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Homes for Heroes is a national collection of providers with the promise of providing extraordinary savings to our own local heroes who provide extraordinary. Summary of H.R.251 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Homes for Heroes Act of 2015. Reduced lending fees. Title company and home inspector discounts. Help your fellow heroes! Every time a hero uses Homes for Heroes, they help other heroes.
homes for heroes

Building Homes for Heroes

Building Homes for Heroes builds and modifies homes and provides them mortgage-free to severely wounded veterans who have served the United States. The charity is committed to improving the lives of these veterans and their families by providing a path toward financial stability, a safe and supportive environment. The organization, along with support from its partners, provided thirty three homes for veterans in 2017.

Oliver Wyman social impact projects demonstrate its commitment and support of the local community, while enabling consultants and employees to pursue their passion. Our firm’s donation of time, personnel, and resources will enhance our client’s ability to deliver critical services to our nation’s veterans.
Mark Wise,Consultant,Oliver Wyman


Our project with Building Homes for Heroes aimed to help them grow their donation revenues, so that they could enhance their south florida state college panther central to fulfill the mission of providing homes for severely wounded veterans. We helped to provide a comprehensive growth strategy, supported by homes for heroes analysis of the donor base for both cash donations and donations in-kind (such as homes and property) and an assessment of current marketing and operational practices.

Building Homes for Heroes is already one of the fastest-growing and most-respected veterans organizations in America. But with Oliver Wyman’s advice and support, we will undoubtedly achieve new heights in the coming years. Oliver Wyman’s market research and analysis, and actionable recommendations will allow us to build on our past successes and propel us to new levels of veteran support in the coming years
Jim Cummings,Acting President,Building Homes for Heroes


Our analysis provided a path for Building Home for Heroes to increase their effective revenue, by about 100 percent, potentially producing a similar increase in the impact delivered or number of families reached in the target population of severely wounded veterans.

It is clear that this charity has deeply impacted the lives of many families who sacrificed a lot for our country. Our team, consisting of Oliver Wyman veterans, really enjoyed supporting this group and hope that we have helped them to positively affect the lives of more veterans and their families.
Curtis Underwood,Partner,Oliver Wyman


Homes for Heroes: Assistance for Home Buyers and Sellers

Homes for Heroes connects first responders, teachers, health care workers, members of the military and veterans with local real estate and lending professionals. You'll receive a discount — which varies, depending on the service provided and whether you're buying, selling or refinancing — from each service provider you use within the Homes for Heroes network.

Here's more about how Homes for Heroes works and how much you could save.

What does Homes for Heroes do?

The Homes for Heroes program has two parts. Homes for Heroes Inc., the for-profit side, is a network of real estate agents, mortgage professionals and related service providers who work with qualifying home buyers and sellers.

Homes for Heroes Inc. provides discounted services to home buyers and sellers who are current or former:

  • First responders (including law enforcement, firefighters and paramedics).

  • Teachers (from pre-K through to post-secondary).

  • Active or justin berk weatherman service members or reservists.

  • Health care professionals (including doctors, nurses and other providers).

This list isn't exhaustive, so if you aren't sure whether you would qualify, contact Homes for Heroes directly. These discounts help you save on costs associated with buying, selling or refinancing a home, like title fees, home inspections and real estate agent commissions.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation is the program's nonprofit side, which makes grants to local nonprofits to provide housing and financial assistance for veterans or people in qualifying professions. A portion of what you pay for services through Homes for Heroes Inc. goes to the Homes for Heroes Foundation, which is also supported by direct donations.

How much does Homes for Heroes cost?

There's no upfront cost to participate in the Homes for Heroes program. Instead, you pay the individual service providers you work with. To get started, you’ll fill out a form that includes your contact information, then one of their real estate agents or loan specialists will reach out to you.

Not getting to pick and choose whom you work with is a big trade-off to consider — you'll be limited to professionals within the Homes for Heroes network who are local to your area. That said, if you are already working with a real estate agent or a mortgage broker, you can have them reach out to Homes for Heroes about becoming an affiliate. Otherwise, you'll work with who's assigned to you.

