windstream kinetic customer service number

Windstream's Kinetic High-Speed Internet can be a joy when it offers Call Windstream's customer service to check the Windstream speeds and prices in. It provides DSL internet, which connects through a phone line at a much faster rate than dial-up speeds. The company's offerings vary by. 6.4.1 Energy Available in Wind • Derive an expression for the total power of a wind stream. The wind has kinetic on account of its motion.

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Windstream Kinetic 1 Gigabit Jamestown, NY

: Windstream kinetic customer service number

Windstream kinetic customer service number
Windstream kinetic customer service number
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windstream kinetic customer service number

Kinetic by Windstream ended the first quarter with a net addition of approximately 13,000 broadband subscribers based on enabling about 129,000 customer locations, the company says.

The results are the first fruits of a $2 billion multiyear expansion by the service provider. The company says that the goal is to drive fiber deeper into the rural communities that it serves. By the end of the year, the company projects that it will reach more than 1 million homes and SMBs with fiber-based gigabit connections.

“Kinetic by Windstream is building the broadband network of the future. We are investing billions to bring fiber internet service to millions of houses across our 18-state footprint,” Kinetic president Jeff Small said in a press release about the additional Kinetic broadband subscribers. “Gigabit speeds are becoming increasingly important in an era when many are working remotely or accessing education or healthcare online. Kinetic is investing in its broadband network to meet the growing technology needs of its customers.”

The first quarter 2021 results follow on a net gain of 60,000 broadband customers in 589,000 locations last year. The company says it wants its gigabit service to reach half of its ILEC territory within ten years.

Windstream emerged from bankruptcy on September 21, 2020. The company had shed almost $4 billion debt and gained access to more than $2 billion for network investment under a restructuring plan that was announced in February 2019 and approved by the bankruptcy court in June, windstream kinetic customer service number by Windstream, a business unit of Windstream Holdings, provides fiber and 5G fixed wireless services to customers and businesses primarily in rural areas of 18 states. In mid-April, Kinetic by Windstream announced two projects in a public-private partnership with Greene County, PA. The projects will bring gigabit speeds to about 7,300 homes in Bobtown, Carmichaels, Greensboro, Jefferson, Mount Morris and Waynesburg. The project received $1,284,549 in funding from the CARES Act. The money came through the Greene County Commissioners. Windstream also will provide funding.

Upgrades also are being performed for 1,000 customers in Brave, Graysville, Rogersville and Waynesburg.


Windstream Enterprise takes swing at improving customer service reputation

Telecom operators have historically struggled with delivering exceptional customer service, but Windstream Enterprise (WE) hopes to right the ship with a new "WE will Commitment" to current and potential customers.

In regard to customer service, Windstream's CMO Mike Flannery says: "The bar inside of the telecommunications industry isn't very high, and the pandemic has really affected employees, customers and potential customers in a way the industry probably wasn't as well prepared for, but that I feel Windstream was pretty well prepared for."

Taking into consideration the new challenges that Windstream's customers were facing due to the pandemic – such as ensuring their remote workforces could securely access enterprise applications from home – Flannery says, "What we arrived at was a fundamental need to change our business model and how we position the brand."

Windstream Enterprise is backing the new customer commitment with contract flexibility, free upgrades and guaranteed 100% uptime for customers of both its OfficeSuite UC and SD-WAN Concierge services. Flannery says there won't be rate increases for customers for the length of their contract for OfficeSuite UC or SD-WAN services, and some customers will also qualify for up to five months free for those services.

Flannery also says Windstream is in the process of implementing a customer success role where hundreds of the company's employees will solely focus on onboarding and training customers to use the UC and SD-WAN services.

The impetus behind this shift in approach to customer service resulted from Windstream moving from an annual to quarterly analysis of its relationship Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Flannery says the service provider surveyed 50 customers, gathered 1,300 customer verbatims and collected 460 pages of comments from customer-facing Windstream employees. From the results of those efforts, Windstream identified that customers want four main assurances – stability, reliability, flexibility and accountability, says Flannery.

In addition, Flannery says the service provider's goal is to achieve a positive 50 for relationship NPS score for its enterprise and elite customers. Windstream measures its NPS scores across its product sets, and customer experience with care, repair and service delivery. For transactional NPS, Flanner says care scores are in the 50s-60s, service assurance in high 30s, and service delivery in high 20s to low 30s. On a relationship basis, the NPS score depends on the customer, he says, with results ranging from a score of high 20s to 60s.

Windstream brand gets a facelift

The "WE will Commitment" to customers also started as a result of Windstream's own internal restructuring.

