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petra solano outfits shorts. like to wear outfits that speak volumes about their easygoing, fuss-free personality. Mar 27, 2020 · Sagittarius: Petra Solano, Jane The Virgin. Brand new Mia Solana lace wedding dress. Purchased at LUV bridal in San Diego in May 2021. Size 18. Tags still attached and no alterations made.

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Petra solano clothes
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Mia Solano Petra

The Dress

Brand new Mia Solana lace wedding dress. Purchased at LUV bridal in San Diego in May 2021. Size 18. Tags still attached and no alterations made.

The detail is beautiful…lace overlay with beading and floral detail on the bodice. The train is just enough to flow down but not overwhelming. The corset back is nice satin and is absolutely beautiful when done up.

Dress was brand new in store (literally taken out of sealed shipping box) and tried on once in store. Has remained in garment bag hangin in wardrobe since purchase. Wedding has been cancelled due to COVID international travel restrictions (I’m American, he’s British, and we had to elope instead!).

I’m 5’9” and usually wear a size 10 (with some fluctuation up and down) and it fit really well both at the weight when I tried on the dress and after dropping 12 pounds. It is lace up corset style so it adjusts to sizing without much need for alteration. Built in bra (I’m 38DD and was well supported). There are detachable lace drape sleeves (see first picture) which snap on and off depending on how you want to wear it (my plan was to use them for the ceremony and then remove them for the reception).


JR & Petra


Together/In love (endgame)


1st — JR breaks up with Petra after she learns that Petra did push Anezka (although Petra didn't know the balcony was loose), a lie which immunized Petra from ever getting prosecuted again and cost JR her license to practice law.
2nd - JR gets a job offer in Houston, and sees it as an opportunity to have a fresh start. The fresh start cannot be fulfilled with Petra in JR's life, and she breaks up with her.


1st — JR saves Petra's life by shooting Miloš
2nd - JR and Petra realize that they can't live without each other, and reunite.

Petramosis a relationship on Jane the Virgin, portrayed by Yael Grobglasand Rosario Dawson.


They first got together while Jane Ramos was Petra's lawyer during the investigation into Anežka's death.[1] They start dating after they believe the case is finally closed.[2] However, in the season 4 finale, Jane Ramos becomes furious and breaks up with Petra after finding out she lied about her involvement in Anežka's death to protect her daughters Anna and Ellie.[3] They reunite after JR decides to forgive her and Petra promises to never lie to her again.[4] Despite moving past it and growing close once more, JR she ends their relationship after getting a job offer in Houston and deciding she needs a fresh start.[5] They reunite again after Rafael contacts JR and she tells Petra she still loves her and haven't stopped thinking about her.[6]


Season 4

When Anežka falls off of the balcony during an argument with Petra in her suite at The Marbella and dies, Petra's brought in to the police station for suspected murder. Although she insists that she won't be a person of interest since it was in self-defense, her ex Rafael Solano convinces her to hire a lawyer. She is immediately put off when she realizes her assistant's hired a lawyer named Jane. During their meeting, Petra again dismisses that she needs a lawyer. When Jane contradicts her, Petra arrogantly asserts that she noticed how rich Petra is and is only after a drawn-out, lucrative case. Jane doesn't take any of Petra's crap, tells her exactly how Petra's case will proceed and walks out saying she's not interested in the case. Petra's a little unsteadied by how her iron will doesn't seem to affect JR, and how the latter is very strong and direct, while JR seems to read Petra easily.[1]

Once the police show up, things progressing exactly as JR said they would, Petra asks Krishna to get her back at any cost. JR returns and Petra thanks her for returning, but JR's dismissive as Petra called her a hack. Petra gets emotional and explains her situation, how she feels she has no one to lean on. JR seems to like that Petra let her guard down and showed her true self, but doesn't let on. She takes Petra's case, but later talks to someone who clearly knows Petra, about the next step now that she's Petra's attorney.[1] While they continue working together, Petra's irked by Jane's name and asks to call her JR, which JR declines. When Petra persists, JR agrees only if she can call her Peter. When texting with whoever she's working with, Petra gets momentarily suspicious and JR tells Petra about her mother's early onset Alzheimer's. Petra decides to help JR out and asks Krishna to get JR's mother in with a top specialist via her connections at the hospital where he works. JR drops by to thank Petra with a bottle of wine and Petra's tipsy from trying to write a book. JR doesn't think it's a good idea to publish a book whilst under investigation. She asks what Petra will write about Anežka and Petra says she'll need more wine for that.[7]