Saving on closing costs with Homes for Heroes

How much you'll save with Homes for Heroes depends on whether you're buying, selling or refinancing a home, and the services you use. You'll get a discount, in the form of a rebate, on any service provided through their network. For example:

  • If you work with a Homes for Heroes real estate agent to buy a home, you'll get a check for 0.7% of the purchase price after closing. (So if you bought a $300,000 home, you would receive $2,100.)

  • If you use the mortgage, home inspection, or title services of a Homes for Heroes provider, you can receive rebates that range between $50 (home inspection) and $500 (lender fees) on average.

  • If you sell your home with a Homes for Heroes real estate agent, you'll receive a 25% discount on the agent's gross commission at closing.

You don't have to exclusively use Homes for Heroes service providers. For example, if you want to work with a Homes for Heroes real estate agent but choose a different title insurance company, you can — you just won't get a rebate on the title services.

Homes for Heroes says home buyers and sellers who use its services save an average of $2,400. Closing costs average about 2% to 5% of the total purchase or refinance price of a home, so saving a couple thousand dollars certainly doesn't hurt. You'll just need to decide whether you're comfortable working with professionals provided to you by the Homes for heroes for Heroes network only.


Building Better and Brighter Lives

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Patriot Awards

Tune in to FOX Nation to Watch

Building  Homes for Heroes honored at the Patriot Awards!

How to watch:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 17 streaming live on Fox Nation at 8 p.m. EST
  • Sunday, November 21 on Fox News Channel at 10 p.m.
  • And on Thursday, November, 18th, catch Fox & Friends at 7 a.m. to watch an interview with our Founder!

Thank you so much to Fox for your amazing support!


300 Homes Soon!!!







Remembering our Heroes on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

In tribute and remembrance of the 20th anniversary of September 11th, this video is dedicated to the police officers, firefighters, and first responders who answered the call on 9/11, and the heroic servicemen and women who served to protect our freedom in its aftermath. Building Homes for Heroes made a promise to never forget, and we continue our mission in dedication to all those who served and sacrificed. Together, we are making our communities and country a better place for all to see.

The Claman Countdown Liz <a href=Spirit airlines phone number usa width="760" height="425">



ON SALE NOW! Buy any of the new limited edition (or old) #PIMPINJOY items to help us build a home for Army Sergeant Kristopher Biggs. 100% of the proceeds are going to Building Homes For Heroes to build the home for Sergeant Biggs.

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Help Support Liz Claman from Fox Business Raise Funds for our Heroes!

For the seventh year, a team from the FOX Business Network will be participating in the New York City Triathlon to raise money for Building Homes for Heroes. Liz Claman will put her athletic abilities on full display in support of our nation’s injured servicemen and women!

Click Here to Donate!

FDNY Boxing Team Supports our Heroes!

Fdny Boxing Buildinghomesforheroes

“Building Homes for Heroes Founder Andy Pujol and veterans Navy Petty Officer First Class Ryan Shannon, USMC Sergeant Greg Caron, USMC First Lieutenant James Byler and Army Specialist Craig Hall joined the FDNY Boxing Bravest Team for their annual boxing event at Madison Square Garden! The FDNY Boxing Team has donated nearly $200,000 to Building Homes for Heroes and we could not be more grateful for their wonderful support!.”

Special Forces Florida Veteran Shares His Story

The family of Army MSG George Vera, a Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star (4x) recipient who was injured in Afghanistan, shares his story.


Homes for Heroes Foundation

  • Every hero deserves a home.

    Members of our armed forces stood on guard for us, which is why we want to ensure every hero has a home. 

    As we prepare to unveil the Edmonton ATCO Veterans Village, Cameron Diggon, Homes For Heroes Foundation, reflects on the project's impact.


    Today and every day, we honour those who served to defend our freedom. In support of the Canadian military, we partnered with Homes For Heroes Foundation to provide safe housing for veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

    Every hero should have a home.

    Our journey to Evansdale, AB starts with Andy Ostrowski, ATCO Structures.

