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Lonely screen free

Lonely screen free


lonely screen free

Airplay Receiver is a unique app which enables the user to instantly mirror any iOS devices like i-phone, i-pad or even a MAC computer to an Android device. If this game event is a part of a parlay or system bet, the event will be calculated with odds 1. XMIRAGE FREE KEYS. Lonelyscreen. Free. File transfer, Cast iPhone/iPad screen to PC/MAC easily, Music, Movies and Screen Mirroring, iOS 11 compatible.

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Top 3 AirPlay Receivers for PC – Windows 7/8.1/10

Rocket Yard Guide: How to Mirror Your iPad, iPhone Screen on a Windows PC

AirplayIconDespite the advances made by Macs in both the corporate and home PC markets, there are still many more Windows PCs in the world than there are those running OS X. But there are a lot more iOS devices — iPads and iPhones — in the world than Windows-based smartphones and tablets. This gives rise to a situation that a lot of people run into; the need to mirror their iPad or iPhone screen on a Windows PC. Fortunately, there are a number of software solutions that provide a way to do that by turning your PC into an Apple AirPlay receiver, and today we’re going to look at three popular apps.

Reflector 2
One of the first solutions for mirroring an iOS device screen on a Mac was Reflector from the whimsically-named AirSquirrels; that app is now Reflector 2 (free 7-day trial, $14.99), and it’s compatible with OS X, Windows, and even Android. To give it a try, visit the AirSquirrels site and download the trial; as soon as the MSI file has been downloaded to your Windows PC, run it to start installation. You need to agree to the end-user license agreement for Reflector 2 and allow the installer to make changes, but a few seconds later the app is installed on your PC. The app displays a watermark on the iOS screen image until you purchase a license for the software.

Reflector 2 turns your PC into an AirPlay receiver. What that means is that the PC acts just like an Apple TV in that you can send whatever’s on the screen of your iPhone or iPad to the PC screen. To do this (and this works for our other solution as well), launch the app on the PC. From the iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center. Tap on the AirPlay button, which reveals a list of all of the devices that to receive your screen images (see image below).


For Reflector 2, the device name was the name of the PC – the oddly-named “DESKTOP-LR8LNQ8”. With a tap on the device name to select the PC and then enabling the Mirroring button, the image of the iPhone screen appears immediately on the PC.


What’s great about Reflector 2 is that it shows a “frame” around the lonely screen free device image that looks identical to the device you’re mirroring (see image above). Turn the device to landscape orientation, and the image on the screen rotates as well. One of the best features of Reflector 2 is that it can also be used to capture video of your iOS device screen in action, perfect if you’re doing a “how to” video or wish to send video game highlights to a friend.

Reflector 2 also includes a broadcast feature that lets you send the image from your iPhone or iPad through the PC direct to Lonely screen free Live. All in all it’s a fairly impressive solution.

Another AirPlay “receiver” is LonelyScreen, available for free from the developer’s website. I definitely recommend getting it from the developer, as I’ve seen comments that the app has been infected with malware when downloaded from other sites.

LonelyScreen is easily installed, and once it is launched it acts quite a bit like Reflector 2 (see image below). The AirPlay device name is a more logical “LonelyScreen” and the connection via Wi-Fi is fast and smooth. The website says that you can “Capture and save iPhone game play, or app demo. One click to upload to YouTube, or Vimeo.” As with Reflector 2, you can record what’s on the screen to a movie file. There’s no “live broadcast” feature, but recording is as simple as pushing a big red button lonely screen free slides up from the bottom of the screen.


I’m wishing that the developer would add the device frames found in Reflector 2, and perhaps we’ll see that addition in a future update.

The third, and final Windows app we’ll look at for AirPlay mirroring is X-Mirage (free to try for six days, purchase license for $16). I like this app’s “Welcome Window,” which shows how to mirror your iOS device’s screen to the PC if you’re unfamiliar with AirPlay. It also has easy-to-find settings that let you do such things like add an extra audio-only AirPlay receiver for sending sound to the PC. I couldn’t get this to work, but it might very well be that it’s a feature that works only once the app is licensed.


