to Portland to San Francisco and back – our cell phone bill was ridiculous. I mean seriously CRAZY – over $500 crazy. We kept getting overage notifications, it was just stupid. Happy to know that this year’s road trip and vacation adventures won’t include a hefty cell phone bill! It’s great being able to actual budget and KNOW what my bill will be. 

Oh, and another tid bit, I was afraid we would have to purchase new phones. Nope. With 3 iPhones and a Samsung Note, we had no problems moving to the new network! No additional phones costs is a major win. 

All contact credit one credit card said, if you are wanting to save some money on your cell phone plan – definitely checkout T-Mobile’s options. We went to a T-Mobile store and received amazing customer service. And I don’t typically do in-store, but with bringing in 4 different phone lines – I wanted to make sure I had free kids bank account to answer all of my questions and help setup the sim cards and what have you. 

All that said, T-Mobile is the real deal. Great service, value and it’s nice to feel loved with goodies on Tuesdays!

Don’t forget to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays App!

T-Mobile Tuesdays App is apart of the Digital Mom Blog App Review series


T-Mobile thanks customers with a new freebies app that hasn’t worked all day

Hey T-Mobile, this is not how you go about thanking your customers! Yesterday, the mobile operator announced its latest “un-carrier” move – this time, its latest gimmick involves giving away stock to T-Mobile customers and the launch of an app called “T-Mobile Tuesdays” that’s full of freebies. Unfortunately, that app has been down all day as T-Mobile’s servers couldn’t handle the load from the incoming traffic.

Well, that’s a promising look for a company that wants you to rely on it for your mobile voice and data needs, isn’t it?

In case you missed it, T-Mobile Tuesdays is a customer rewards app that launches new giveaways and deals every week. The app wasn’t immediately available following T-Mobile’s announcement on Monday morning, but launched later in the day.

Its rewards are not Oprah-sized, of course, but rather practical and fun things. For example, free movie tickets to Warcraft via Fandango, a free small Frosty at Wendy’s, and a free pizza from Domino’s, were among the first. (Domino’s, in fact, has an “evergreen” deal with T-Mobile, the company tells us – meaning there’s free pizza to be had weekly. Just not today, I guess).


Rewards partners lined up for the future include Buffalo Wild Wings, Condé Nast, Lyft, MLB, MGM Resorts, Samsung, StubHub, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, JackThreads, HotelTonight, Gilt, Shell, and others.

The idea is that T-Mobile will surprise its customers with a “thank you” gift every week from its partners, as a perk that comes with being a T-Mobile customer.

But as those customers quickly found out, the app just didn’t work. While you could download and install T-Mobile Tuesdays on your smartphone, and then complete the sign-up process, accessing the deals would simply time out.

On the screen, a message displays saying: “This is awkward…There was an error attempting to contact the server.”

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s Twitter account is blaming the problem on both “massive demand” which led to “equally massive latency issues.” However, it is promising users they’ll still get thanked. (How is unclear.)

Some users are complaining they’ve been trying to load the app for 6 hours, without any success. Many are disappointed about missing out on the free pizza, too.

To make matters worse, T-Mobile’s Twitter account seems to be blowing off concerns from users who lost access to their prizes when the servers crashed or who missed out on those they would have otherwise been able to use.

You’re welcome!

When asked if the company would extend the rewards given the issues with the downtime, T-Mobile’s Twitter blithely replied that the great thing about this program is that it’s an ongoing thank you and there will be many more Tuesdays and rewards to come in the future.

That response – as one user put it (to paraphrase):sorry, we screwed up the launch, but we’ll do better next week – is not the appropriate one from a carrier whose brand hinges on putting the customer first.


Of course, we had some hope that the customer service team may not be aware of how T-Mobile is planning to officially address the problem, and is responding as best it can with limited information.

However, when we asked T-Mobile for more information on the app’s downtime and how it plans to handle these issues – including the whether or not the company would extend the program to Wednesday – we were directed to follow the T-Mobile Twitter account for updates.

Sigh. This is actually a pretty “carrier” move, T-Mobile. Thanks a bunch.

UPDATE: T-Mobile announced at 4:25 PM ET on June 7 that the app was functioning again. Customers who signed up were also alerted via text.


T-Mobile Tuesdays Reviews

When we first joined t mobile, we were app t mobile tuesday impressed that they offered the freebies as a thanks for being a customer. However, after only a few months of actual good offers, they switched what they were offering, and now it’s usually either junk, or token discounts off of things we would never use or buy anyway. I was very disappointed that they changed it, because we added my husband on and talked several people into switching to T-Mobile because of this “going the extra mile” mentality that we thought the company had. We’re not on social media, so can now no longer participate in their games, since now the only way to do that is to allow them advertising via your media pages, and the things like $4 atom movie tickets are only good for the movie of T-Mobile’s choice, not mine, and the ones they choose aren’t ones I’d go see, even for four dollars. Why not give the customer the option to choose their own movie?? If a $4 movie ticket is being offered, what difference does it make which movie we choose? Anyway, the service has gotten so poor that half the time we don’t even bother to check it anymore. When we do, it’s a quick scroll down to realize nothing useful is being offered and we can’t participate in the games without social media, so there’s nothing unique anymore about being a T-Mobile customer.