    To help provide a safe place to transition back into civilian life, we partnered with Homes For Heroes Foundation to build a tiny home village for veterans experiencing homelessness in Edmonton.

    New village in the community of Homes for heroes in Edmonton, Alberta

    Welcoming heroes home with Homes For Heroes Foundation

    Drawing on the success of Calgary’s ATCO Village, ATCO has teamed up once again with the Homes For Heroes Foundation​ to provide our expertise for their new project in Edmonton. ATCO helped design, build, manufacture, deliver and place the units on ATCO-supplied pile foundations.

    The new village houses 20 tiny homes for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. The tiny homes are approximately 290 square feet and come fully equipped with all the features of a larger home including a full kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, and a mechanical room. An office and a central amenity building can also be found on-site for residents to gather and socialize with each other.

    Each tiny home within the community is named after and in honour of one of our Canadian military heroes who died in combat. A plaque will be installed outside each home and members of the public will be encouraged to visit the community to learn more about these heroes.

    We look forward to welcoming 20 military heroes to their new homes in ATCO Veterans Village in the coming months.

    Groundbreaking Press Release

    ATCO Village: Calgary, Alberta north central ford staff

    In November 2019 we leveraged our expertise in modular housing to build ATCO Village, a community of 15 tiny homes in Calgary for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Building upon our long and proud history of supporting the Canadian homes for heroes, we partnered with the Homes For Heroes Foundation, the McCann Family Foundation and the Canadian Legacy Project to provide housing and a robust support system for veterans who are experiencing homelessness. The community formed by these homes features a resource centre, community gardens and memorials to Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

    ATCO provided our expertise in the design, build, manufacture, delivery and placement of units on ATCO-supplied pile foundations. These tiny homes showcase ATCO’s urban design capabilities and will provide a home our military heroes will be proud to call their own – a small gesture when measured against their herculean sacrifice. In total, we have committed a $1.5 million gift-in-kind donation homes for heroes support the Homes For Heroes Foundation.


    Date: Occupancy - November 2019

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Client: Homes For Heroes Foundation

    Square Footage: ~300 sq.ft. per unit

    Units: 15 units and a campus

    Features: Full kitchen and bathroom, queen-size bed/couch

    Category: Tiny Homes

    Download Brochure

    Homes for Heroes Bedroom
    Homes for Heroes Bathroom
    Homes for Heroes Living Room

    Curious about ATCO’s permanent modular construction services?

    Homes for heroes to Us

    A Very Merry Veterans Thank You - ATCO Christmas

    On Sunday, November 22, 2020, we celebrated ATCO Village’s one-year anniversary with a festive light display for the Village's veteran residents, complete with an ATCO employee drive-by to show our support and thanks.

    While extending a thank you to veterans during these challenging times is important, we also hoped to bring some cheer to all Calgarians, who were invited to enjoy the light display throughout the holiday season, while maintaining social distance.

    As an added holiday gift, ATCO matched $100,000 in donations made to Homes For Heroes Foundation in December 2020. This Foundation was homes for heroes in response to the growing number of military veterans who are facing crisis as they return to civilian life and find themselves on the path to homelessness.


Homes for Heroes Foundation Donates $7,500 to the NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund

December 17, 2019

Joanne Hilliard presented NVFC staff with a $7,500 donation from the Homes for Heroes Foundation for the NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation has donated $7,500 to the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund in order to assist volunteer firefighters and EMS providers in their time of need. The Support Fund provides a stipend to volunteer responders whose homes have been impacted by a large-scale disaster or home fire to help them meet basic needs in the aftermath of the disaster.

Since 2005, the Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund has homes for heroes over $600,000 to eligible volunteer homes for heroes whose homes have been damaged or destroyed due to floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, or other state or federally declared disasters. The NVFC recently expanded the fund to also assist responders who have had damage to their property due to a home fire. The fund relies entirely on donations from individuals, organizations, and companies, and 100 percent of contributions go directly to volunteers.

NVFC Chair Steve Hirsch was able to participate in the check presentation from the Homes for Heroes Foundation thanks to video chat.