Petra – “You're gonna make that whole murder thing go away because I didn't do it. You do know that, right? Because you have to trust me if you want to be my lawyer”
Jane – “Did you see that on TV, too?”
Petra – “No. - Maybe.”
— Tipsy[src]

They have wine together and casually bicker about Jane not wanting to go by JR. Jane pokes Petra a bit about why she's so fixated on Jane Villanueva and Petra suddenly reveals why and starts crying. JR gives her advice on how Petra can deal with her conflict with Jane V. Petra thanks JR for her help and in return gets her the blueprints to the hotel and calls her Peter. Whoever JR's working with, JR questions about Petra's nature, as she seems to think Petra can't be a bad person.[7] The police recreate the scene with the blueprints and find Anežka's balcony had screws missing, so they're bringing Petra in for questioning. Petra learns this from JR and is horrified to think that Petra actually killed Anežka. Petra does some research and finds out her mother checked out a Mueller screwdriver at the hotel on the day Anežka died, specific to the screws missing. When the janitor mentions that Magda was with her twin daughters that day, Petra is terrified and excuses herself. JR finds her in the stairwell, crying, and Petra confides in JR how scared she is for her girls' safety because of Magda.[8]

She was with my daughters. How did she get to my daughters?
— Petra cries and JR comforts her

In that moment, JR realizes that Petra isn't guilty and she tells Petra that she will fix it, and that they need to rehearse what Petra will say during questioning. Furious, JR returns to her office and texts the person she's working with that Petra isn't guilty. When she gets a non-committal response, JR writes that easthampton savings bank com out and smashes the phone with her heel. JR accompanies Petra to the police station, informing her of the procedure and imbuing her with confidence that she'll be okay. An hour later, JR's petra solano clothes with Petra's strength during questioning. She tells Petra that they'll hopefully drop any investigation of Petra and they'll be done, which Petra doesn't seem to want to be. She thanks JR, who responds by calling her Pete. They share a moment where JR walks away and cheekily turns around, teasing Petra who smiles and laughs. When JR reaches her car she finds another phone with a threat, that someone broke in and planted and she's scared. Petra has a dream that JR comes by to give her petra solano clothes that she's free of the case and then they have sex. Petra wakes with a start and is surprised.[8]

I am going to get you off, Petra
— JR to Petra and Jane[9]

Petra's arrested for Anežka's murder and both Jane and JR show at the station, meeting for the first time, where JR kinda sizes Jane up. As Petra comes out, Jane goes to hug her and Petra, nervous about seeing JR for the first time, robotically motions her arm forward to shake JR's hand and curtly thanks her for getting Petra out on bail, while JR's somewhat mystified. JR later waits in Petra's office, nervous, and upon Petra's arrival tells Petra that she needs to confess something. Petra responds that JR's scaring her and JR relays how, years back when she worked at the DA's office, she tampered with evidence to win a client's case — a girl who shot her abuser and would've gone to prison, because the system sucks. Weeks prior JR got an e-mail from someone who knows what JR did and blackmailed her into 'evening the scales' and gets someone guilty sent to prison. Petra's both hurt and feels betrayed that someone she finally could consider an ally, wasn't. She throws JR walmart money card number and tells her she'll have her disbarred.[9]

When talking to the ABA, Petra hangs up once she realizes that the blackmailer can't be Magda and she takes a meeting with JR in her penthouse about it. Petra goes back to stone-faced coldness and tells JR she doesn't trust her and that JR will need to get the screws ruled inadmissible in court by any means necessary, underlining her perception of JR now as someone who's willing to act illegally. JR agrees to do it and later returns pay tcf credit card Petra having done the job. Petra's in a different mode surprised that JR managed it and asks if the reasoning is true, which JR alludes to it isn't. JR restates that she will get Petra cleared and Petra suddenly resumes her chilliness. They decide to smoke out the blackmailer.[9]

Petra visits JR's office and freaks out about not having heard anything yet. JR puts her hands and Petra's shoulders and tries to calm her down, telling her they're in this together. Later, Petra leaves JR a new burner phone with a message pretending to be the blackmailer to test her loyalty. When JR agrees to the meeting, Petra shows up to confronts her but when she arrives, JR kisses her and she petra solano clothes her back before JR tells her she's being followed and to get in the car. She explains she she didn't reach out to her because she was followed and didn't want Petra to mess anything up. JR takes Petra's hand but explains the blackmailer is still watching. JR tells her they'll pretend she had to seduce her after she got suspicious. Petra questions if they the blackmailer will actually believe she was seduced but JR states she was pretty into that kiss so she shouldn't worry. Petra claims she wasn't but struggles to argue. When a text from JR makes Petra giggle, Jane questions who that was and teases her for having a crush.[10]

