how to use velo

Velo Pro Low Profile Airmover. Product Description. Unbeatable versatility and portability. Precisely control power draw from 1.2–1.9 amps and daisy-chain. Buy VELO Nicotine Pouches in the UK. Use anywhere, anytime ✓ | Great prices and free UK delivery at Haypp UK. "Accueil Velo" is a national accreditation scheme guaranteeing a high quality of welcome and services for cyclists using French cycle routes.
how to use velo

: How to use velo

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How to use velo

Velo wix examples

velo wix examples Basics Getting Started, Examples, Videos Coding with Velo Code Tutorials Developer Tools Packages Best Practices Wix Editor Elements with Velo Wix Billing with Velo Wix Blog with Velo Wix Bookings with Velo Wix CRM with Velo Wix Custom Element with Velo Wix Data with Velo Wix Events with Velo Wix Forum with Velo Wix Marketing with Velo Wix The example below is a how to use velo we developed for a North American Italian Wine Distributor using Velo by Wix. Velo Tutorial Wix TutorialThe Multi-State Box vs Slide in SlideshowIf we are being politically correct, the multi-state box does not really have 'slides'. Sep 13, 2019 · WiX Toolset. And it doesn’t look like this growth trend will slow down anytime soon. exe. Share. Nov 18, 2021 · Generate Unique Registration Id for WIX ecommerce website. NET Core service example. Click + New Tool **and select **Custom from the dropdown. Helper library and example code for faster PDF Generator API and Wix Velo integration. Wix. Velo brings together all the tools you need to turn your ideas into professional web apps, faster. search bar, reviews, or a wishlist for your Wix Store or your dynamic pages or repeating layouts. Basics Getting Started, Examples, Videos Coding with Velo Code Tutorials Developer Tools Packages Best Practices Wix Editor Elements with Velo Wix Billing with Velo Wix Blog with Velo Wix Bookings with Velo Wix CRM with Velo Wix How to use velo Element with Velo Wix Data with Velo Wix Events with Velo Wix Forum with Velo Wix Marketing with Velo Wix Wix Velo is the new version of Wix Corvid, which is the new version of Wix Code, renamed after a major overhaul of its features. Velo by Wix, Tutorials how to use velo Code Examples. Let’s take a look at which one does it better. And I want to generate a unique customer registration id for approx 10,000 customers. In March 2020, Wix Code was re-branded to Corvid API, and then in January 2021 re-branded from Corvid to Velo, to avoid resemblance to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, if you have JavaScript knowledge, you can create custom interactions (e. However, Wix has a pretty rich API that may cover your needs. On it’s own, the Wix website builder isn’t the most advanced solution for web development. ; Website Templates Explore 800+ designer-made templates & start with the right one for you. g. velo wix examples



Electric Mopeds

With electric mopeds from just £1,995, we provide the highest specification eco-friendly mopeds with 3 Year Warranted Quick Swap Samsung Lithium batteries and a 14-day money-back guarantee. All our seats come standard with premium leather weather resistant seats that are eco friendly. LOW-COST FINANCE NOW AVAILABLE. 

Are you interested in financing your VELO e-moped? Apply now for finance with Funding Falcon, then come back and purchase your perfect VELO.

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  • Traffic Busting 40MPH

    With Zero Emissions

  • Luxury Leatherette Seats Standard

    Also Available In Vinyl

  • Up To 50 Mile Range

    Road Legal Strong 12-inch Wheels for Safety and Stability


Velo eMopeds

Key Features

  • Fully Featured

    LED Lights, Remote Alarm and Immobiliser

  • Powerful Premium Samsung/LG Batteries

    3 Year Warranty

  • Clean, Sustainable & Cost Effective

    Charge From a Regular Plug Socket

Save up to £27.50 a day commuting across London on a Velo e-moped


* terms and conditions apply

The scooter arrived ahead of time and the communication around delivery dates was excellent. I couldn't get the introduction from the driver as I was at work, but I called Natalie and she talked me through what I needed to know. The scooter is really easy to ride and the acceleration is quick. The motor is genuinely very quiet, more quiet than my e -bike. All you can hear is the wind and the noise of the road under tyre.



