sears home repair customer service phone number

Sears Home Services is the only nationally authorized Kenmore your Kenmore Dishwasher model number, call our Customer Service team. Sears Home Services Overview. U.S. News 360 Reviews takes an unbiased Sears home warranty customers can file a claim by phone or online. Sears farmed my home warranty to Cinch, and they support is horrible from both ends. customer service (77) home warranty (30) repair person (10).
sears home repair customer service phone number
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Is your home budget stretched to the max because of the high cost of home repairs? Repairs don’t have to break the bank—one way to curb on spending money on them is to have a home warranty that will cover repairs and replacement of home appliances and systems when they malfunction. Sears Home Warranty is a provider we looked at when considering all the options out there because the company is a nationally recognized and respected name in home appliances and repair services. 

Sears Home Warranty has been in business since 1999 and walmart to walmart hours near me three main plans to existing homeowners with add-on options available for an additional cost; there are no real estate plans available.

When reviewing and evaluating the home warranty options offered by Sears Home Warranty, we considered several factors including pricing, number and types of plans, claims, customer service, BBB rating and compared its services against other home warranty companies. Read on to see if Sears Home Warranty is the right choice for your needs.

Company Overview

Sears Home Warranty has been in business since 1999. The company headquarters is in Hoffman Est, Illinois. It offers three home warranty plans to homeowners with sears home repair customer service phone number add-on coverage available for an additional charge. Coverage is offered nationwide excluding Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Homeowner Plans

Appliance PlanSystems PlanWhole House PlanOptional Coverage
Refrigerator with icemakerCentral air conditionerRefrigerator with icemakerPool and/or Spa w/Heater
Built-in dishwasherCentral heatingBuilt-in dishwasherSeptic tank w/pumping
WasherPlumbing systemWasherStand-alone freezer
DryerWater heaterDryerSump pump
RangeWater softenerRangeWell pump
CooktopFaucets & toiletsCooktopCentral air conditioner
OvenGarbage disposalOvenCentral heating
Built-in microwavePlumbing stoppagesBuilt-in microwaveWater heater
Range exhaust fanElectrical systemRange exhaust fanWater softener
Built-in trash compactorCeiling fansBuilt-in trash compactorRefrigerator w/icemaker
Garage door openerCentral air conditionerClothes dryer
Central heatingClothes washer
Plumbing systemDishwasher (built-in)
Water heaterMicrowave (built-in)
Water softenerRange/cooktop/oven
Faucets & toiletsTrash compactor (built-in)
Garbage disposalWall oven
Plumbing stoppages
Electrical system
Ceiling fans
Garage door opener

Exclusions (Obtained from downloadable sample contract)

Some of the items excluded from Sears home warranty coverage are:

  • Mechanical failure of kitchen/laundry appliances, air conditioning system and heating system due to rust and corrosion unless the failure occurs after the agreement effective date and if the items were in proper operating condition the date the agreement started.
  • Automatic deodorizers; buckets; commercial units; damage to clothing; doors; door cables; door glass; door seals (other than for front load washers); 
  • Drawers; drip pans; exhaust fan not solely for venting range/cooktop fumes; filters and screens; food spoilage; standalone or self-contained sears home repair customer service phone number makers and ice/water dispensers; external water supply lines;
  • Independent telescoping range exhaust; interior lining; internal shelves; knobs and handles; light bulbs and fixtures; lock and key assemblies; 
  • Panels and/or cabinetry; racks; removable mini-tubs; rollers other than clothes dryer drum rollers; rooftop exhaust units; rotisseries and probes; secondary units; shelves; springs; 
  • Stand-alone freezers; structural components; timers and clocks (oven/range clock-timers are excluded unless failure prohibits normal cooking function); trays; dishwasher and trash compactor tubs; 
  • Venting; conditions of water flow restriction due to scale, minerals, and other deposits.
  • Chimneys, flues, and liners; cleaning and re-lighting of burners; concrete encased or inaccessible ductwork; concrete encased steam or radiant heating coils or lines; conditions of water flow restriction due to scale, minerals and other deposits;
  • Fossil fuel control systems and other energy management systems and controls; dampers; asbestos insulated ductwork or piping; electric baseboard heat unless primary heating system is in home.
  • Filters (including electronic/electrostatic and de-ionizing filter systems);
  • Fireplaces and their respective components and gas lines; free-standing or portable heating units;
  • Fuel storage tanks, lines, and filters; gas log systems, including gas feed lines; humidifiers; inaccessible water/steam lines leading to or from system; individual space heaters; maintenance and cleaning; panels and/or cabinetry;
  • Pressure regulators; radiant heating systems built into walls, floors or ceilings; registers and grills; secondary units; solar heating devices and components; and structural components;

Payout Caps/Limitations

Sears Home Warranty caps apply to repair or replacement of systems, appliances or components in excess of $10,000 due to a mechanical failure of a single, covered item. The cap per appliance is $1,000. The aggregate (limit) for all claims per contract term is $50,000.