JRI'm also your lawyer.
PetraThat wouldn't be the first line you've crossed.
―Before sleeping together.[src]

JR and Petra sits down ruling out people who could be the blackmailer. Petra asks if she wants to stay over to go over anything, doubling down by starting they need to sell the lie that Petra is into her. JR claims the tongue she slipped her during their kiss was pretty compelling but Petra assures her she only did that because she knew she had a plan. JR states that's good because she's not interested in being with a straight woman but Petra then tells her she's been with several women and moves closer. They kiss and start taking their chase bank chicago off. After sleeping together, Petra admits she's actually never been with a woman before but JR states she already knew that. JR says she has to leave and Petra says she's got a lot to do to which turns awkward when room service turns up with breakfast for two.[10]

So listen, if you ever get wrongfully accused of murder again, hit me up.
— JR to Petra before leaving[11]

The next day, Petra turn up very dressed-up at JR's office but JR sates her mom's there. Petra asks her if she wants to meet up at her place to strategize but JR tells her that last night was a one-time thing. Petra laughs it off but JR questions why she's so dressed-up. Petra claims she has a meeting after this and she has nothing to do with it. Later, Petra becomes convinced her ex-husband, Miloš is the blackmailer although JR assures her he's still in prison. They soon figure out the blackmailer is actually Petra's assistant Krishna and record her confession. JR tells Petra the DA will drop the charges and leaves. Petra runs after her but ends up just saying she just forgot her pen. She looks on longingly when she leaves.[11]

Petra – “This is so not me! All of it! I don't obsess about what I'm wearing or overanalyze text messages, or stalk anyone. I get stalked. I've been stalked multiple times. I mean, I've been kidnapped, twice!”
JR – “I'm sorry, are you bragging about being kidnapped?”
Petra – “I don't know what I'm doing. I have no idea what the hell is going on with me. Except that I like you. Okay? And it's not just about the sex, clearly[2]

Petra practices asking JR out in the mirror but settles for sending her a text, asking how she is and later asking her to meet up. After asking Rafael for advice, Petra sets up a romantic date at the Marbella but when JR gets there she claims she only did it to get her back into bed again. JR tells her they're not right for each other and that Petra's not her type before politely leaving for a date. Petra ends up going after her in her car, obsessing over not being her type. Petra sees her meeting up with her date but just when she's starting to leave, she accidentally bumps into the car behind her, triggering the alarm and getting JR's attention. She confronts her and although she initially tries to claim she just happened to be there she eventually admits she followed and then exclaims how she normally doesn't obsess over people like this and don't know what has gotten into her before leaving. Petra wallows in bed eating pickles when suddenly JR comes by. She tells her she was impressed by what she did and that she is a lot more attractive when she's being vulnerable than acting cold. Petra tells her that she really likes her and JR goes in for a kiss.[2]


After JR accidentally runs into the twins after having stayed the night, Rafael, their father, asks Petra to invite her for drinks with him and Jane (Villanueva) to get to know her. After the initial awkwardness, JR starts to bond with Rafael but doesn't like Jane. Later, Jane tries to get close to her again when they run into each other by the hotel elevator but fails to connect. JR questions why she's so insistent on getting along and she tells her she's really important to Petra before giving up and leaving. Later, Petra apologizes for Jane's behavior and JR admits she was more freaked out about the fact that Jane seemed to know how Petra felt about her more than she did. Petra says she didn't want to scare her away and tells her it's hard to be straight-forward, especially considering she didn't seem to want to know her kids. JR tells her she'd love to meet them, as long as they're serious, prompting Petra to tell her she wants them to be serious.[12]


JR gets a call that a new eye-witness has come forward against Petra; her mother Magda who claims she saw Petra murder Anežka in cold blood.[12] Three weeks later, JR gets the chance to sit down with her and becomes suspicious when she says she saw Petra petra solano clothes her heel after pushing Anežka. She tells Petra about it who becomes upset that she doubts her and shows her she still has the shoes before asking her to get out. Later, JR tells Petra she came clean to the DA about what she did and how she was blackmailed to work against Petra, resulting in her getting disbarred and the case being dismissed with prejudice. Petra is moved and kisses her.[13]

