gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary

Whether it's a 1st-anniversary gift, a wedding present, or even a Mother's Day gift, this rustic family monogram will be cherished for years. Buy Wooden anniversary gifts for him or her something from a fantastic array of First or 2nd Marriage Anniversary Gift Personalized Engraved. What if you aren't able to be physically together on your first year anniversary? Consider shipping him a very memorable present. It's a nice lavender-scented.
gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary

Gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary -

Any anniversary, whether it's one year or 10 years, is a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated—whatever that means to you two. Some couples love to go all out with a big, splashy date (like a romantic dinner reservation), while others prefer something simple and low-key (a Netflix movie and ice cream FTW). Either way, you'll definitely want to show up prepared with a gift for your significant other to commemorate such a special occasion. Fresh out of ideas? Let us help.

If you're scrambling for gift ideas for your partner, boyfriend, or husband, peep the list below for some inspo. From sweatpants and robes for the couple who prefers a night in, to sunglasses and luxe watches for the couple who always goes all out, there's a present in here your other half will love. Scroll ahead for the 55 best anniversary gifts that'll help you express your love for your partner, no matter the guy's preferences or how long you've been together. You might find that you can both get some use out of these presents—it is your anniversary, too, ya know (wink, wink).

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a box of date ideas

A Box of Date Night Cards


With this gift, you'll find 51 unique date ideas so you never run out of ideas and you can schedule a cute weekly date night.


a DIY beer kit

Beer Making Kit


Yes, he’s a beer aficionado, but has he ever tried to make his own? This kit includes all the essentials to brew his own IPA, including grain, hops, and yeast—and it also comes in five other types. 


a duffel bag

Webbing Holdall Bag


Let's be honest—his go-to bag has seen better days. Help him retire his old duffel and upgrade with this sophisticated black one.


trendy gym shoes

Cloud Sneakers


Again, I'm sure his gym shoes have also seen better days. Upgrade his dirty trainers to these super clean, super stylish running shoes.


a pair of shades

Cloos x Brady Pacifica Sunglasses


These brown sunnies stand out, but thanks to the tortoise pattern, they’ll look so effortless on him. Plus, if he stans Tom Brady, he'll feel extra cool in these, considering they were designed by the man himself.


a streetwear beanie

Hand Off Wool Rib Beanie

a streetwear tee

Black 'FG' T-Shirt


If you want to complete the look, this tee from luxe streetwear brand Fear of God is the thing to buy at the moment. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a piece, snag it while you can. They sell out faaaaast.


cbd gummies

Old Fashioned Hemp-Derived CBD Gumdrops


If he's been wanting to dip his toes in the CBD world, or he's already a pro, gift him these gummies that taste like an incredible Old Fashioned.


a cigar box

100-Cigar Humidor


If your boo is a big cigar kinda guy, buy him this cigar humidor box that is sure to keep his beloveds in pristine condition. If you're looking to score extra points, complete the box with a set of cigars to really bring the gift home.


a cooling sleep set

The Bamboo Cooling Sleep Set


Everybody needs a go-to pair of PJs to feel all comfy and cozy in. This bamboo pair from Bed Fellow Dreams is super soft and cooling for hot sleepers.


Does he admire his beard in the mirror for what seems like ~forever~? This set by Every Man Jack has everything he needs to keep his facial hair looking luscious. 


a designer wallet

Meisterstück Wallet


A wallet is an everyday essential, and people tend to keep theirs for years at a time. If his is looking a little rusty, upgrade him to this beautiful and classic Meisterstück design. 


a massage gun

Theragun Mini Massage Gun


If he's the kind of guy that always asks you for a back rub, gift him a Theragun. It's a gift to him and you.


a steak delivery

Wagyu Ribeyes and Burgers


If either of you is gifted in the kitchen, splurge on some top-of-the-line wagyu meats to cook up a gourmet meal for your anniversary dinner.


an everyday upgraded T-Shirt

Seaside Summer T-Shirt


Might want to get this cotton stretchy T-shirt in a color that goes with most of his wardrobe, because this is one he'll want to wear all year long.


everyday slides

Black Bracket Slides


You can do no wrong with a pair of black slides that he's sure to wear on the daily.


luxe shaving cream

Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather


Men can and do appreciate skincare just as much as everyone else.


a luxe razor

3-Blade Razor


...and he'll need a luxe razor to go with his top-of-the-line shaving cream.