Likewise, the “Rebroadcast” button on the Welcome Window didn’t work, but that could require a license as well. The record button for creating a video of your iPad or iPhone screen appears when you hover over the AirPlay image with your mouse. X-Mirage was the only one of the three apps that allows optimization of the AirPlay display size for a number of iOS screen sizes, or it can be set to auto-optimize the mirror. It’s also the only app that allows the user to change the AirPlay receiver name and password protect the receiver, both of which could be useful if you’re using a PC connected to a projector in an office or classroom and don’t want others to be able to use it.

Readers — do you have a preferred way of sharing your iOS device screen with a Windows PC that we haven’t listed here? Please let us know about it in the comments below.

Источник: https://eshop.macsales.com/blog/37075-rocket-yard-guide-how-to-mirror-your-ipad-iphone-screen-on-a-windows-pc/


LonelyScreenis a remote display management appthat allows owners of iPhone and iPad portable devices to cast their screens via AirPlay standard straight on the desktop of their desktop or laptop PC running Windows OS. More precisely, these lightweight and very easy-to-use applications allow Windows PCs to become fully compatible AirPlay receivers. Just like iPhone and iPad owners can cast anything from their portable screens on an AppleTV device, users who set up lonely screen free Lonely Screen appcan also do so on their home PCs!

The installation procedure is incredibly simple, and it does not require making any configuration changes or installing new apps on Apple devices. The only thing that is needed is for the LonelyScreenapplication to be installed on a PC and that both PC and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same home network. To make installation as painless and fast as possible, developers of this app have managed to make the entire app less than 1 MB in size, with all configuration options pre-selected for best usage practices by the automatic installer itself. After the app is installed, it will be added to the list of the apps that will start on every Windows OS boot.

To receive a video feed on your PC, you simply need to activate the AirPlay function on your portable Apple device. The default name of your PC connection will be “LonelyScreen”, but you can change that with a simple rename feature. The app supports receiving both streaming multimedia content and direct 1:1 screen mirroring, which can enable both home and professional users to easily set up mirror sharing for their presentations, showcasing of family pictures, gaming on a bigger screen, classroom education, meeting, and living room presentations speed commander - Free Activators more. As a final option, this PC app also has integrated support for video capture, enabling users to not only record their iPhone or iPad video feed on PC’s local storage but also have a one-click option to upload a recorded file directly on YouTube and Vimeo.

To ensure the proper function of LonelyScreen, make sure it is excluded from your Windows Firewall block list, that all devices are connected to the same network, all are running up-to-date OS versions, and that portable devices are compatible with the AirPlay standard (iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, Pad mini and newer, and iPod Touch 5 and newer).

It can be tested under a FREE trial license, and the fully unlocked version of the app can be accessed via yearly personal or business subscriptions. The app is officially compatible with Windows 7, Vista, 200, Server 2003, 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

Also Available: Download LonelyScreen for Mac

Download Lonely screen free Latest Version

Источник: https://www.filehorse.com/download-lonelyscreen/
Use Windows as Apple TV

AirPlay is the streaming technology used by Apple to stream or mirror iPhone / iPad or Mac OS contents onto an Apple TV. But AirPlay can be used on any system for example Windows 7Windows 10 laptop or desktops. We just require an AirPlay receiver on the Windows system to receive and Play the AirPlay Streams from out iOS device. Thus, We bring before you the Top 3 AirPlay Lonely screen free / Players for Windows which will turn your Windows machine into an AirPlay compatible Apple TV.

Top 3 AirPlay receivers for Computer – Windows 78.1 and Windows 10 – Use your Computer desktop as an Apple TV

AirPlay Receiver # 1 – LonelyScreen

Lonely Screen

LonelyScreen is our favorite AirPlay receiver. Unlike its competitors –

  • LonelyScreen works with iOS 9.19.2  & later versions (iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus compatible).
  • It works with Mac OS X El Capitan as well.