Look, I didn't expect to feel like this about you. But here we are, and I'm in love with you.
— JR to Petra[3]

Petra asks JR if she wants to move in with her at the Marbella while she's still struggling with her. JR admits she doesn't want to do anything out of convenience because she's in love with her. Petra is stunned but later tells her she loves her too and JR agrees to move in. However, their happiness is wanetta gibson 2018 as the heel of Petra's shoe breaks when JR is playing fashion show with the twins and she realizes it has been repaired and Magda was telling the truth. Petra finally admits she did push Anežka, but only did it after she threatened her children. Petra begs her to stay but JR tells her they're done and she never wants to see her again, leaving Petra heart-broken. On her way out, JR gets a call from Krishna who tells her she only pretended being the blackmailer after they threatened her family and she now believes Petra is in danger. JR rushes back and blocks the real blackmailer from shooting Petra, shooting him in the process.[3]

Season 5

It turns out the man JR shot was Miloš who wanted revenge on Petra. She's just about to call the police when he reveals he owns two thirds of the hotel and offers to give her the shares in exchange for his freedom. JR gets upset when Petra seems to consider the offer, claiming this is exactly why they can't be together. While they argue, Miloš manages to get away. Later, they call the police who assures Petra that Miloš won't get anywhere near the hotel. JR starts to leave and Petra tries to stop her but to no avail. Soon, Petra finds Miloš hiding in the hotel and he offers him a deal; he'll give her his shares in exchange for antibiotics for his gun-wound. She agrees but while he is in the middle of signing them over, the police comes in and she reveals she only pretended to agree to buy time, showing she learnt something from JR. While Petra is cleaning tyra moore first anal, JR comes by to pick up her stuff and Petra begs her to give her another chance. She tells her she's changed a lot since meeting her and will change more but JR says that's not enough and leaves.[14]

Wait stop! I love you.
— Petra trying to convince JR to stay[14]

JR told Petra not to contact her but she admitted to Jane that she really missed and wanted to get in touch. She adviced her to "accidentally" butt-dial her.[15] The plan worked and she texted her but she obsessed over what to reply. She got drunk with Jane and ended up sending her a long message about how she had changed and couldn't live without her. JR agreed to see her later that day but when she was about to leave Magda handcuffed herself to Petra. Despite being cuffed to her mother, Petra dragged herself to JR's apartment and swore that she would never lie to her again. Magda started telling JR some of the bad stuff Petra's done to discourage her but Petra owed up to them and and told her living without her was her worst nightmare. JR admitted that she has missed her every day since they broke up and they kissed. [4]


Petra felt bad about JR losing her license and now having to work as a bartender. She asked her to stay the night after her shift but JR asked her to take it more slow. Later, JR found an email on Petra's phone to Miloš claiming she would not testify against him in exchange for his hotel shares. However, Petra was adamant that she hadn't emailed him do bank of america checking accounts earn interest set out to prove it when JR didn't believe her. She eventually found proof that she was elsewhere when the email was sent which she showed to JR who believed her but told her she couldn't go on petra solano clothes that and for them to work she needed her to trust her. JR admitted that after everything that happened before, she still felt she couldn't trust her and found it hard to feel safe with her. Petra looked hurt but vowed to work harder to make her feel safe.[16]

When Petra meets JR's close friend Leona she tries her best to make a good impression but Leona remains unimpressed. Petra tells JR that she would lie to get to know her life more so she invites her to come along to a gay nightclub with her friends. In order to impress her friends and prove that she's not stuck-up, Petra gets up on stage to dance in order to win a bottle of champagne. Although her other friends looks amused and JR looks on and smiles, Leona remains unimpressed. Afterwards, Petra talks to her again, presenting her with the can of beer, the prize for second place, but when she dismisses it Petra confronts her, asking her what her problem is. Leona tells her she blames her for breaking her best friends heart and losing her career. Back at the hotel, JR asks Petra what Leona said to her and claims she needs to back off but Petra stops her, saying she's only being a good friend by looking after her and that she'll come around once she sees how much Petra's changed and how happy she is going to make her. JR looks touched and tells Petra she wants to stay over tonight before they kiss.[17]

Okay this is super hot, but I have to ask, why are we in a closet?
— JR to Petra as they make out in a closet to avoid the cameras[18]

