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Vsdc free video editor

Vsdc free video editor

vsdc free video editor

VSDC is a free non-linear video editor for Windows. It offers a rich set of tools – from basic cutting and trimming, to gradient color correction and. VSDC Free Video Editor is a non-linear editing tool, which means that objects can be placed in any position on the video timeline, regardless of. Short answer - DaVinci Resolve 16. It's completely free and powerful enough for Beginners and Professionals. For easy tutorials check my site. vsdc free video editor

Wide Format Support

Supports hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs thanks to FFmpeg. No import required which means native editing, plus multi-format timelines, resolutions and frame-rates within a project. Frame accurate seeking supported for many video formats.

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Device and Transport Options

Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI for input and preview monitoring. Screen, webcam and audio capture. Network stream playback. Supports resolutions up to 4k and capture from SDI, HDMI, webcam, JACK & Pulse vsdc free video editor, IP stream, X11 screen and Windows DirectShow devices.

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Sleek, Intuitive Interface

Multiple dockable and undockable panels, including detailed media properties, recent files with search, playlist with thumbnail view, filter panel, history view, vsdc free video editor panel, jobs queue, and melted server and playlist. Also supports drag-n-drop of assets from file manager.

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Источник: vsdc free video editor

VSDC is a video editing software that can be downloaded and used for free. Many users consider VSDC to be a handy option for editing videos with some basic and simplified effects. Although we call it a basic video editor, it actually is compatible with 4K video, etc. If you want to get to know more about this, you should read this VSDC free video editor review.

One of the most notable aspects associated with the VSDC free video editor is its unusual interface. Besides, it utilizes a pretty uncommon terminology as well. So, if you are a beginner to VSDC, you are likely to spend some time learning these aspects.

VSDC free video editor review in a nutshell

If you don’t want to read a detailed VSDC free video editor review, read this concise review instead. In this section, we will explain the good and bad aspects of VSDC in a very brief manner.


The interface of VSDC may confuse you a bit at the beginning. However, once you have got used to the interface and the terminology it uses, it is pretty handy. You can use it for basic editing tasks without any doubt.

What we like about VSDC

  • It is compatible with 4K videos
  • You will find plenty idm crack latest version free download for lifetime - Free Activators built-in effects integrated into this software
  • Plenty of transitional and audio filters
  • It can be handled conveniently once you have got used to
  • Supports all the basic editing tasks
  • It has a powerful screen-capturing tool which can record videos and capture still images

What we don’t like about VSDC

  • The unusual interface that has an old-fashioned touch
  • It doesn’t have some of the popular and modern features (like 360-degree, motion tracking, etc.)
  • No playback movie option in VSDC main window
  • It is compatible with the Windows platform only

PS: Also, here is the full Kinemaster Pro video editor review, and the best FLV video editor, as well as top online video cropper for your reference.

VSDC Free Video Editor Review – Versions of VSDC

Well, VSDC offers an entirely free version that comprises of the basic video editing features. However, if you want to experience more with it, you may opt for the paid version as well. If you go for the paid version, it will cost about $20. This package works for two machines for a period of one year.

As a result of subscribing to the paid version, you will be able to get technical support. In addition to that, you will get access to the following aspects.

  • Full multimedia suite
  • Range of advanced settings
  • Proper hardware acceleration
  • Resolution with sub-pixels
  • A handy masking tool
  • Chroma key feature
  • Audio waveform etc.

All these features are exceptionally handy for any video editor even if you are a beginner.

The splash screen of VSDC comes with the appearance of a website instead of a desktop program. We don’t say that it is a bad approach, however.

When you launch VSDC software, you will see that it pops an ad every time. But if you go for the pro version, the app will be disappeared, and it will no longer pop.

Besides, you can click here for the best app to put videos together and the Free Green Screen Editor Software as well.

VSDC Free Video Editor Review – Interface of VSDC

After launching VSDC, you will see an interface that is pretty similar to a website. It hardly looks like a desktop program. It also has a hybrid layout that vsdc free video editor you to create and edit videos. In addition to that, it offers plenty of useful links to instructional videos. This app has a large number of useful features, but it has a pretty outdated interface. As we believe, the ribbon layout is not a common option for video editing applications. If you like, you can simply adjust the interface of VSDC so you can hide or show the elements. For instance, it can adjust the toolbars, explorer, and properties menu.

When there are multiple video clips are included in the timeline, you will see them inside ‘Sprite.’ To separate tracks, you should double click on it. As we have mentioned before, VSDC doesn’t have a playback option. In that case, when you want to play a video, you should go for the help of Windows Media Player. To do it, you will actually have to watch the video after hitting the preview button. When you press the button, you will see that Windows media player opens on top of everything. Well, needless to mention how disturbing it is.