I have ridden all sorts of motorbikes over the years, BUT these just blew me away, was not expecting it to handle or accelerate as well as it does.



We own a motorhome and needed a way to get off site when we are touring. velo e-scooter is perfect. it is light enough to go onto a rack at the rear of the motorhome. stylish quiet and easy to use. it takes us into town and recharging batteries is so simple. the staff at velo have been outstanding in helping us to get the scooter on the road. they always reply to any query. our e-scooter has a low max speed but it is ideal to get around locally and with zero emissions it is perfect for city driving there are different styles and colours to choose from all at very reasonable prices. we love our e- scooter highly recommend the e-scooter from

John Brayn

Solution Architect

The scooter looks great, the display is slightly futuristic and it is easy to understand the battery. Everyone who has been round my house has been keen to have a go and has loved it. I really think these are the future of fun, low cost, low congestion commuting.


Solution Expert

I've been an E bike user for some years now and was keen to get a bit more speed and range. I liked the e-moped idea because it seems a fun way to get to bank of america in freehold new jersey in a low cost and carbon neutral way.

Steve Kallis


My biggest concern ahead of it arriving was the speed. A friend of mine had an different moped he bought 10 years ago and he told me he couldn't get more than 20mph from it. I set out and was struggling to get past 17 mph at first then I noticed a switch marked L/H. Flicked it to H and discovered this meant high power mode. I very quickly reached 31 mph. Another concern was can it cope with hills? I can confirm it will go 30mph up hill with no issues. 



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Design process with Pentagram" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen data-src="">

beeline velo 2 a beautiful device for better cycling routes navigation and tracking 7



project info:


name: beeline velo 2
design:beeline and pentagram


designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


edited by: lynne myers

How To Use Velo API To Work with Forms

Velo by Wix Hacker Noon profile picture

Velo by Wix

Velo is a full-stack development platform that empowers you to rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web apps.

You can work with Forms using Velo APIs in 2 different ways: 

  • Use the Wix Forms app and its APIs.
  • Create your own custom form with input elements and submit buttons. Then use Velo to save the data to a collection.

Let's present each approach so you can decide which to use.

Wix Forms APIs

Wix Forms is an app solution that provides you with a built-in suite of form functionalities, such as an out-of-the-box submission button, database collection creation, and auto-generated emails after submission.

First use the Wix Forms app to set up your forms quickly and efficiently, taking advantage of Wix Forms features. You even get a starter collection for your form that you can use to store the form data.

Then use the WixForms Velo APIs to customize the visitor experience even more. For example, you can display a personalized thank you message when a visitor submits the form.

Check out the benefits of the Wix Forms app!

  • Choose from a variety of designs for your form from a set of templates.
  • You can design and customize the layout of the form in the Editor.
  • Each form design comes with its own collection for storing form data. You don't have to create your own from scratch.
  • Each field on your form is automatically connected to the collection. You don't have to connect fields one by one.
  • The Wix How to use velo app sets up email notifications so you don't have to. The information is saved for your contacts, and goes through the Inbox (Wix CRM).
  • The Wix Forms app makes it easy to set up payment forms, multi-step forms, and subscription forms.

Using Wix Forms Starter Collections

When you add the Wix Forms app to your site, you pick the type of form you want. Depending on the form you pick, you get a collection specifically built for that form. In addition to the form appearing in the  Form Submissions tab in the Dashboard's Customer Management area, you can also see the collection in the Database section of the Velo Sidebar.

We call these collections starter collections because that's exactly what they are for, to help you get started.  You can use the collection "as is" or you can change the collection to meet your needs. For example, when we add a Donations form to our site, we get a starter collection called Donors with basic fields. Here we customized the collection by adding a Signature field.