However, the moment is interrupted by the twins screaming, claiming a man was in their room[17] and Petra sets up cameras to catch the intruder. Later, she and JR have a moment on the couch when suddenly a laser is pointed at JR's forehead. Petra believes there is a sniper but gets a call from security revealing it was Anna and Ellie who pointed a laser at them. Petra confronts them and they reveal that they were trying to scare JR in order to break them up. They reveal that they saw her with the gun the night Miloš broke in and think she's a bad guy. Petra tells JR that she needs to prioritize her children and thus end thing since they're scared to be around her. JR admits she hasn't put in enough effort with the girls since they got back together and asks to at least try to connect with them first.[18]

You fought petra solano clothes us, time and time again. Now it's my turn
— JR to Petra about getting to know the twins[18]

The girls start to warm up to JR so Petra proposes she spend some alone time with them. However, when she takes them out for ice cream the situation turns to chaos when the girls start fighting and throwing ice cream around until JR ends up screaming at them. Petra is furious that JR screamed at her children but after talking to Jane realizes that she might have overreacted and that they should talk about her role in her kids' life. She finds her and apologizes, asking them to talk about it. JR opens up about feeling she had no control over them but Petra admits it's not that easy for her either. JR tells her she just feels they are so entitled. When she grew up they could barely afford rent which is why she never wanted kids and just wanted to take care of herself and focus on her career but now that's gone and she feels like she is at rock-bottom. Petra admits that she's right about them being spoiled, admitting that's probably her way of making up for her own bad childhood. She says she wishes she could petra solano clothes her not feel like she's at rock-bottom but JR claims she already is and they kiss. Later, when the girls refuses to put on their shoes, JR manages to get them to put them on by threatening to take away their iPad. Petra and JR are playing with the Anna and Ellie when suddenly JR gets a phone-call. She reveals her mentor has found her an job-opportunity, but the job is in Houston.[19]

She broke up with me, and I feel like someone cut out a piece of my heart
— Petra to Jane[5]

When JR flies out for her interview in Houston, Petra does her best to support her and not get in the way of her happiness by making it clear if it comes to that they can do long-distance, although she admits to Jane that she's terrified about what will happen. A few days later, JR returns with the news that she got the job but also that she got an offer from the Florida immigrant commission. However, she gets upset when Petra reveals she was the one sending them the recommendation. Later, Petra apologizes for overstepping but JR admits she overreacted and looking for a fight. She tells her that the time she spent away made her realize how much she needs a fresh start. Petra is disappointed but assures her they can make long-distance work. However, JR states she needs a complete fresh start, which she can't have with Petra still there, reminding her of what happened. Petra is left heartbroken and is comforted by Jane to whom she revealed that she had bought an engagement ring, planning to propose.[5]

Petra – “My lawyers can't stop Miloš from selling the hotel.”
Jane – “Well, you've found ways around that kind of thing before, right?”
Petra – “Yes, but that would involve lying and I can't do that anymore because. [.] 'Cause JR changed me, made me wanna be a freaking good person who deserves her.”
— JR's influence on Petra[src]

She spent the coming weeks heartbroken, crying on Jane's shoulder. Jane convinced her to return the ring in order to move on. She started burying herself in work, wanting to remodel The Marbella in order to distract herself from JR as everything around her reminded her of her, although Jane convinced her bankrupting herself wasn't the best way to go about it.[20] After worrying that JR was dating someone new, Jane convinces Petra to go out and meet someone. Although she is unenthusiastic, Jane convinces her to give it a shot and she ends up creating a dating profile.[21]

And I know it's corny but my mom just died and. I've been thinking about you so much lately. Honestly, I never stopped loving you and I jus-
— JR to Petra, before being interrupted by a kiss[6]

However, instead of focusing on her love life, Petra got even more focused on her work and became convinced she wasn't meant to couple up, insisting her commitment to The Marbella was enough for her.[22][6] Petra finds out JR's mother has died and she will be in Miami for her funeral. She considers going to "pay her respects" but Rafael convinces her she isn't going for the right reasons and a funeral is the wrong place to try to win her back. She ends up sending flowers instead.[22] However, in time for his wedding to Jane, Rafael calls JR and tells her that Petra still has feelings for. She shows up just before the ceremony and declares that she still has feelings for her. They reunite and share a passionate kiss.[6]


coming for you

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If you aren’t already watching Jane the Virgin, I highly recommend you catch up before the show comes to an end. (The last episode is slated for May 22.) Why watch? Not only does the show offer romance (both sweet and, well, smoldering), nail-biting drama, and plenty of laughs, it also features some incredible fashion looks.

