gleaners food bank mission statement

to raise $200000 to help fund relief boxes for Gleaners Food Bank, Gleaners, whose mission is "to lead the fight against hunger,". We've reached out to our partner food banks across the United States that Metallica has GLEANERS FOOD BANK OF INDIANA - Indianapolis, IN. mission against hunger. How It Works. Motto Mortgage Consulants has chosen Gleaners Community Food Bank to distribute food to our communities in Southeast.

: Gleaners food bank mission statement

Gleaners food bank mission statement
Gleaners food bank mission statement

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Map shows the food bank's location as well as the location of it's two branches (Southwest and Northwest), two partner distribution organizations (Manna Food Project, Westnern U.P. food bank) and two redistribution organization (food rescue and family network or wyoming.).


Feeding America West Michigan is one of 200 food banks in Feeding America’s nationwide network. It is one of seven Feeding America member food banks located in Michigan. Feeding America West Michigan serves 40 of Michigan’s 83 counties. Its service area spans from the Indiana border north through the western half of the state and extends throughout the entire Upper Peninsula.


A community in which all neighbors are nourished and empowered within an equitable food system.


To gather and distribute food to relieve hunger and increase food security in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.


The organization was founded on April 23, 1981 as Gleaners Food Bank of West Michigan, Inc. During its early years, the food bank distributed 8,000 pounds of food per month out of a small rented space in southwest Grand Rapids. Since that time, the organization has moved to its main warehouse in Comstock Park and has added two branches, one in Cadillac and the other in Benton Harbor. The food bank has grown into an organization that distributes millions of pounds of food each year through its network of more than 900 agency and Mobile Pantry partners, and four distribution organizations including Manna Food Project, Food Rescue, Family Network of Wyoming and the Western Upper Peninsula Food Bank. In 2019, Feeding America West Michigan distributed 25.3 million pounds of food – equivalent to 20 million meals.

gleaners food bank mission statement is more than a Food Bank

What does Gleaners Food Bank do?

Our mission

To provide food and gleaners food bank mission statement to people who are hungry in the Quinte Region.

Our vision

A community that is hungry no more.

Gleaners Food Bank is a member of Feed Ontario and Food Banks Canada and works very closely with these organizations, local businesses, local farmers and food distributors to bring donated food into our organization. Gleaners Food Bank operates the Tri-County Warehouse that serves 7 other area food banks, multiple non-profit agencies and other organizations.

Through our food bank programs, we provide bread, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, non-perishable food items, hygiene products (if available), infant/toddler items (if available) for FREE.

Learn about the Real Cost of Eating Well in the Quinte region.



Feeding hungry people seems like such central texas hummingbirds natural thing for a church to do. Hungry people come to church to be fed spiritually. Hungry people should be able to come to church to be fed physically too. That’s why St. Augustine’s has a Neighborhood Food Pantry!

We know that there are too many in our community who simply don’t have enough food. We also know that it's often those with low-paying jobs, who don’t qualify for emergency assistance, and struggle to feed their families and pay their bills.  This food pantry was created for them. 

Stop by

We don't require registration, proof of need, or proof of income: no questions asked.  If someone comes, they must be hungry.


We have bags of groceries ready and will deliver and place in your car for you. If you need a mask, we have those too!

take your food home

Drive thru is little to no waiting, and you have groceries placed in your car and can head home!

Period Insecurity:

Mission Statement: To serve our neighbors in what ways we can by providing period supplies to those in need. This mission is in conjunction with our Food Pantry and both seek to fulfill the mission of the church.

We recognized the need with our food pantry guests and now offer feminine products to those that are in need as part of the Food Pantry.

We buy our food from two sources: Second Harvest Gleaners, and Feeding America Food Bank.


Second Harvest Gleaners is a distributor of surplus food. We order from gleaners food bank mission statement stock every week, knowing that their stock changes every week. This allows our neighbors to select our items at no cost and use their grocery money for other things at the store.

The food we buy from Feeding America Food Bank is purchased for a maximum of 16 cents per pound. Those are huge savings over grocery store prices. A box of cereal costs us 15 cents instead of 3 or 4 dollars. A jar of peanut butter might be a quarter instead of 2 dollars. We fund our pantry from our church budget, but we gladly accept direct monetary contributions to our account with Gleaners. Direct monetary contributions to Gleaners also come with generous tax benefits for those who choose to donate. Please contact the parish office to find out more.



What is better than a hot meal at the end of a cold day? Or a good breakfast to start your day with energy and good is the st louis county library open today Well, maybe there is nothing better than that and sometimes all of us take that for granted.

Yosef Meystel, the owner of a number of nursing homes through Midwestern, states that, some people just don’t gleaners food bank mission statement the privilege of having the 3 meals required per day, or they cannot have access to healthy food. These people have to rely on charities such as Gleaners Community Food Bank to have their meals and live a more or less normal life.

Let’s take a look at this charity and what is it that they do for the community.

Gleaners Community Food Bank mission statement is to boh hawaiian airlines mastercard login homes and houses access to healthy, sufficient and nutritious food for people living in conditions that are not human or healthy. This is all done by using collaboration, education, innovative solutions and efficient operations.


Image courtesy of Walmart at

Gleaners Community Food Bank and their wide community network fight hunger in Southeastern Michigan.  The idea that Gleaners has is to distribute nutritional, high-quality food and by using the education, they want to reduce dependency on the emergency food system.

They have their main offices in Detroit and they have five distribution centers located in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston and Monroe counties.  They give an amazing amount of food to  534 partner soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and many other charities or agencies in Southeastern Michigan. To get an idea of the amount of impact and work that Gleaners does, you just have to take a look at the amount of food they collect each year: almost 39 million pounds of food a year and a daily distribution of 89,000 meals;  they also provide nourishing food and education for a healthy nutrition for more than 84,000 children every year.