T-Mobile Tuesday

Problem: Cellular app t mobile tuesday tend to see their customers as numbers. Customers feel like these companies are just trying to rip them off. Not a great relationship. T-Mobile wanted to give back to their customers and show them some love for picking T-Mobile over Verizon or ATT&T.

Solution: T-Mobile Tuesday, a loyalty program that actually works! T-Mobile partners with big-time brands and gives their customer free stuff every Tuesday.

Result: T-Mobile Tuesday became the #1 loyalty app in America. When first launched, it surpassed Facebook on the Apple App Store and currently has 2.6 million weekly users.

Awards: 2018 Pro Award - Best Digital Campaign; 2018 Gold Smarties Award - Promotion; 2018 Silver Smarties Award - Relationship Building/ CRM; Bronze Smarties Award - Mobile App; 2018 Silver W3 Award - Business for Mobile Sites & Apps; 2018 Silver W3 Award - Integrated Mobile Experience; 2018 Silver W3 Award - App t mobile tuesday Practices for Mobile Sites; 2018 Silver W3 Award - Mobile Advertising; 2018 Silver Reggie Winner - Best Digital & Mobile Marketing Campaign; 2018 Bronze Reggie Winner - Best Relationship/Loyalty Campaign


T-Mobile: Giving away free blanket on T-Mobile Tuesdays


Do you love receiving free stuff, no matter how big or small the item is? Well, you’re in for a treat! As reported by XDA Developers, T-Mobile will soon be giving out free blankets via their T-Mobile Tuesdays app.  A photo of the blanket has been spotted bearing the logo of the Un-Carrier. It apparently has a size of 50×45 inches, and is said to be “soft and fluffy.”  According to the report, this freebie will … [read full article]


Earlier today, AccuWeather revealed its plans to exclusively push severe weather alerts to T-Mobile customers. This will be in the form of its AccuWeather Alerts, a new system that aims to change the way severe weather notifications are communicated and distributed to the general public.  Although the new system will complement official government warnings, it will provide up-to-the-minute storm information in layman’s terms. This will be provided 24/7 by meteorologists and localized conditions. As a result, customers … [read full article]


T-Mobile will be giving its customers something new for its T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards platform.  As revealed by a report, T-Mobile will be offering a free bento lunch box to its customers via the app. The lunch box comes as a 3-piece set containing a white lid that bears the company’s T-Mobile Tuesdays logo. A secondary lid can be found in the trademark magenta color with embedded utensils.  If you are interested in getting the free bento … [read full article]

If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that we should never take things for granted ever again. Who would have thought that the simple act of being able to eat and gather with friends would be a thing of the past? But now that restrictions have started to ease up, things are slowly getting back to normal.  One of the things that is slowly making a return is the ability to listen to artists play music … [read full article]


The COVID-19 health crisis has changed so many things in our lives. One of the most heavily affected by the lockdowns are live performances and concerts. And now that life is slowly getting back to normal, the music scene is doing the same. And T-Mobile is making this happen for its customers.  Starting June 29th, Tuesday, the Un-Carrier will be giving its customers exclusive reserved tickets to hundreds of Live App t mobile tuesday amphitheater and Las Vegas residency shows … [read full article]


T-Mobile is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards program. And in line with this, they are giving away more than $1M worth of Amazon gift cards.  You have a chance to be one of the winners by simply downloading the app. In doing this, you can redeem weekly offers for a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth $5,000.  In order to join, you will need to be a T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, … [read full article]


April 22 is Earth Day. And T-Mobile is doing its part to commemorate an important day on our planet through various efforts. One way it is helping address climate change is by empowering other organizations that are doing meaningful conservation efforts. For this year, T-Mobile will be donating $300,000 to The Nature Conservancy as a way of helping with its efforts in forest restoration and preservation. And that’s not all. On April 20th, T-Mobile customers can also … [read full article]


  Metro by T-Mobile customers are getting some good news today! As revealed by T-Mobile, the Un-Carrier will be extending its T-Mobile Tuesdays perk to all of its customers under the prepaid band.  Starting today, Metro by T-Mobile customers can enjoy free stuff and exclusive offers that have solely been offered to T-Mobile customers for some time. Now, these customers have access to perks such as discounts and offers from Dunkin’, Pandora, Shell, Redbox, Popeyes,, and … [read full article]


T-Mobile has signed a new partnership with SiriusXM. With this new partnership, T-Mobile customers will get to enjoy a year’s worth of access to a version of Pandora with ad-free stations during the weekends. In addition to this, app t mobile tuesday are several other benefits available to users at no extra cost.  To clarify, this is not the same version as Pandora’s paid premium service. Instead, it is simply the free service that comes with some extras.  You can … [read full article]

After giving out a deal on the Popeyes chicken sandwich this week, T-Mobile wants to get you a free Whopper next week. T-Mobile and Sprint customers can get their choice of a Whopper or an Impossible Whopper from Burger King for free next Tuesday, December 22. To get your free burger, you’ll need to spend $1 or more at BK. This deal will not be valid in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin … [read full article]


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