We previously covered how to get protagonist Jane Villanueva’s signature style. While I obviously love Jane (she’s basically a saint), one of my favorite characters has to be Petra Solano (played by Yael Grobglas), the manipulative ex-wife of Rafael (the guy whose sperm Jane accidentally gets inseminated with). 

Although Petra comes off as an ice-cold, snobby, and conniving rhymes-with-witch (although once you meet her awful mother Magda, you kind of get why she’s the way she is), she’s a very capable businesswoman and turns out to have a vulnerable side. Some of the best comedy in the show arises from how awkward the normally poised Petra becomes when she tries to be nice. On top of all that, Petra’s style is totally killer. 

Petra’s Style 101

Petra is often underestimated by other characters, perhaps because her soft, feminine style belies her razor sharp intellect and fierce attitude. She favors classic pieces like sheath dresses and well-tailored blazers, but in pastel or jewel tones and in drapey fabrics that hug her body. She’s also got an impressive collection of rompers and tailored shorts. No matter what, she always looks incredibly polished, with perfectly coiffed hair.  

According to WornOnTV, Petra’s wardrobe comes from higher-end brands like Ted Baker, Club Monaco, Vince, French Connection, Cynthia Vincent, and BCBGMaxAzria. Here’s how you can get that Miami millionaire hotelier look without spending like Petra! 


Petra is all about stylish pieces that she can also wear to work. While rompers might not be workplace-appropriate at formal offices, they are great for casual and fashion-forward workplaces. They’re simple in design but incredibly practical. You don’t have to wear about constantly tucking them in or even finding a top and bottom to match.

Petra especially loves pastel rompers because they fit that quintessential Miami vibe and are very girly. They’re the perfect choice for the spring and summer!

Products (from left): Old Navy, Pink Lily, Gap

Ruffle Dresses

Petra loves classic dresses that move just as gracefully as she does. Ruffle dresses are among her signature pieces and she wears them for every type of occasion. Whether she’s going to a business meeting at the Marbella or out to dinner with JR, she rocks ruffles!

Ruffles are also a staple of every preppy girl. They’re so timeless and ladylike and I adore buying ruffled pieces for my wardrobe.

The dresses below would all be Petra picks for sure:

Products (from left): French Connection (Bloomingdales), ASOS, Venus

High-Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are such a classic design. They were all the rage throughout the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and for a good reason. They’re classically feminine, comfortable, and perfect for warm weather.

Petra loves experimenting with different varieties of high-waisted shorts. Whether her shorts have a fun scalloped design, bright floral print or maybe a classic solid color, Petra rocks them!

Products (from left): Revolve, J.Crew Factory, Tobi

Strappy Heeled Sandals

If you read our last article on Jane, you’ll note that strappy heeled sandals are something these two lovely ladies have in common. They both love fabulous footwear that’s stunning and perfectly fit for the warm Miami weather!

Petra especially loves gladiator style sandals which look so great on her. They remind the world how fierce she really is.

Products (from left):Milanoo, Express, Forever 21

Tote Bags

Petra is a BUSY lady. She runs the Marbella, is a devoted mother, and is in a relationship with JR. Plus she handles all the drama on the show and manages to look fabulous while doing it! Naturally, a woman this busy needs the perfect bag to hold all of her essentials as she rushes around.

Tote bags are large and you can fit everything in them from makeup to laptops and notebooks. They’re stylish accessories that are perfect for daily use, and they’re 100% Petra-approved.

Products (from left):Sam Edelman (Nordstrom Rack), Hat Attack (Zappos), Aldo (DSW)

What do you think?

Do you watch Jane the Virgin? What do you think of Petra’s style? What’s your favorite thing she’s worn? What other characters give you wardrobe envy? Are you excited about the last season? Let me know in the comments!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in 2016; it was completely updated and revamped in 2019 with new photos, items, and information.


All Hail Petra Solano, 'Jane the Virgin' Style Icon and Formal Shorts Spokeswoman

From the moment Jane the Virgin premiered in 2014, the CW telenovela immersed the audience in a candy-colored world whose vibrant pinks, blues, and creams provided a welcome relief from the literal darkness that continues to pervade so much of modern television. As fans fell in love with the show, they also fell in love with its world, dreaming of staying at the crisp, inviting Marbella, with its signature turquoise and white decor, or of settling in on garden grove water bill pay online Villanueva's well-worn red couch to watch the latest episode of The Passions of Santos. While we will sadly never get to inhabit these spaces, there is one aspect of Jane's aspirational world that is delightfully tangible: the wardrobe.