GPS golf watch

Approach S62 Premium Golf GPS Watch


A golf lover will totally geek out over this GPS watch. Yes, it's a splurge, but if you're celebrating a special milestone, it's well worth it. Not only does it tell you how far you are from the next hole from over 40K courses across the world, it's like having a virtual caddy on your wrist.


luxe leather sneakers

Capri Shoes

$268 AT KOIO

If he’s been searching for that perfect “everyday shoe” (i.e., one that looks dressy and casual at the same time), then he’ll so appreciate a low-top leather pair. 


trendy joggers

Jetset Jogger Sweatpants


Luxe and fashionable sweatpants never hurt nobody. 


leather slippers

Ascot Leather Slippers

outdoor rain gear

Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Jacket


If he's an outdoorsy guy, he's probably been eyeing a good-quality, water-repellant coat for a while and would very much appreciate this one.


a new set of boxers

Second Skin Mid-Length Boxer Brief 3-Pack


Girls love lingerie, guys will appreciate a new set of boxers just as much.


a weighted robe

Weighted Collar Fleece Robe


If you got him a weighted blanket for a past anniversary and he still loves it as much as he did when he first opened it, gift him a weighted robe this year. The collar of this soft, fluffy robe weighs 3 pounds to give him all the comfort he needs in the morning.


an essentials box

The Essentials Box Navy Gift Set


This box has everything he needs to get through a week of work or a trip away.


an artistic watch

Skull Watch


Give him the gift of a watch that doubles as a one-of-a-kind piece of art with one of Daem's luxe designs. 


a cozy pullover

Clifton Hoodie


Everybody needs a good ol' classic hoodie in their closet that they can dress up or down.


a set of glasses

Carre Square Scotch Glasses


Whether he's a Scotch, whiskey, or bourbon guy, these handmade glasses are the best way to sip on his favorite booze.


a premium whiskey

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey


...and of course, he'll need a good bottle of whiskey to complement those new glasses.


cocktail ice molds

Silicone Ice Ball and Square Maker

a cocktail recipe book

Whiskey Cocktails Leather-Bound Book

a compact trimmer

Beard Trimmer


Whether he's a sucker for sleek design or in need of new clippers, he'd love this cordless trimmer. Now if only he could remember to clean up those little hairs and clippings…


an electric grill

Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill


If the dude loves grilling so much he would do it 365 days a year, get him this indoor grill so he can.


hiking boots

Mountain 600 Suede Waterproof Hiking Boots


Plan a weekend hiking trip to celebrate your anniversary, and wrap up a pair of these classic boots to get him excited about your adventure together.


a set of socks

Men's 5-Pack Patterned Socks

Wedding Invitation Cuff Links

Here's another unique paper accessory you might not have seen coming. These special cuff links are personalized with little pieces of your wedding invitations. Durable and designed to last, your S.O. can truly wear their heart on their sleeve in the form of this romantic present.

From $89

25 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 22, 2021
25 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend (2021)

1 year of overwhelming love, 365 days of being together, and 52 weeks of profound joy. Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone with your boyfriend that deserves celebration.

Don’t just pick a random gift. Get a special gift for your boyfriend to celebrate this one-year dating anniversary from this list, carefully curated by our gift experts to match your requirements!

Creative One-Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

1/ “The Night Everything Changed” Star Map Print

This celestial map print can be a perfect reminder of a very special night of your relationship and will make your guy smile every time he looks at it.

The sky that you see on the print will be the specific alignment of the stars when you first met, first dated, or had your first kiss.

How romantic!

Savings Tips: Use code SAVE10 for a further discount of 10%

2/ “One Year With Him” Photo Box Explosion

As the name suggests, this little box is an explosion of all the happy memories you’ve shared throughout the year.

Upon opening the box, he will discover your selection of pictures, one by one, bringing back the sweet nostalgia of all the moments you had together.

And by keeping your gifts hidden inside, it keeps getting better!

You can also create a DIY Photo Box Explosion with this tutorial.