Gleaners has a strategic plan that contemplates the idea of reducing hunger in southeast Michigan and teach self-sufficiency to people that really need it and can use it to provide for their community.  They are convinced that the emergency food is not enough to solve the hunger problem and they decided to give a helping hand to the issue. For this strategic plan they have 3 pillars:

  1. Nourishing hope:  the idea here is to lower cost and use local farmers to provide for the community
  2. Sustaining hope: this is where they educate people on how to shop and how to be healthy when they eat.
  3. Advancing hope: here they engage everybody: agencies, volunteers, and donors.


The story comes directly from this person: Gene Gonya who lived in Ohio and had a childhood surrounded by nature. When he was only 19, he became a Brother in the Jesuit Gleaners food bank mission statement Community and followed their idea of  “doing all for the greater honor and glory of God.”

In 1977, Gene went to be part of the catholic church and in April he started the idea of the Gleaners Community Food Bank. He rented a floor in a warehouse next to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and the idea behind the food bank was to accept and solicit food, store it safely, and then take it to the agencies who are the ones in charge of distributing it. The food bank was the only one that could accept large amounts of food from Gene’s family farm, keep it and then distribute it to the agencies. This is because none of the agencies have the capacity to accept such truckloads of food.

Apart from Gleaners, who was one of the first food banks in the United States, Gene also created another food bank called Second Harvest, which is now called Feeding America.

Gene is now a very important man and has received many prizes and honors due to his job.  He appeared in the reader’s digest magazine in August 1983 and had a part in the book  They Light Up Our Life, by Will Hardy that talks about all the outstanding people in Detroit.


Gleaners is very important for people who need food the most. They know that in the USA and abroad there are many products that are about to be disposed just because people just don’t have any idea on how to handle them or just because they don’t know how to take that surplus to the market.

Gleaners has some methods to manage big amounts of all kinds of food. The process goes something union savings bank com this: Gleaners collects donations from all type of stores and supermarkets including retailers and groceries stores and even van drivers; then they collect and zindagi na milegi dobara old song the food so it can be easily distributed; then they distribute the food to partner agencies and shelters; and finally, they nourish the community.

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Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability.

  • Year, State Incorporated

    1980, IN

  • Stated Purpose

    To lead the fight against hunger.

  • Also Known As:

    gleaners food bank mission statement The Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc., Fresh Connect Central, Lower Midwest Regional Produce Cooperative, Second Harvest Gleaners of Indiana, Indiana Gleaners

Gleaners Food Bank was founded in 1980 to assist in the fight against hunger. They operate in a 21-county service area to help distribute food and other grocery items through a network of pantries, soup kitchens, schools, and community partners. The organization partners with Indianapolis police to help provide food immediately to those in need. Nutrition outreach is conducted to help increase community health and education. Mobile food pantries are provided for families and individuals who lack access to transportation. According to the organization, in 2020, 68,000, 853 meals were provided.Gleaners Food Bank focuses on serving healthy food to youth in need. School-based pantries are an opportunity to provide nutritious and diverse food options to both students and their families. Gleaners also offers a summer meal program that utilizes multiple distribution channels to feed struggling families so that they have year-round food security. According to the organization, in 2020, school-based pantries and other outreach provided 2,677,504 meals. The Senior Hunger Initiative was created to serve those ages 55 and over who face the difficulty of gaining access to resources in their community. Senior Mobile Pantries are provided monthly in ten counties within the organization's service area. These refrigerated trucks accommodate meat, dairy, and produce for healthy meal preparation. There are eleven Senior Food Pantries in five counties. Some of these hold senior shopping days while others provide a separate shopping area with foods geared specifically towards senior nutrition. According to the organization, in 2020, these programs served over 38,000 senior households.

For the year ended September 30, 2020, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana program expenses were:

Food Distribution$19,432,355
Kids and seniors $1,662,567
Donated Food Distribution$117,470,393
Program Expenses$138,565,315

  • CEO

    gleaners food bank mission statement Mr. John Elliott, President and CEO

  • Board Chair

    Ms. Georgiana Reynal, Chief Advocacy Officer

  • Chair's Profession / Business Affiliation

    Ascension St. Vincent

  • Board Size


  • Paid Staff Size


Method(s) Used:
Direct mail appeals, Invitations to fundraising events, Print advertisements (newspapers, magazines, etc.), Television, Radio, Grant proposals, Internet, Cause-related marketing (affinity credit cards, consumer product sales, etc.), Appeals via Social Media (Facebook, etc.), Outdoor. prefab shipping container homes for sale in north carolina

% of Related Contributions on Fundraising: 2.49%

This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal gleaners food bank mission statement tax purposes.

The following information is based on Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana's Audited financial statements for the fiscal usaa atm locations florida ending September 30, 2020

Source of Funds
Donated food contributions $115,773,530
Gifts and donations$21,763,597
Purchased food sales $5,959,009
Government grants and contracts $1,835,312
Shared contributions$1,558,086
Freight income$1,160,331
Net realized and unrealized gain (loss) on investments $495,275
Miscellaneous income $408,267
Interest and dividens $303,901
Change in fair value of beneficial interest in assets held by Community Foundation$19,789
Total Income$149,277,097

Breakdown of Expenses

Total Income$149,277,097
Total Expenses:$143,284,670
Program Expenses$138,565,315
Fundraising Expenses$3,515,208
Administrative Expenses$1,204,147
Other Expenses$0
Income in Excess of Expenses$5,992,427
Beginning Net Assets$29,762,635
Other Changes In Net Assets$0
Ending Net Assets$35,755,062
Total Liabilities$5,564,713
Total Assets$41,319,775

gleaners food bank mission statement
gleaners food bank mission statement

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