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Properties located at 925 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey, 07013. or foreclosure of New Mall would be first used to satisfy such. First Interstate Properties functions as a full-service real estate development and management company. all available Spaces(7) · Property Overview · PROPERTY FACTS · SELECT TENANTS · Transportation · Airport · Office PROPERTIES IN NEARBY NEIGHBORHOODS · Nearby Listings.
first interstate properties
first interstate properties

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633 West 5th Street
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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The First Interstate Center stood on the north side of 5th Street, to west of Grand Avenue;

Building History

Robert F. Maguire III of Maguire Properties has been given credit for the innovative real estate deal that allowed the 72-story First Interstate World Center to be built while providing money for the renovation of Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue's nearby Los Angeles Public Library Main Branch. First Interstate Bank was founded in 1958, and was known under several names before changing its name to First Interstate in 1981. During a period of significant instability in Southern California banking, Wells Fargo and Company purchased First Interstate in 01-02/1996; in order to complete the sale, the U. S. Justice Department and the State of California required that Wells Fargo divest itself of 61 First Interstate branches. From 1989-present, New York architect, I.M. Pei (born 1917), has designed the two tallest buildings west of the Mississippi River. Maguire Properties, which erected the building, continued to own it in 2011, but had been renamed the "MPG Office Trust, Incorporated." In 2011, the US Bank occupied space on the tower's 1st, 24th, 25th, 29th and 30th floors.

Building Notes

The tower was also known as the "Library Tower, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA," and the "US Bank Tower."

Net rentable square feet: 1,371,538 (2003); in 2007, this figure had changed to 1,374,883; at 72 stories and 310 meters (1,018 feet), this is the tallest office building west of the Mississippi River, just edging out I.M. Pei's Texas Commerce Tower (later known as the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower) (305 m., 1,002 feet) in Houston, TX; owned (2003) by Maguire Properties, 555 West 5th Street Suite 5000, Los Angeles, CA, 90013-1010; 213.626.3300 main; First Interstate is the second tallest skyscraper located in a seismically-active location, the first being the mammoth 509 m. (1,671 feet) Taipei 101 Building, (C.Y. Lee and Partners, Taipei, Taiwan, 2004). The Los Angeles tower was designed to withstand a tremor of 8.3 magnitude. Some sources list the skyscraper as having 73 stories. The owner's web site, MGP Office Trust, however, stated that the building contained 72 stories. (See

PCAD id: 1259


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First Interstate Properties, Ltd.

First Interstate Properties, Ltd. was formed by Mitchell C. Schneider in June of 1989 for the purpose of developing and managing real estate projects of significance. During the course of its 29 years, First Interstate has developed first interstate properties throughout Northeast Ohio including Legacy Village in Lyndhurst, Ohio.

First Interstate is also the developer of the first major power center project in the City of Cleveland, Steelyard Commons, a nearly one million square foot shopping center that opened in the Spring of 2007. Steelyard Commons has transformed 125 acres of industrial land (a portion of a former steel yard) into the largest open-air center ever to be built in Cuyahoga County. It has generated significant economic benefits and supported the creation of more than 1,200 jobs in Cleveland.

First Interstate continues to undertake new projects of significance that will contribute to the renaissance of Cleveland including One University Circle which will be the first high-rise new construction of high end residential in Cleveland in decades. The groundbreaking for One University Circle occurred in June 2016 and the project is scheduled for occupancy in the Spring of 2018. Read more


To create environments that address unmet needs while contributing to the growth and development of communities in Northeast Ohio. Read more


To participate and contribute to the growth, development, and vitality of communities within Northeast Ohio and its core city, Cleveland. . Read more


To engage in the creative development process with involved community partners that bring transformative, catalytic, and collaboratively envisioned and profitable real estate development projects to underserved locations. Read more

Additional Culture Details

First Interstate is a collaborative team-oriented "can do" workplace that empowers all staff to be their best selves with the expectation that all team members maintain a commitment to both personal and professional integrity.
. Read more



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Recovery Starts Here

With FIRST ONSITE, your call for help is our call to action. With decades of experience, unmatched agility and resources, and comprehensive North American coverage, we have what it takes to tackle challenges of every type, size, and first interstate properties. It’s our mission and our promise to be the only property restoration partner you’ll ever need.