Repair Time

With Sears Home Warranty, you can choose your own service date when filing a claim. Sears states in its warranty contract that it will strive to provide a referral to an approved independent service contractor within two hours after your claim is received during normal business working hours and within 24 hours for any claims made after hours or on holidays/weekends. Sears provides a 180-day guarantee on all covered repairs which is one of the best guarantees we’ve seen among home warranty companies.

Customer Service/Claims

To request service for replacement/repair of a covered item, call 1-855-256-2467 or you may submit a claim online on the website Both the customer service/claims phone number and website allow you to submit a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

BBB Rating

Sears Home Warranty has no rating with the BBB and does not have a BBB accreditation. It has a 1-out-of-5 star average rating. There is a current BBB alert for the parent company, Sears Holdings Corporation. You can read more about the BBB alert to see if you still feel comfortable signing up for up a plan.

While Sears has great brand recognition, it behooves homeowners to shop rates around to find the best deal.


The cost of Sears Home Warranty plans are $49.99/month to $69.99/month. Each plan includes a deductible fee per service of $75 (Appliance Plan) or $100 (Systems Plan and Whole House Plan). Sears home repair customer service phone number plans include two free preventive maintenance check-ups each year: one heating system check-up and one cooling system check-up. Pricing and benefits may vary by state.

We compared plan prices from several states and all the ones we checked (California, New York, Missouri, Oregon, Louisiana, and Florida) had the same pricing: Appliance Plan $49.99; Systems Plan $59.99; and Whole House Plan $69.99. In addition to their base plans, optional coverage for certain appliances can also be added to the plan for a fee.

The Competition: Sears Home Warranty vs. AFC Home Club (America’s 1st Choice)

Sears Home Warranty and AFC Home Club (America's 1st Choice) both offer multiple plans along with additional coverage options. Both companies also offer nationwide coverage with the exception of a few states. AFC offers homeowners home warranty plans and home warranty plans for real estate professionals while Sears only offers its home warranty plans to existing homeowners. The costs of AFC’s plans range from $400 to $700 yearly while Sears’ plans range from $600 to $850 yearly. AFC Home Club has a “B” rating, while Sears has no official rating. Likewise, AFC Home Club is BBB accredited while Sears Home Warranty is not.

Final Verdict

Sears is a trusted name in home appliances and repair services. It has three homeowner plans designed to fit most home budgets and could be a good choice to consider when searching for home repair coverage. If you're looking for a real estate plan, however, you will need to look elsewhere.


There are several aspects to think about in choosing a home warranty plan. To help readers pick the plan that works best for them, we developed a methodology for reviewing home warranties. A quantified scoring system, we evaluate plan pricing, exclusions, payout caps, repair times, and terms, comparing them to other carriers across the industry. Third-party ratings and customer satisfaction scores are factored in to help assess an insurer's overall quality and value.

Model: CN-350, CN-350A, CN-350B, CN-350SH,CN-325,DCN-325-85L

sears home repair customer service phone number Sears Home Warranty

Featured Review

We had a power outage of 18 hours here in Texas. When the power returned, our air conditioner didn't come on. I called Sears and was told to use the online scheduling tool and found the first available appointment was more than 2 weeks out. I called and after a lot of hassle got to talk to a live person.

Initially they said they couldn't help but when I insisted, they put me on hold and a super nice gentleman by the name of Christopher referred me to a fairly local (about a 45 minute drive) a/c repair company. When I called them, they could not have been nicer - even though it was six o'clock in the evening, they sent a couple of repairmen out and had us up and running by 7:30 that same evening.

Their name is Cool Effects by Larry out of Cooper, Texas and I could not have asked for more from them. And the reason we bought the warranty in the first place was because our ice maker stopped making ice several months ago and we were advised that we could save half the amount of repair and parts if we had the warranty. Super friendly, knowledgeable repair man as was the gentleman who came out and did our free spring a/c maintenance. I know there are a lot of negative reviews but my review is all positive.

Audri M. Cumby, TX

After signing up and paying for 2 months of coverage, I filed a claim when my microwave stopped working. I provided my account number, address, etc., and was told I didn’t exist in their system. Evidently Sears’ records showed my old address.

When I tried to update my address, I was told it was impossible to update an address on their system. (How is that possible?) The salesman offered to sign me up again, under the correct address, and I agreed to that, with the assumption that Sears would waive the 30-day waiting period (since I had already paid for two months of coverage).

No, the salesman explained, I would have to start all over, and pay another $100+ and wait 30 days for coverage to start.

I waited on Hold interminably and spoke to a long list of customer service people, none of whom could solve the problem or explain how their computer system cannot allow updated addresses. It’s a HOME WARRANTY policy, but they can’t manage home addresses???

I finally cancelled the policy, unable to get a refund for the $100+ I’d foolishly spent on this home warranty program. Sears home repair customer service phone number hindsight, I regret being talked into the warranty in the first place. Perhaps you can learn from my mistake.

