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Find all login portals of First Bank Plc Login FBN Nigeria:Internet Banking Login - First Bank of Nigeria. FBNInsurance is a Limited Liability Company licensed to transact Life Insurance businesses in Nigeria. First Bank Nigeria FirstMonie. First Bank Firstmonie is the Mobile Banking service by First Bank Plc which can be used to send and receive money.

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Diaspora Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is FirstDiaspora ?
FirstDiaspora is an offering from first bank which is specially designed for Nigerians living abroad by providing them a platform to have easy access to wide range of products and services that will take care of their banking needs.

2) Who is eligible to open a diaspora account?
Any Nigerian living abroad as long as you have proof that you are a Nigerian.

3) What Type of products and services are available in FirstDiaspora?

Our array of products and services include but not limited to

  • FirstDiaspora Saving accounts
  • FirstDiaspora Savings plus account.
  • FirstDiaspora Current account.
  • FirstDiaspora Term or Fixed deposit account (in NGN, USD,GBP)
  • FirstDiaspora kids first account ( for Kids 0-12years)
  • FirstDiaspora Corporate account.
  • FirstDiaspora Domicillairy account (in USD, GBP, CFA)
  • FirstDiaspora Corporate account. (NGN, USD, GBP and CFA)
  • E channel offerings e.g Online banking, mobile banking, E-mail alerts etc
  • Transfers, standing orders
  • Account Reactivation
  • Migration of existing accounts
  • Advisory Services etc.

4) What documents are required to open a first diaspora account?

The following documents are required to open any regular First diaspora account.

  1. Duly filled account opening form
  2. Duly filled Email indemnity form.
  3. Two Passport photographs showing full face forward with a bright background.
  4. Valid Proof of Identification of the signatory (Please see below list of valid means of ID)
    • Nigerian International Passport
    • Nigeria Driver’s license
    • Nigeria Voter’s ID
    • Foreign passport (if place of birth is Nigeria)
    • Residence or Work permit (if nationality is Nigeria)
  5. Proof of Foreign Address as stated in the forms. The Foreign address must be clearly stated on the preferred proof of address and written in English. For example;
    • Current utility bill not exceeding 3 months
    • Foreign Bank statement
    • Foreign driver’s license
    • Purchase invoice
    • Tenancy agreement /rent receipt
    • Letter from Multinational, Oil and Gas, Energy companies (a lot of these companies do provide accommodations for their expatriates as part of their relocation packages).
  6. Two Nigerian bank references from current/ corporate account holders in any Nigerian bank
    • *for current, domiciliary and corporate accounts only
  7. BVN (Bank Verification Number) – A unique bank identification number stipulated by CBN.
  8. Attestation of the valid ID card and proof of address at any of the centers below:
    • Notary Public/court/ lawyer/Solicitor
    • Nigerian Embassy/High commission/Consulate in your country.
    • Your Bankers.
    • Police Station.
    • Government Security Agencies.
    • Commissioner for Oaths
    • Director of Students Affairs (if customer is a student)
    • Our Rep Office staff or First Bank staff that knows customers.

5) What is BVN and how do I get enrolled?
BVN is acronym for Bank Verification Number. It is a unique identification number that all Nigerian account holders and intending ones, irrespective of your bank, must enroll for as stipulated by CBN. Your unique features such as picture, finger prints, Valid ID card and important details of the customer will be taken during registration so the customer needs to be physically present.
To enroll for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise, kindly visit for details of enrolment centers in Diaspora, you can also visit Nigeria to enroll. Also be informed that potential First Diaspora customers can open account without BVN pending when it is provided to allow the customer operate the account fully. BVN is only done once.

6) I have an existing account before I moved abroad; can I still operate the same account abroad to enjoy this service?
Yes, you can operate the same account from abroad but you will have to convert the account to a FirstDiaspora account and update your current foreign details by filling the necessary forms and provide the notarized Valid ID card and Proof of address as stated above in option 4.

7) How do I send all the necessary documents for my request to be treated after filling?

Scanned copies are to be sent via email to [email protected] while the hard copies are to be sent to our Diaspora Dept, First bank head office, No 35,marina, Lagos island.

8) How can I access my account abroad?

You can access your account from abroad through any of the following channels

  • ATM Cards: Through our Naira master cards, Dollar Visa debit card and Prepaid cards, you can access your naira and/or dollar accounts through ATM, POS and WEB anywhere in the world.
  • Online banking: Access your account online real time, 24 hours of the day through our internet banking option and transfer funds within any bank in Nigeria, pay your bills, set up standing orders and do much more. However, a physical token device will be required for effective transfers and bill payments.
  • Mobile banking: Access your account through your phone by downloading our safe and secure app and follow the steps to register your account (Conditions apply).
  • Email alert etc.