The show, from creator Jennie Snyder Urman, may be larger than life (Murder! Amnesia! Hyperrealistic human masks!), but the beauty of Jane's costume design, led by Rachel Sage Kunin, is that the characters' wardrobes are always attainable but with a little extra oomf, thanks to Sage Kunin's smart styling and strategic use of color. Every character on this show dresses sharp and has their own unique style, but there is one character whose style stands above the rest: that of the melted ice queen Petra Solano (Yael Grobglas).

In the five years Jane has been on the air, Petra has developed into a fashion icon for viewers who want to capture the essence of the shrewd hotelier who hides her vulnerability almost as much as she hides her Czech accent. Grobglas credits the love of Petra's style in part to the style of clothing Petra favors -- sheath dresses, chic button-ups, and bright blazers -- being flattering for many different body types, but she also thinks it's because of what Petra, and her clothes, represent: "She can be feminine and powerful and it shows that it's not two separate things," the actress told TV Guide.

In fact, when Groblgas and Sage Kunin were first developing Petra's style in Season bmo harris bank branch hours, "feminine" and "powerful" were the two keywords Grobglas went into the process hoping to capture in her character's wardrobe. "I didn't know what that would look like, because when you shoot a pilot, you don't really understand the whole style of the show yet," she explained. "You only have the script and what the director tells you and the creator tells you. But once I saw the pilot, I saw the colors, it became a lot clearer to me."

For her part, Sage Kunin said she was inspired largely by Grobglas, an Israeli actress whose only American role prior to Jane was a recurring part on The CW's Reign in 2013. With very little specific direction from Urman, the two worked closely together to develop Petra's look simply by playing dress-up in the fitting room and seeing what gate city bank online banking and what didn't. "Rachel's amazing because she's such a collaborator," Grobglas said. "She's a genius and she knows what she wants, but she will never make you wear something you don't feel comfortable or beautiful in and so really, I think that's how she manages to get her incredible results." When it came to what she helped bring to Petra's fashion sensibility, the actress pointed to prefab shipping container homes for sale in north carolina character's affinity for button-downs and formal shorts.

Little did Grobglas know at the time, but Petra's formal shorts would go on to become the character's signature piece. You can see her sporting them as early as the show's pilot, which Sage Kunin did not work on, but it became the favorite look of the designer's from that episode, and Urman's as well. Since then, Petra has worn every type of formal shorts you can imagine -- scalloped, floral, satin, and even tweed. When it was suggested that Petra has now become a spokesperson for the garment, Grobglas laughed. "I love that. . I had no idea that that was going to have that kind of effect or that it was going to be her signature thing. But it did become that and I'm glad. I love it."

One of the reasons fans have gravitated so much toward Petra's formal shorts is that you don't often see them on TV -- or out on the streets. (Although Rachel Bilson's Hart of Dixiecharacter made a strong case for them in The CW series, which ran from 2011-2015.) This is because "not a lot of people can get away with them," Sage Kunin noted. "I couldn't." But by staying away from cotton and pairing the formal shorts with a dressy blouse and heels, the costume designer manages to elevate an item of clothing that typically reads casual or business casual to outright chic. (And isn't it so perfectly Petra to even have her choice in shorts somehow be pseudo-elitist?)

While Petra has inspired union savings bank com fans to try their own hand at pulling off formal shorts (for better or worse), Grobglas admitted that she's had to consciously make an effort to not wear them too often outside the show. "I've worn so many beautiful things as Petra, and it tends to be really the things that look the best on me and work with my body. And I have a hard time now trying to find different things to wear outside of work so I don't look too much like Petra," she explained. "I'd love to wear shorts to an event, and I'm trying to kind of steer away from that in my personal life because Petra solano clothes feel that then I'll look like Petra all the time."

Of course, looking like Petra all the time is a problem a lot of people would love to have. Sage Kunin described Petra's fashion as "stylish, high-end, [and] fashionable." Outside of her formal shorts, Petra's wardrobe has a little bit of everything: architectural dresses with beautifully structured shoulders, jewel tone blouses paired with perfectly fitted white capris, garments draped in such a way that they seem to embody the play between hard and soft that we so often see Petra contend with.

In order to create Petra's wardrobe, Sage Kunin sources clothing from everywhere, from Alice + Olivia and Ted Baker to ASOS and Topshop. And even when Petra is wearing clothing from the more affordable end of the spectrum, she manages to always convey an image of wealth -- which is something Grobglas thinks "really speaks to what she wanted in life," even before the incredibly ambitious, image-conscious Petra secured a fortune of her own.