The fields on the Donations form are connected to the fields in the Donors collection. This means that each time a visitor submits a form, the form field data is stored in the corresponding field in the collection. 

The opposite is not true. Adding a field to a starter collection does not add a corresponding field to the form.

Using the WixForms API

  • Add and set up a Wix Form on your site in the Wix Editor.
  • Enable Dev Mode.
    You will see a WixForms wixForms1 element and its corresponding form element form1 on your page.
    The Form element is a container for the input elements and buttons in the Wix Form. How to use velo you hide or collapse either the WixForms or Form element, the other element is also hidden/collapsed.
    Note that we apply the WixForms functions and events to the WixForms element, not the Form element.
  • Client-side event handlers:
    Write the code for the client-side event handlers onWixFormSubmitted( ) and onWixFormSubmittedError( ) to handle what happens when a visitor submits the form.
    onWixFormSubmitted() provides information, such as field names and field values, that is available only on the client side. You can code operations to run on the client side, such as displaying a message after form submission. This event fires when the server indicates that the submission was received, even if the server is still asynchronously processing.
    Here is sample code for displaying a personalized message on the page thanking the visitor for a donation.
  • Backend Event Handler:
    Write the code for the backend onFormSubmit() event handler function to perform operations on the server side when the visitor submits a form. `onFormSubmit()` provides additional information that the page does not have, such as the form's submission time and the contact ID. Keep in mind that the functions on the server run asynchronously and do not hold up onWixFormSubmitted( ) operations.

Custom Forms

To provide your site visitors with a fully customized form experience that you totally control, you can create custom forms manually. Add user input elements and buttons to the page, and code their usage to act like a form. 

Using Velo APIs to create your own custom forms may take a bit more time and coding than using the Wix Forms app, but customizing your own forms can offer some advantages, such as enabling additional field types and using advanced functionality with code, without adding Ascend to your site.

Using APIs for Custom Forms

  1. Use standard $w input elements and buttons to create your form. The user input elements on your form can use functionality provided by FormElement. 
  2. Write code for the event handlers to customize your visitors' experience. 

Here are some examples and tutorial articles to help you get started. 

Tutorial Articles


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on its mission to make cycling safer, more enjoyable, and more accessible, UK-based bike navigation company beeline has teamed up with pentagram to design a new companion app for cyclists. called ‘velo 2’, the simple, 4-button device allows you to navigate and track your route without having to dismount and check your phone. connected to the beeline app via bluetooth, it can also record your speed, distance and time while the fuss-free design looks the part on any bike.

beeline velo 2 a beautiful device for better cycling routes navigation and tracking 1



pentagram collaborated with beeline founders tom putnam and mark jenner and head of design sam lucas on the industrial design of the company’s next-generation velo 2 device. the device partners with an updated beeline app and a new machine-learning algorithm. the algorithm is fuelled by road ratings from cyclists to help find the best cycling routes, optimizing for quieter roads with less traffic and pollution. the new routing algorithm means that riders are able to contribute road ratings in real-time while cycling.

beeline velo 2 a beautiful device for better cycling routes navigation and tracking 6



the road rating element required dedicated plus and minus buttons on the device and was the primary driver of the initial industrial design development. after exploring multiple button options and form factors the team opted for an upside-down architecture where the whole device functions as a four-way button with the button actuators in the base component. this allowed for a much larger area for the device UI on the top of the device, easy operation without distracting from the road even with gloves on.

beeline velo 2 a beautiful device for better cycling routes navigation and tracking 2



the outward simplicity of the beeline velo 2 was only possible through intensive technical development, prototyping and UI exploration between the beeline and pentagram teams. the new architecture of the device allowed a smaller form factor, screw-less assembly, full waterproofing, and simpler twist-lock mounting system as well as lower costs, which will make the device accessible to more people. the velo 2 kickstarter campaign closes on friday july 16, 2021, and you can back it here.