The interface of this software has a lighter background and some colorful icons. However, these icons look pretty old-fashioned. The terminology is another disturbing aspect. Vsdc free video editor means, they use a terminology which is pretty uncommon. If you are already familiar with other video editing platforms, understanding the terminology would be very difficult.

When malwarebytes free premium try to import several clips to the app simultaneously, VSDC will offer a storyboard layout. This storyboard layout places the clips in a special sequence. It offers a range of slots for transitions. In fact, this app lets you create a variety of transition styles with good sophistication. Each of these styles it offers can be previewed dynamically. This can be seen through the window when you move the mouse over it (hover). It gives you an idea about the appearance of the video clip when the effect is applied. It comprises of video effects such as TV styles, so they appear like old-school TV signal style. Also, they consist of modern-day Instagram-like filters as well. In addition to that, it comprises of a variety of other styles.

In the edit menu, you will find a drop-down that comprises of a variety of options. You can apply these effects simultaneously on the video clips.

The object explorer vsdc free video editor and properties window of VSDC offers you the parameters of the clips. Remember that VSDC doesn’t allow you to move clips manually into a single track (which is a disadvantage). This feature is included in various other video editors as a basic feature. In VSDC, there is a feature called VSDC to hold the separate clips together within a single track. All the individual frames are hidden within this special Sprite container.

It is absolutely true that VSDC comes with a range of useful features to edit videos with basic effects. However, all those features are packed within an outdated ribbon menu. As we believe, a ribbon-style menu is a pretty unusual option for a video editing application.

You will also notice that the drag and drop option is limited to the video-playback window only. This option will place a video in the timeline. However, you cannot simply drag and drop videos into the timeline. It doesn’t work with the ‘Objects Explorer’ too. One good thing about this VSDC is that it allows you to reorganize the interface. Just like other video editors, VSDC lets you work with the interface. For instance, it allows you to show or hide objects like side vsdc free video editor, toolbar, and objects explorer. Through this option, you will be able to declutter the interface and get more ‘workable‘ interface. In the properties panel, you will see plenty of information as well. This information tells you about the clip you are working with. Also, it simply governs features such as slow-motion and time-lapse options.

When it comes to audio features, VSDC free video editor offers you some standard features only. For instance, it allows you to add a soundtrack to a video or mute the original sound. In addition to that, it allows you to apply effects such as fade, low-pass filters, delays, chorus, etc. It doesn’t offer effects like pitch-change, however.

VSDC also has some good features for the respective audience. As an example, we can point out the 4K conversion. That means VSDC allows you to edit 4K videos as well as convert other videos into 4K. There are features like shape masks, and in addition to that, it got a fully-featured text tool. This tool can add some ‘spiciness‘ to your videos. 3D texts and rotation are included there so you can make your videos somewhat attractive compared to the original.

Besides, here is the comprehensive HitFilm Express Review for your reference too. And let’s figure out how to Convert 4K Videos to 1080P easily.

VSDC Free Video Editor Review – Sharing feature

VSDC also supports a variety of file formats that are being used in the modern-day world. It offers both input and output hitman pro free license key. Also, it offers some of the newest codecs as well. So, the compatibility of this software is a pretty good one. It also supports the most popular outputs that supports social media platforms. So, you can either save the files directly on your computer or share it on social media. Nevertheless, there is one downside with VSDC when it comes to compatibility. It doesn’t support Blu-ray media.

Performance of VSDC

In this VSDC free video editor review, we are now going to review the performance of this application. When it comes to performance, it offers decent speed when editing 30-fps videos in a reasonably powerful computer. The most important thing you should know is that VSDC is just a basic video editor. So, it should perform faster compared to other feature-packed, heavier software. We also expect it to run on relatively low-powered computers. When it comes to software like DaVinci Resolve, they may perform slower compared to VSDC. That is particularly because of the heavy features associated with those competitor software applications. So, the bottom line of the performance factor is that it offers a decent speed. In general, we should say that VSDC offers decent performance for a basic video editing software.

Conclusion on VSDC Free Video Editor Review

What we can say about the overall features of VSDC is that it is more of a basic editor. The free version of this software lets you edit videos with routinely tasks for regular use. If you are making videos using your daily activities or for fun (for consumer audience), VSDC is good enough. However, it lacks some of the basic features as well. For instance, it doesn’t have 360-degree editing. But if you want to perform basic tasks such as combining, cutting, and splitting of clips, VSDC is good. Thankfully it has outputs that support social media. So, you can create some cool basic videos using VSDC and post them on your social media without converting.

4K support is another vital feature we like about VSDC. It allows converting videos into 4K and even edits 4K videos.