“Volunteer firefighters and EMS providers put their lives on the line for their community, but they are also affected by the same disasters as everyone else,” said NVFC Chair Steve Hirsch. “Through the Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund, we can be there for these dedicated men and women when they need it most. We thank the Homes for Heroes Foundation for their commitment to giving back to those who serve. With this generous donation, we will be able to provide essential support to even more volunteer responders impacted by disasters.”

“The Homes for Heroes Foundation is proud to support these volunteer firefighters who give so much of themselves to our communities,” said Lisa Welsh, director of the Homes for Heroes Foundation. “This donation furthers our mission: to support heroes facing a housing crisis or in need of urgent financial assistance.”

Homes for Heroes is the largest national network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists, who have joined together to provide those who serve with significant savings on the purchase of a home. Since 2009, Homes for Heroes has helped over 33,000 firefighters, EMS providers, law enforcement, military, healthcare professionals, and teachers save over $54 million on their real estate transactions. In addition, the Homes for Heroes Foundation has donated over $692,000 to heroes in need.

Learn more about the NVFC Volunteer Firefighter Support Fund, make a donation, or apply for assistance at


Homes for Homes for heroes your Hero Rewards. NO Red Tape. No Hidden Fees. No Catch

Thank you for inquiring about the Homes for Heroes program and more importantly, thank you for your service. Your job requires you to sacrifice, serve, and help others throughout our community. My job is to help folks in our community when they homes for heroes buying or selling a house. When those folks are heroes (Firefighters/EMS, Healthcare Workers, Law Enforcement, Military, or Teachers) in our community, I proudly reward them through the Homes for Heroes program. Most heroes save an average of $1,500 when they buy or sell a home with Homes for Heroes. When you add additional savings from loan officers, title companies, home inspectors and other every day deals, the reward/savings is even more.

A house is one of your largest investment decisions you will make and I understand how important my role is in making that happen for you.

Want to learn more about how you can save money in your next real estate transaction? Watch this short video or visit my website today.


Building Homes for Heroes

To give back, BHH gifts up to 40 homes per year, offering them to wounded Veterans mortgage-free. Of those homes, 30-35 are renovated by the BHH team and five homes are constructed from the ground up. In addition, the non-profit also renovates 10 Veteran-owned homes to ensure their home provides a safe and comforting environment that supports their recovery.

Building Homes for Heroes’ Journey with Buildertrend

While building and modifying homes for Veterans is the core of the Building Homes for Heroes mission, the organization was on the search to find a tool that assisted with scheduling and project management.

James Rogers, director of development at BHH, attended the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla., shortly after BHH opened their second office. His goal at the show was to find a construction project management software that allows the organization to improve its project management process, utilizing a software more sophisticated than spreadsheets that offers enhanced collaboration capabilities. “Spreadsheets are volatile,” James added. “It only takes a couple clicks before you’ve accidentally erased the latest information without even knowing it.”

It was at the International Events Show that James discovered that Buildertrend’s features would allow BHH comenity capital bank credit card list keep a pulse on every moving part of the construction and events process, and enable streamlined communication across their two offices and the job site when the team is actively building and remodeling veterans homes. “Today, Buildertrend is a part of who we are and what we do as an organization,” said James. In fact, the organization mentions Buildertrend regularly in their day-to-day workflow, whether it’s discussing the status of various projects or social media content on Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool.

Favorite Features: Daily Logs + Photos

Since the organization has multiple offices and construction projects happening wherever they are building and remodeling homes for veterans, James found value utilizing Buildertrend’s Daily Logs tool. “When our organization began using Buildertrend, the Daily Logs tool allowed me to streamline internal communications across jose feliciano anthem construction projects where building is happening simultaneously,” said James. “The Daily Logs tool has saved our team a lot of time because status updates can easily be shared to everyone in the organization quickly,” he added.

The team at BHH also utilizes the Buildertrend Photo tool to keep veterans abreast of their home’s development. “Oftentimes, the home build is stressful for veterans, particularly if they’re waiting to move into their home or anticipating what their modified house will look like while recovering,” explained James. “Seeing the home’s progress through pictures certainly helps to ease any stress.”


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