9) Can I open a First Diaspora account and set up the E-banking access to my new account when I visit Nigeria?
Yes, you can open any type of first diaspora account whenever you are in Nigeria but you must provide a copy of your foreign proof of address and valid ID. The first bank staff will attest the originals at the point of opening the account.
10) Can I open a FirstDiaspora corporate account from abroad?
Yes, you can open a diaspora corporate account conveniently. In addition to the above requirements, you will also provide all the registered documents given to you at the time of registering the company with CAC in Nigeria, TIN (tax identification number) and 2 valid references from a corporate account holder in any bank in Nigeria.
11) Can I visit any of your bank REP offices in my location if available for the submission of my documents?
Yes, you can visit any first bank rep offices if available in your location for the sighting and attestation of your documents and onward submission to the diaspora office in Lagos.

12) How can FirstDiaspora customers fund their accounts?

  • Direct transfer from CBN recognized money transfer operators and/or from your foreign bank accounts to both naira and Dom account
  • Direct cash or cheque lodgment to both accounts from any first bank branch in Nigeria by third party.
  • Fund transfer from account holder or third party via any bank in Nigerian.

13) Is there any limit to the amount I can transfer to my account from abroad?
There is no limit to the amount of money you can transfer from abroad to any type of FirstDiaspora account you open.
14) Is there any limit to the amount I can transfer from my FirstDiaspora account via internet or mobile banking platform to beneficiaries in Nigeria?
Yes, First bank has a daily limit of 1M Naira per day on individual account and 10 M Naira per day on corporate account with the use of token device. However, you can increase the limit by filling an online limit increase indemnity form to the amount of your choice.
15) How can FirstDiaspora customer get the first bank internet banking service and email alerts?
Internet banking access and email alerts are profiled for new accounts by default while existing customers can fill out the required forms after the account has been migrated to the FirstDiaspora account. Your internet log in details (user ID and password) are confidential and sent directly to your registered email with the bank however you can reach us through First contact or via email in case of any delay.
16) Supposing I forget my password or have any issues trying to set up the internet banking, what do I do?
You can reach out to our 24 hour Firstcontact center, or send a mail to [email protected] for assistance.
17) How do I apply for my ATM card and Token device?
A FirstDiaspora customer can apply for visa card (for dollar account), master card (for naira account), prepaid cards and Token device by filling the ATM Card/ Token application form and sending a scanned copy to diaspora email.
18) How can a FirstDiaspora customer pick up the requested ATM card and token device?
Your ATM card and token will be dispatched to your registered address abroad at a cost. Also note that you can equally pick up the card and token when in Nigeria.
19) How can a Firstdiaspora customer get his or her ATM pin for the ATM card?<>
Depending on the type of card the customer wants, he can either get a third party ( with indemnity in place for third party activation) to activate the card on his behalf before dispatch or card and pin must be dispatched separately for security reasons.
20. Can I easily get a card or token replacement in case of damaged or lost token and how long?
Yes, you can easily get a replacement card or token by filling the necessary forms and paying the associated cost for such a replacement.

21. How can I contact diaspora banking?

You can send a mail to the address or call the number below or Log your enquiries, complaints, feedback and suggestions in the section provided on this site.

[email protected]
[email protected]
Our first contact details are on our bank website and we can be reached through our rep offices in London, China, and Africa (Ghana, Guinea, Congo etc)

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FirstBank Mobile Banking

“Welcome to your own personal FirstBank branch.”

Download our free app and bank securely from your mobile device 24/7. Now, every waiting room, living room and taxicab can be your private FirstBank. Just enroll in Online Banking and you’re ready to start!


• Fingerprint Login: With just the touch of a button you can have access to your account. Fingerprint Login allows you to login quickly and securely using the fingerprint scanner on your device.

• FirstGlance: Spin the cube! Quickly view balances and eBills due without logging in. Simply enroll and set up the accounts you would like to view (up to 3) by selecting “FirstGlance” within the main menu. After enrolled, spin the FirstBank cube before login to access FirstGlance.

• Mobile Deposit: Deposit your check through the app. Anywhere you have a phone you have a personal FirstBank branch. Simply take a picture of the front and back of the check and submit your deposit.

• Zelle®: With Zelle® you can quickly send, receive and request money to friends and family using only their email address or mobile phone number and name. This is how money moves®

• Pay Now: Receive a notification on the Account Summary page when your FirstBank credit card, cash reserve, or loan is due. Rest your weary fingers and save time by clicking the Pay Now button to transfer the funds.

• Bill Pay: Receive your bills electronically and schedule your bill payments all in one location. Bill Pay can be used to pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash.

• Account Details: Check balances on your accounts and loans, transfer money between FirstBank accounts, and schedule a payment on an existing FirstBank loan.

• Communication Center: Bank mail allows you to communicate securely with the bank and receive messages and tasks related to your loan requests. Stay informed about your FirstBank account activity with alerts about your balance, deposits and withdrawals, fraud detection, and more. Setup Alerts to get notified by text message, email, or push notification.

*FirstBank is a regional bank found in Colorado, California and Arizona. If you don’t see an orange cube on your bank statements, you’re probably a member of a different First Bank, and this app will not work for you.

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