3/ First Anniversary Photo Collage Gift

Here is one loving way to cherish the best moments of your one year together. This will be an original gift that your boyfriend will cherish and happy to receive.

4/ “I Love You For All That You Are” Photo Canvas Print

Featuring a simple design and a heart-touching and romantic quote “I love you for all that you are”, custom canvas print, customized with your anniversary day will melt his heart away this dating milestone.

5/ Simpsons Portrait

Looking for a funny and creative one-year dating anniversary gift for him to lighten up your celebration? We have a recommendation that will make your man laugh and feel loved.

Show off the humorous side of your relationship by immortalizing the two of you with a personalized Simpsons Portrait.

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6/ Custom Camera Film Roll Keychain

The Custom Camera Film Roll Keychain is a magical, unique, and romantic 1st year dating anniversary gift for your boyfriend. With the number of photos that can be attached, it is a great prezzie for your other half.

This unique gift allows you to customize your own vintage roll film and attach a keychain to it so that your memories are stored in the authentic roll, rolled safe and secure to last.

7/ “Our First Year Together” Custom Photo Collage Pillow

There’s arguably nothing that feels warmer than a soul mate who keeps the flame of love kindled in your heart. So, this custom photo collage pillow can be the perfect gift to celebrate his affection and warmth.

You can customize this cute pillow to make it a personalized present for your bae. And when you are not around, it’s like your bae can still snuggle with you every night, no matter where you are.

8/ “1 Year and Counting” Photo Plaque

A special way to showcase the best moments and memories with your guy is to gift him with this “1 Year and Counting” desktop plaque. At $24.95, it can be a small but incredibly valuable keepsake for the best man in your life.

9/ “Our First Year of Dating” Scrapbook

This is a cute one-year anniversary gift for your boyfriend to together preserve happy memories of your 1st year together.

You can include pictures and scrapbook items like ticket stubs from your first movie together and then surprise your man on your anniversary.

10/ “Complete Each Other” Map Print

This personalized print is a great way to show and remind him how perfect you are for each other. Customize the map art with your locations, the day you officially “dated” him and your names.

11/ Personalized Leather Bracelet

This Personalized Leather Bracelet will have your initials and the date you met printed nicely on a leather bracelet.

This can be a romantic one-year anniversary gift for your boyfriend to give him a piece of you to carry around with him everywhere he goes.

Order 2, one for each of you, so that both of you always have each other in your thoughts.

12/ Monogrammed Leather AirPod Case Keychain

Let a functional gift express how much you care for him. At $45.00, this unique Monogrammed Leather AirPod Case Keychain will let him keep his AirPods safe and within reach at all times in a protective case.

13/ “It All Began With” Pillow With Custom Text And Photo

This personalized “It All Began With…” pillow is a quirky gift for your boyfriend to celebrate the very 1st anniversary.

How or Where did your love story begin?

14/ “Happy 1st Dating Anniversary” Collage Print

Completing one year with your boyfriend is both exciting and nostalgic. The nostalgic memories of when you first met can make you two fall in love all over again.

This heart-shaped photo collage canvas is a romantic idea to reminisce about the treasured memories both of you shared throughout the year.

15/ Engraved Wooden Watch for Boyfriend

Treat your bae to this classic wooden watch with a custom message engraved on the back. It is an exquisite, yet practical 1-year anniversary gift for boyfriend that he can wear for years to come.

And you can make this classy gift more personal with a sentimental saying on it.

16/ Pop Up Anniversary Card

Looking for a special way to express your love on your one-year dating anniversary? At merely $12.95 on Amazon, this pop up card is an ideal and unique way to say “I Love You” to that special person.

17/ A Pillow with Your Special Song

We bet there’s a special song in your relationship. Why don’t you incorporate it into the gift? It’ll make a surprise 1-year anniversary gift idea that your BF will not expect!

18/ Romantic Love Coupons

Keep that spark between you and your man alive with these romantic love coupons from Etsy.

Suitable for all genders, this sweet and romantic present will let you two find 60 unique idea cards, so you never run out of ideas and you can schedule a cute weekly date night. These love coupons will help make the first anniversary with your beau a little more fun.