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In this time of uncertainty, it is critical to have a partnership with a company who understands our business, responds with a level of urgency, and delivers in a way that exceeds our expectations every time. FIRST ONSITE has set a new standard in client satisfaction and has consistently proven to be an outstanding partner regardless of what event impacts our business.

With a comprehensive network across North America, we have the size, scalability, and national resources to power you through whatever comes your way.

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First Interstate Properties, Ltd. first interstate properties a Northeast Ohio-based full-service real estate development and management company. For over 30 years, First Interstate Properties has built a sound reputation as a responsible, can-do developer of environmentally respectful high impact projects that create value – for surrounding communities, for residents and occupants, and for the investment community.

First Interstate Properties
The Offices at Legacy Village
25333 Cedar Road, Suite 300
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
P: 216.381.2900 • F: 216.381.2901

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Investment properties are one of the most reliable methods of social mobility in Australia. Buying and managing properties out of state is becoming more and more popular.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, property sales in Queensland from buyers in other states has increased.

This increased focus on buying and managing property outside of your own state has many people wondering – how can I take advantage of this trend?

In this blog, we will explain the top tips for investing out of state.

Buying an interstate property

Buying and managing properties out of state may seem risky, but you can take several steps to make an informed decision.

Research the market you want to buy in

Your first step when buying out of state should be to research the local environment thoroughly.

While you may be familiar with the investment property Brisbane has to offer, you will not first interstate properties the same level of knowledge about the property markets in Canberra, Sydney or First interstate properties such, you should spend a significant amount of time looking into the market in these cities.

Research areas that look promising, compare them and go from there.

In terms of resources to look out for, the internet is a treasure trove of information.

You should consult news articles, blogs, the social media feeds of real estate agents and other online sources.

There are websites out there that can tell you the average price of a home in a suburb as well as its various benefits and drawbacks.

Consult these in order to familiarise yourself with your area of choice.

house market

Consult and hire a property manager

Once you are satisfied with your own research, you should get a second opinion.

Recruit a local property manager prior to deciding on a property. They can help you decide exactly which property is best.

To hire a property manager, first research several different possible candidates. Looking at reviews can be helpful to determine

You should interview a few different property managers before you decide on which to hire.

Ideally, you could use Zoom or some other video conference service to do so.

Your property manager can connect you to maintenance workers, contractors and more.

property manager

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Once you have found a house you would like to use as an investment property, get a contract of sale signed as soon as you can.

However, before you make the final purchase, you should ensure the house is what it seems to be.

You can do this through a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a visual inspection of a home to determine what building defects are present. Furthermore, this type valley national bank mortgage inspection will determine if there are timber pest problems at the property.

Depending on the extent of damage, you will be able to get the seller to fix it, negotiate the price down or even back out of the contract if the damage is too severe.

Managing property out of state

If you are satisfied with the building and pest inspection and subsequent negotiation, you should buy the property.

So how should you operate once you’ve first interstate properties the property?

Make use of technology

Through the wonders of modern technology, managing real estate from afar has never been easier.

There are many options available for landlords to use software to screen potential tenants, coordinate scheduling visits from agents, handle payments and more.

Here are some of the useful apps you might consider using.

Maintain regular contact with your property manager

You should make sure to maintain regular contact with your property manager.

By getting regular updates from them, you will be kept up to date with potential issues that may arise. First interstate properties can document these issues and send you photographic evidence as necessary.

Ensure regular inspections are carried out

You should ensure that regular building and pest inspections are carried out, so you know what condition the building is in.

Either you or your property manager should book a minimum of one building and pest inspection per year.

This way, you will be on top of any building defects or pest infestations that spring up.

building inspection stock image

Occasionally visit the property yourself

While no one would expect you to make regular visits to an out of state property, you should still make occasional visits.

Make sure you go when an inspection is being carried out, to have the extra peace of mind of seeing the condition of the property with your own eyes.

Contact DedAnt today for a building and pest inspection you can trust!

Call us on 07 3807 0122 or contact us via our website.

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