Petra's ability to "make a $100 dress look like it cost a million bucks," as Sage Kunin so accurately put it, is in stark contrast to Jane's titular heroine, the relatably down-to-earth Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), who prefers T-shirts and jeans or flowy, fit-and-flare dresses played down with denim jackets. While the two women eventually form a beautiful friendship, they were often framed as antagonists in the show's earlier seasons, with their differences creating obstacles in the way of mutual understanding. "I think of them as opposites even though both are feminine," said Sage Kunin. Chase edmonds 24 in order to emphasize this, the costume designer is conscious of how Petra and Jane's clothing plays off of one another when the women share the screen.

"I've got to say, our color palette is restrictive, so if someone is in pink, another is in blue and login to my amazon business account other might be in white or a neutral," Sage Kunin said. "It's kind of a puzzle I put together for each scene."

The way Jane the Virgin uses color is key to the show's appeal, with the show's bright color scheme (which is executed in meticulous detail) encapsulating the series' sunny outlook. While other shows go dark in order to craft an image of prestige seriousness, Jane is proof that there's room for vibrant joy in critical hits as well, and every character reflects Jane's bright outlook in their colorful clothes. That's one of the reasons why no matter what pressing business matters (or criminal matters) Petra is attending to, she projects an image of confidence and strength without caving to the very real social pressure to wear more "serious" clothes (read: drab colors and more masculine silhouettes) to have her talents recognized.

Showing a businesswoman with a style as soft, playful, and feminine as Petra's is also "socially important," Grobglas said. "I think that that shows also that Petra doesn't feel the need to be a man to be in a powerful position, or to look like a man or to look more masculine. I think she feels comfortable being as feminine as she wants to be and still be a boss. And I think that's very important."

This duality between who you are and how you may appear to others is something that Grobglas relates to quite well. Having grown up a metalhead, she recalled that she used to dress the part, "but as I got older, I realized I could still like metal and I don't have to look like it. I don't have to show that on my wardrobe. I can enjoy the music and still dress however I want."

This isn't to say that Petra's clothes don't represent who she is. She just refuses to compromise her femininity -- or anything else, for that matter. Petra uses her clothing to project an image of how she wants the world to perceive her, in all her contradictory glory: soft and hard, sexy and serious, playful and poised, loving and feared. When Grobglas slips into Petra's clothing, she immediately feels herself taking on Petra's qualities as well, particularly her inflexibility -- both figuratively and literally.

"Some of [the pieces] are not very comfortable so they kind of keep you rigid," Grobglas explained. "But not uncomfortable in a horrible way. Just uncomfortable in a way that they kind of hold your body in a certain way, almost like how when people do a period piece and you put the corset on, you're in that time. It's kind of like that. You put the Petra heels and shorts on and you immediately get that poise and rigidness that comes with Petra. So it definitely helps me a lot."

As the seasons have gone on, Petra's hard edges have been softened a bit as she's grown more comfortable with intimacy and opening herself up to others, something you can see reflected in her wardrobe's evolution across the five seasons. When we first met Petra, she was more prone to wear loose blouses and even statement necklaces -- things Petra would never be caught dead in now. Instead, Petra has developed a preference for floral prints, playful ruffles, and sleeker tops. As Petra loosened up, so did what she was willing to wear. "She's a three-dimensional character and her wardrobe needs to reflect that," noted Sage Kunin.

When it comes to favorite looks she's put together over the years, Sage Kunin said there were too many choose, while Grobglas pointed to some of the more outlandish pieces, including her tooth fairy costume from Season 4 and traditional Czech wedding dress from her nuptials to Miloš in Season 2. But for the fans, it's probably the everyday pieces that stick out the most. The blue lace romper she wore when she discovered she was pregnant in Season 2. The floral pencil dress she wore when she tattooed "Not Petra" on her twin sister Anezka's forehead in Season 3. The wide-legged, high-waisted pink petra solano clothes she wore when the murder case against her was dropped in Season 4. Even the pajamas she wears to sleep.

Thanks to the beautiful collaboration between Sage Kunin and Grobglas (and the guiding vision of Urman), Petra is a reminder that no matter what you're doing -- whether that is running a multi-million dollar business, wrangling your young twin daughters, or holding a gangster hostage in your hotel suite -- you can always bring a little sexiness, some glamour, and a whole lot of confidence to the occasion. especially if you're able to pull off a pair of formal shorts.

Jane the Virgin's final season airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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