19/ “You’ve Been An Amazing BF For 1 Year” Candle

This candle is a super sweet and perfectly quirky 1st year anniversary gift for your boyfriend. At $17.45 on Etsy, this can be a pretty handy and cute gift for your S.O.

20/ “You Mean The World To Me” Desktop Plaque With Photo

With this desktop plaque that contains memories of your first year together, he now can always keep your image closed by right on his desk.

21/ Long-Distance License Plate Sign

This long-distance license plate sign is one-of-the-kind that your other half will absolutely love.

Start off your second year together with a gift that shows off the value of his love despite the distance.

­RELATED:27 Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for Boyfriend

22/ Couple Necklace

This Aienid couples necklace is a simple way of showing him the special bond you two have. It’s a reminder that you are his and he is yours.

At $17.99 on Amazon, this simple but unique token of love is the best gift you can get him.

23/ First Year Dating Anniversary Photo Collage Mug

There are so many beautiful ways to have a reminder of hitting a one-year milestone together.

This mug can be an amazing one-year anniversary gift that your boyfriend can use every day.

The best thing about this gift is that you can customize it to make it much more personal and meaningful.

24/ Custom Photo Desk Lamp

For long-distance love, this remarkable personalized custom photo desk lamp will definitely keep the two of you connected. On your 1st year anniversary of dating, gift your significant other this unique gift at $70.00 on Etsy.

25/ Star Map and Song Lyrics Print

You might not be able to give your boyfriend the moon and the stars. However, this constellation print is the next best thing you can get him! This keepsake shows the night sky of your 1st date and lyrics of a special song that makes both your hearts sing.


One year dating anniversary is a big deal for two hearts in love. For celebrating this exciting milestone, you might want to go all out to pick a heartwarming present for your other half. And while the 365 days with your boyfriend have taught you sufficiently about his taste, when your one-year comes around, you can still find yourself indecisive about what to actually buy him.

With this above list, we have put together a collection of one year dating anniversary gifts for him so that you don’t have to. So all you have to do is pick one and make the day memorable forever.



40 Unique 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for That First Major Milestone

Three hundred and sixty-five days—and counting! The first year of marriage is in the books, which means it's time to celebrate. Any couple who tied the knot in the midst of a global pandemic deserves an epic first anniversary celebration (and a seriously thoughtful one-year anniversary gift too). Whether you're shopping for your spouse or your favorite newlyweds, we've raised the bar when it comes to finding the best presents for this amazing milestone. From sentimental keepsakes to cool, practical presents, there's something on our list to suit every spouse and every couple. But before we get started, find out everything you need to know about the traditional and modern first-year anniversary gifts below. (Hint: This year is also known as the paper anniversary.)

In this article:

What is the one-year anniversary gift?

If you didn't already know, each year of marriage has a traditional gifting theme many couples and their loved ones look to for inspiration. "Typically, the longer you or the couple have been married, the more valuable or durable the gift or material becomes," says Kathy Flynn, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Creative at Personalization Mall. With that in mind, it's no surprise that paper is the traditional one-year anniversary gift. It's fragile yet substantial, representing the newness of a young marriage.

Of course, paper isn't your only option. Many marriage milestones also have a modern theme that lends itself to great gift ideas. The modern present for this wonderful milestone is a clock—and believe it or not, you've got much more than watches to choose from. Clocks can actually be a super-meaningful gift. "The idea of placing it in a part of the home can be symbolic for a first anniversary," says Susan Chandler, Chief Merchandising Officer, Citizen Watch America, representing both Citizen Watch and Bulova brands. Chandler continues, "The clock also represents the movement of time and is a reminder to spend time nurturing your relationship for years to come." (Awwh!)

If neither of those options speaks to you, there are still plenty of other gift ideas that can help you celebrate with your other half or the happy couple. Feel free to take inspiration from the traditional first anniversary metal, which is gold, or color, which is gold or yellow. Carnations are also associated with the first year of marriage, making them another fitting token of passion and young love. It's also totally acceptable to ditch the traditional symbols altogether if that's what feels right. At the end of the day, you should pick whatever you think they'll most appreciate.

Paper One-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Decided to go down the traditional route? There are so many creative ways to honor the paper anniversary (aside from writing a sweet card, of course). We've found some of the coolest paper anniversary gifts you've probably never thought of before, from origami earrings to book subscriptions. Ready to get started? Find the perfect first anniversary gift for your husband, wife or the happy couple right here.