Thus, you could microsoft office 2016 product key - Crack Key For U use LonelyScreen as an Apple TV receiver for your Windows 7 / 8.1 /10

Click FontCreator Pro Crack to Download LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver for Windows 78.1 & Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


AirPlay Receiver # 2 – 5kPlayer –

5kPlayer AirPlay compatible

We really love 5kPlayer as it has multiple functionalities like –

  • It can act as a both as an AirPlay receiver as well as an AirPlay transmitter.
  • Its totally free of cost.

The only downside as of now of 5kPlayer is that its AirPlay compatible Receiver only upto iOS 8.3 and Mac OS Yosemiteand the mirroring feature doesn’t work on Mac OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 and its later versions. However due to its dual capabilities its our second most favorite tool.

Click here for tutorial on How to use Windows 7, 10 as an AirPlay receiver using 5kPlayer.

Click here to Download 5kPlayer for Windows 7/8.1/Windows 10.


AirPlay transmission icon on iOS 9.1

AirPlay transmission icon on iOS 9.1

Note – Now the procedure to use LonelyScreen or any other AirPlay receiver on Windows is pretty much the same –

  1. Install the AirPlay Receiver software on your Windows operating system.
  2. Launch the AirPlay receiver on your Windows machine (Allow firewall exceptions if prompted)
  3. Get your Transmitter (iOS Device/iPhone/Mac OS(macbook)) connected to the same WiFi network as that of the Windows system. (Both Transmitter and Receiver should be on the same WiFi network).
  4. Now, on the Transmitter (iOS/Mac device) Click on the AirPlay icon and select the “Windows machine” name in the menu to start mirroring your screen directly to your Windows system using AirPlay.
  5. The AirPlay icon is visible inside the control center shown in the image alongside (swiping bottom screen to up) on iPhone / iPad and on Mac OS it appears on the Top Bar.
  6. That’s it your AirPlay receiver (Windows) will now start mirroring your iOS or Mac OS Screen.

AirPlay Receiver # 3 lonely screen free Mirroring 360 (7-Day Free Trial)

Mirroring 360 is an all in one solution from Splashtop which will let your Wundows PC be an AirPlay receiver, it works with Mac OS & Chromebooks too. Thus, using Mirroring 360 you can even use your Chromebook as an AirPlay receiver. Mirroring 360 unlike 5kPlayer supports iOS 9, and El Capitan as well for Mirroring using AirPlay. The only downside of Mirroring 360 is that its a Paid app and hence you will need to pay for it after 7 days to continue using it.

Click here to Visit the Mirroring 360 Website.

So, these are the Best 3 AirPlay receivers for Windows systems or Computers which will turn your Windows into an AirPlay display device. If you know of any other such good tool or encounter any issues feel free to comment.


Like this:



Источник: https://techapple.net/2015/12/top-3-free-airplay-receivers-for-pc-windows-78-110-use-windows-as-apple-tv/

LonelyScreen AirPlay Receiver

* Turn your Lonely screen free into an AirPlay Receiver * Mirror anything from your iOS devices to your Mac desktop Send iOS device screens to your laptop or desktop(Windows/OSX) magix vegas movie studio 14 suite Everything you do on your iOS device is wirelessly streamed to your MAC in real-time! Allows you to mirror your iPhone and iPad's screen to your Desktop wirelessly Play games, watch movies, demo apps or present on the big screen from your iPhone or iPad.
* Cast iOS screen mirroring such app demo and game play from your iOS device to your laptop/desktop computer. Cast iOS screen to big screen which is connected to a Windows/OSX computer. * Allows your computer to receive and display AirPlay streams from your iOS device * Cast music, movies from your iOS device to your laptop/desktop computer. * Record the latest games and battles microsoft office 2016 product key - Crack Key For U replay and assessment or provide your own tips and video reviews. Record your mirroring session to create tutorials, reviews, gameplay, walkthroughs, or educational videos on a Mac/PC Record iPhone and iPad screen to create tutorials, reviews, or gameplay videos

Источник: https://download.cnet.com/LonelyScreen-AirPlay-Receiver/3000-18511_4-76471653.html

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