The interface of this software is a pretty complex one. Also, the terminology used in this software (for menus, etc.) is unusual. So, if you are a new user, it will give you a hard time getting familiar with the interface. To fix this and mitigate the difficulties, you will have to go through some videos as well. After thinking hard, you may opt to go for its paid version if you don’t want to see ads.

Well, that is our VSDC free video editor review for our readers. We hope that this review comprises of useful information. If you like this review, please leave us feedback in the comments section below.



VSDC Video Editor

  • Rank


  • Reviews: 141
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 6.4k
  • Version: 3.5.7
  • Compatible: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10


VSDC free editor is a multifunctional non-linear video editing software which may easily compete with professional programs like Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro.

Although it is a completely free program, it is very effective. Using VSDC free editor, you may create video projects from video clip combinations, audio files, and motionless Full HD photos. It also offers a wide range of video and audio filters, as well as stylish transitions.

vsdc interface

Free Benefits

  • Built-in screen capture tool
  • Full HD support
  • Great collection of effects and transitions
  • Easy to master
  • Supports 120fps video export


  • Can the VSDC free video editor export in 4K?

Yes, it is almost the only free video editor that may work with such video quality.

  • May I upload edited videos directly to YouTube?

Yes, vdsc video editor has ready profiles for export videos into social networks. It offers you uploading your videos directly from the app to YouTube without switching windows and tabs.

  • May I use VSDC free forever?

Yes, vsdc video editor is completely free. However, you may also get acquainted with the premium version which offers more opportunities.

  • Why is the editor called a non-linear one? What does it mean?

It means that video files and images do not necessarily follow some sequence ‒ they may be located in various places at any time.

The refund for the subscription is possible within 30 days from the payment date only.

Why I Can’t Download Cracked vdsc Video Editor?

Although vdsc video editor is completely free, some users try to find it via non-official sources, torrents. However, before using this method again, pay attention to some problems that may appear afterward:

  • Be ready to lash out on a good lawyer.

Illegal usage is a violation of the law. First, you will receive a warning letter on your e-mail. If it will not help, the provider will turn off the Internet without any further notices. Soon you will be charged with some offense due to this violation. The result is a $1000 fine.

  • Ads will not leave you alone

Perhaps, you already know the peculiarities of Torrent files. Before uploading the app to the torrent resource, the hackers pre-process it. So, the software may have a virus and infect your computer. However, the app from Torrent is not necessarily full of viruses, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Customer Support is not available

Those users who buy legal programs are sure that they will get necessary technical support if needed. For example, you may always contact the manager and solve all the issues. Forget about professional help in case you use illegal software.

3 Best Free VSDC Alternatives

If you are not fully satisfied with a vsdc free editor, for example, it is too slow or the performance is insufficient, here are some equally effective and functional alternatives. You may download them and use completely free.

1. DaVinci Resolve



  • Works smoothly on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Completely free
  • Simple interface for ordinary functions
  • Perfect software for color grading, compositing and audio production


  • Learning curve for advanced options
  • No 4K support in a free version


If you are a beginning video editor, a free DaVinci Resolve 14 version has all creative tools necessary to improve editing parameters.

The basic toolset offers video and audio transitions, titles, generators, filters, and audio effects.

Clicking on the tool, you will see the embedded library. Unlike other video editing programs, DaVinci doesn’t allow you to regulate the output frame frequency after your project has been adjusted ‒ you should indicate the frame frequency before you get to work.

2. KdenLive



  • Fully customizable
  • Fast visualization
  • Auto backup
  • Many audio effects
  • Full HD support


  • Low functionality
  • No Windows support


Although KdenLive is a video editor targeted at Linux, it also works on Mac OS. The software works primarily with all possible formats, including Libav or FFmpeg, AVI, QuckTime and others.

KdenLive includes the tools which help create, crop, move, and control the videos. You may add various effects and incorporate some text, edit it and create a beautiful transition. It should be mentioned that the video editor supports various plug-ins and may be functionally improved.

3. OpenShot



  • Completely free
  • Cross-platform editor
  • Simple learning curve


  • Very slow performance
  • Some functions require modification


OpenShot is a free app to edit videos with open source code. You may preview your video clip clicking the right button and choosing “Preview&rdquo.

The toolset offers basic adjustments: cropping, animation, video effects, audio incorporation, titles, and 3D animation. One of the most interesting tools is a slow motion effect. Applying it, you may control time, reverse, slow or quick the video. All vsdc free video editor functions are performed in one mouse click.

Download VSDC Free

Use free trialUse VSDC Editor for Win

Download and use vdsc video editor free to test its video editing possibilities. This is a good software for basic video color grading but not for professional filmmaking.

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VSDC Video Editor: Can free video editing software be any good? Yes, it can…

The internet’s an amazing place. Just around the corner from that latest cat video are some gems just waiting to be discovered. We particularly like it when we come across useful pieces of software that some kind soul has posted for the good of us all — and without a price tag. That’s where we’re headed today, so come along.