Lisa C. Kokomo, IN

Been trying to get sears home repair customer service phone number appliance repaired since 2019. Total of 8 different techs have come out to my home.claimed the appliance is unrepairable and needs to be replaced.

Been trying since June to get replacement.transferred to different people.all say escalating to team lead. Total ** and scam.Been calling in weekly since July to resolve.

R H. sears home repair customer service phone number Birmingham, AL

BEWARE Sears home repair customer service phone number NOT USE. I've had a claim on my Kenmore Elite Microwave since May 2021 as of 11-16-2021 still not fixed. I have had 3 different technicians come out to try and fix.

They recommend replacement but the last technician took a part of my microwave on my table and did not put it all back together, he ordered the part And when it came in he came back to fix told us it was done.

As he left my wife opened the door to the microwave pieces pieces fell on her. Cannot get anybody to come back out. Total rip off of the company.

sears home repair customer service phone number Robert K. Phoenix, AZ

The technician came on October 1, 2021 at our request to fix the ignitor on our gas oven. He said if we'd purchase the home warranty, we'd get a discount on this visit & coverage on our other appliances so we fell for his hard sale & purchased it before he looked at the oven.

He had an ignitor in his vehicle & replaced ours with that. There was immediately a loud popping noise & flash of light. Upon examination, when he put the new ignitor on, it blew up the control panel & now they say they don't have that part anymore.

They are supposed to be refunding us for the service call but we now have an unfixable oven. The warranty people say now there sears home repair customer service phone number a 30 day waiting period & they won't replace our oven.

Virtually everyone we've spoken to has agreed that we are being treated unfairly but they have to transfer us to another department & we have to go through the whole scenario again with the same result.

If we don't get this resolved immediately, we will be going to file a claim against both Sears Home warranty & Sears. The model number of the oven is 91130169791 & our policy # is **.

Jerry M. Paragould, AR

Beware! This will be the worst service you will ever experience. My refrigerator was still warm the very same afternoon the repairman left. When I called to have him come back out to finish the job I was told he'll be back out in 10 days, even though I had paid him $500 dollars.

Talking to their customer service is a big run around and you will need perseverance to deal with these people. They told me that I would be able to cancel but when I tried, they told me I would have to pay $150. Just a warning, this will be THE WORST customer service you will ever encounter.

Muriel K. Kihei, HI

Beware. We have had the Sears Home Warranty for a few years now. At every step of the way it has been a complete waste. Sears claims that you can cancel anytime, however, that has not been the case.

We have on multiple occasions across multiple months attempted to cancel, but these requests have not gone through and they don't even have a record of the request. Moreover, our warranty has been automatically each year without any advance or post-facto notice.

It's outrageous and feels like a scam. I would not not recommend this service at all. We will continue to try to cancel our warranty.

Anna B. Freeport, ME

Everything bad you have read about Sears Home Warranty is true but can be worse! We have a Sears refrigerator that we purchased as a replacement for one they couldn't repair. It has had to be repaired at least six times for the compressor, the ice-maker, and the motor within the last 9 months.

Now, the refrigerator shut down again on Oct. 18th and they tell us that they can't schedule a repairman to come until Nov. 22nd. This is outrageous but typical of the type of response you can expect from them. Suggest that you stay away from Sears.

Harry M. Philadelphia, PA

I have a Home Warranty with them. Generally, in the past, I used to have good experiences with their claim services. Not anymore! Now, they are like a totally different business entity in an extremely bad way.

Under the name Sears, 3-4 different sublet-companies handle a claim, passing the buck to each other, showing a total lack of any honesty/integrity - no kidding. You have to experience it to believe it! I am looking for a better company. Hopefully, I could find one.

Jeremiah R. sears home repair customer service phone number Chicago, IL

Too computerized letting customers know they don't matter. Too hair splitting. They would not repair or replace my oven. The problem changed as I talked with different reps, and sometimes even within one conversation.

It's either mechanical or not mechanical but structural. When I asked what structural meant the rep explained that if a refrigerator motor went sears home repair customer service phone number, that was covered, but if the door was faulty, that was structural and not covered because the door was not integral to the operation of the refrigerator.

They leave you on hold too long. The rep above called me to discuss the dispute email I made. The call is ongoing as I type. I've been on hold for half an hour total call time 55 minutes and counting.

Too random. They send whoever, whatever company, is next on their list in your area. Too inconsistent. One time they didn't show up at all. I had to call to reschedule. One time they showed up 5 hours early.

Too impersonal. They send out text messages asking if the job was done to your satisfaction before the job is done. Or they want to know if the tech showed up.

They should check that on their end and not use that tech if they don't trust them that much. It's been a hour and 2 minutes now. I'm hanging up.

Me L. Riverside, CA
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Model: CN-350, CN-350A, CN-350B, CN-350SH,CN-325,DCN-325-85L Model: CN-350, CN-350A, CN-350B, CN-350SH,CN-325,DCN-325-85L

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