Meaningful Sheet Music

A super-meaningful way to honor your first year together is to pay tribute to an important detail from the big day. Since the theme this year is paper, it's the perfect opportunity to bring your first dance song to life on sheet music, which always looks beautiful framed (try Framebridge). Pair it with a recording of the song on vinyl (because Spotify is great, but sometimes, you just want the physical thing).

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    Letterpress Wedding Vows

    Why not have your wedding vows elegantly printed on luxe paper? Not only is this a lovely reminder of your wedding day, but of the promises you both made. Print them out yourself or leave it to a professional; this letterpressed option is totally wall-worthy.

    From $158 Uncommon Goods

    Unique Paper Bouquet

    For the person who never turns down beautiful blooms, get them a bouquet that'll last forever—a paper bouquet. These faux flowers are printed with meaningful quotes that look to the future, such as "grow old with me" and "the best is yet to come." They're easily one of the most romantic paper gift ideas we've ever seen.

    From $49 Musicnotes

    Decorative Travel Map

    Travel may have been put on the back burner for a while, but that's not to say you can't still give a great travel-themed gift. This gorgeous push-pin map will remind them of all the adventures still to come and it'll look gorgeous in their home. Still not sold? You can get it personalized with gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary, a wedding date or a heartfelt quote.

    From $159 Etsy

    Wedding Invitation Cuff Links

    Here's another unique paper accessory you might not have seen coming. These special cuff links are personalized with little pieces of your wedding invitations. Durable and designed to last, your S.O. can truly wear their heart on their sleeve in the form of this romantic present.

    From $89 Uncommon Goods

    Unique Paper Bouquet

    For the person who never turns down beautiful blooms, get them a bouquet that'll last forever—a paper bouquet. These faux flowers are printed with meaningful quotes that look to the future, such as "grow old with me" and "the best is yet to come." They're easily one of the most romantic paper gift ideas we've ever seen.

    From $49 Canvas Vows

    Unique Paper Earrings

    "Just like choosing a gift for a couple, it's important to remember that a gift for your spouse should be personal, intimate and as unique as they are," says Flynn. She suggests paying attention to your S.O.'s hobbies and interests before picking out a meaningful paper wedding anniversary gift. These cute butterfly earrings are made from recycled book gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary, making them a romantic present for anyone who's into reading or quirky accessories.

    From $18

    The Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

    Make It Personal

    Wedding anniversaries have annual themes that gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary make selecting a gift a little easier to narrow down. You can riff on the traditional or modern theme of your given anniversary, but be sure that your gift is personal. This is the person you are supposed to know better than anyone else on earth. Make sure your gift demonstrates that you gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary

    Make It Lasting

    Use your anniversary to buy a quality gift for your partner that will become a keepsake that reminds you of your life together. If you fell in love over a game of chess, a beautifully-designed chess set will make that ritual feel special and last a lifetime. Blowing up and framing a favorite photo of the two of you or hiring an artist to paint a portrait and selecting a beautiful, quality frame will be something you and your family will cherish. 

    Be Romantic

    Save the practical gifts for another occasion. Your anniversary is a celebration of the romantic love that compelled you to say I do. Show your partner gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary still fancy them with jose abreu projections gift that confirms that you understand their love language and haven’t stopped trying to romance them, no matter how many years you’ve been married.


    • A couple’s first anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a paper-related gift. The modern-day first anniversary gift is a clock. Many couples find inspiration in drawing from these categories, but feel free to invent a tradition of your own.

    • In general, wedding gift themes become more valuable as years pass. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, because it symbolizes something that is both fragile and easily torn and strong thanks to its interlocking fibers. Others claim it symbolizes the blank page of a new marriage. The modern first anniversary gift for boyfriend 1st year anniversary is a clock that evokes the passing of time. 

    • A couple’s first anniversary is one year from the date of their wedding. Some couples also like to celebrate the anniversary of their engagement. While pre-marriage anniversaries like the date of a first date or first kiss are generally superseded by the wedding anniversary once a couple marries, some couples continue to celebrate minor personal milestones to help keep the romance alive.

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