When it comes to free software, you’re relying on continuous support and upgrades, courtesy of a network of volunteers who believe in the product. Finds like that are truly a score, and we like to share news of them when we can. So it’s in that spirit that this post will alert some of you to a great piece of video software made with drone users in mind. Enter:VSDC Video Editor.


You’ve probably heard of Final Cut Pro X, usually just known as FCPX. Also Avid, along with Adobe Premiere Pro. They’re among the most popular pieces of video editing software out there. But these professional programs are not free. FCPX, for example, costs $299. And Premiere Pro costs roughly twice that annually when you add up the monthly fees. And that makes free editing software all the more desirable for some of us.

The free VSDC video editor software, as you’ll see, is capable of doing nearly all the things most paid software can carry out, and it’s all designed to be a great vsdc free video editor for drone users. But it’s also a full-fledged video editor for just about any project, and has a quite impressive feature set and UI for a free product. Take a look:

VSDC includes all of the usual editing tools that you’ll find in it’s expensive counterparts. That includes easy-to-use editing tools to cut and rearrange video clips on a non-linear timeline, the ability to merge video files, visual and audio effects, filtration and image/color correction, audio tracks/editing, and much more.And the free version doesn’t limit you with any restrictions or watermarks!

VSDC works well with high-quality footage including 4K and 120fps videos. It also allows to export videos using the HEVC codec that helps maintain high quality with minimum file size.

VSDC offers quick and easy ways to achieve a cinematic look for non-techies (with color presets like LUTs for example) and advanced tools for color correction geeks – such as RGB and H&S curves. A multi-color Chroma Key and advanced parameters settings for color correction and more offer everything you need for advanced editing to get a professional looking edit too. When you’re ready to export, all popular video and audio formats are supported.

According to the website, VSDC has more than 5 million happy people using its product. In addition to editing video, recording voiceovers — or even capturing your desktop — the software has some very specific features that seem to check all the right boxes with users. (Some of these features are limited to the pro version, but we’ll get to that.)

  • Support for all popular video/audio formats
  • Chroma Key for doing cool green screen productions
  • Transitions and video effects galore
  • Color correction, zoom — even 360° video editing
  • Low bar for system requirements — even older PCs can run this software (sorry, no Macs)
  • Convenient export profiles to save time when crunching videos for various devices

Pro Version

The free version will keep you busy and be more than sufficient for most tasks. But VSDC also offers some a pro version that includes features that are key for those doing pro edits with drone footage, such as motion tracking, masking, and hardware acceleration.Here’s a closer look at what’s included:

How much?

Given the feature set, you’re probably bracing yourself for a high price for the “Pro” version. Well, you can relax. It’s $19.99.

You can buy the Pro version here. And you can download the free version here.

Happy cutting!

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Providing Free and Editor Tested Software Downloads - We put the eek back in Geek.

VSDC Free Video Editor is purpose-designed for quickly editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects.

The program offers supreme functionality and still provides a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to produce videos with a bare minimum effort. VSDC Free Video Editor provides a nice feature in its Non-linear video editor; this means that it will enable objects to be placed in any position on the timeline with any size. Additionally, the location and shape of those objects are fluid and can change with time.

VSDC Free Video Editor comes pre-loaded with a broad set of preconfigured profiles, enabling you to create videos for the most popular multimedia devices. These profiles include but are not limited to DVD players, iPod/iPhone/iPad, PSP, smartphones and regular phones, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Zune, Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, Blackberry, and MP4 players. It also supports virtually all audio/video/image and codec formats. No additional conversion tools are needed to edit your files, making it a self-contained media studio.

VSDC Free Video Editor Features:

Visual and audio effects
  • You can apply various visual and audio effects to your videos to achieve the necessary result. Since the number of available visual effects is very high, they are split into five categories for navigation: color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects, and special fx.
    Subpixel accuracy
  • Objects in a scene are positioned with subpixel accuracy, which makes for smooth animation, rotation, transformation, and precise relative positioning.
  • Sub-pixel resolution standard
  • Voice over standard
  • Mask tool standard
  • Chroma Key standard
  • Technical support standard

  • How-to Edit Your Videos With the Microsoft Photo App
  • Video: How to Disable Video Tips In Windows 10

    Free version contains the above features. The price for the Pro version is $19.99 and includes the following additional/enhanced features:
  • Advanced settings for Pro editing
  • Video stabilization tool
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Audio waveform
  • Sub-pixel resolution advanced
  • Voice over advanced
  • Mask tool advanced
  • Chroma Key advanced
  • Technical support advanced

  • Screen Shots Screenshot for VSDC Free Video Editor



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