"This journey to rethink Windstream Enterprise started while we were in restructuring and it really accelerated when I assumed the role of chief marketing officer around the July timeframe," explains Flannery. "We made the decision to start doing our relationship NPS on a quarterly basis instead of an annual basis."

Windstream started a restructuring and rebranding effort last year after exiting Chapter 11 bankruptcy as the company was struggling to reach a financing agreement with Uniti Group.

"Windstream filed for a voluntary Chapter 11 reorg in February 2019 following a court ruling that found the company had defaulted on its debts in 2015. Tied to that, hedge fund Aurelius Capital Management was awarded a judgment of $310 million, plus interest of up to $61,000 per day," wrote Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner.

Ultimately, Windstream reached a settlement with Uniti and was able to move forward from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, complete a financial restructuring process as a privately held company, reduce its debt by over $4 billion, or about two-thirds, and gain has access to approximately $2 billion in new capital. Three divisions also emerged from the restructuring – Windstream Enterprise, Kinetic by Windstream, and Windstream Wholesale – which address enterprise, business and residential customers.

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading


Windstream Review 2021: Plans, Prices, and More

Windstream offers three streaming TV packages for internet subscribers: Kinetic TV Local (additional $20/mo.), Kinetic TV Select ($75/mo.), and Kinetic TV Preferred ($85/mo.). Kinetic TV Local is surprisingly affordable for a local network package, while Kinetic TV Select and Kinetic TV Preferred have a decent selection of basic cable channels (but no premium cable channels).

To stream Kinetic TV, you can buy a streaming device from Windstream for $74.99, rent the set-top box for $5.00 per month, or download the service’s app on your own streaming device for free. Kinetic TV is available on smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android TV. Alternatively, you can bundle a YouTube TV or DIRECTV subscription with your Windstream internet plan during the checkout process.

If you’d like to add a home phone to your Windstream service, it will cost you about $20 per month. That’s a lot better deal than Windstream’s stand-alone phone plan, which is $44.99 per month. Yikes.


Kinetic Business by Windstream Review


Is Windstream internet any good?

Windstream offers fiber-based internet with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, as well as internet and phone bundles, cloud applications, and business TV. Starting prices are lower than some of Windstream's competitors, but do require a 24-month commitment.

Month-to-month plans are available, but these cost more. Note that you will pay extra if you want a backup option for your internet connection, which would raise the price range to among the more expensive of its competitors, according to our research.

How much does Kinetic Business by Windstream charge for business internet?

Prices are contingent on a number of factors, including the size of the business. Small businesses are taken to include those who work from home, plus businesses with up to 30 employees. Small business pricing starts at $44.99 per month.

On the other hand, midsized businesses include single or multi-location enterprises with up to 400 employees. These pay $209.99 per month. Be sure to check out pricing for additional services, and to contact the company for information about special offers.

How does Windstream Kinetic work?

Kinetic Business by Windstream uses fiber-optic lines that run directly into your home or business. They offer fast and identical upload and download speeds.

How fast is Windstream Kinetic?

Kinetic Business by Windstream offers internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps.

Does Windstream have a free antivirus?

Kinetic Business by Windstream offers internet security packages powered by McAfee Multi Access. Their internet security offers features such as antivirus, firewall, anti-phishing, and PC optimization for only $4.99 /mo.

Is Windstream owned by AT&T?

No. The Windstream Corporation is a spin-off of the Alltel Corporation that merged with VALOR Communications Group, Inc.

Is Windstream going out of business?

No, but Windstream filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in February 2019. However, the business has continued to operate as normal and stated that the bankruptcy would not affect its customers.

Does Windstream bundle with DISH?

Yes. DISH Network's satellite TV service has bundled with Windstream's voice and broadband service.

Does Windstream offer internet only?

No, Windstream offers fiber-based internet, home phones, cloud applications, and business TV.

What kind of internet is Windstream?

Windstream specializes in DSL internet and offers both ADSL and VDSL as well as fiber optic lines.

Does Windstream have cable TV?

Yes. Windstream offers DIRECTV for Business packages from $29.99 /mo.

What are some Kinetic Business by Windstream alternatives?


In this article

When you're shopping for internet in rural areas, options are often limited to either satellite or whatever local provider happens to be available. If Kinetic by Windstream is that wild-card provider, your internet options are likely better than most across the broadband divide.

Kinetic (the brand name for Windstream's internet service, similar to how Spectrum and Xfinity are the brand names for internet service from Charter Communications and Comcast, respectively) offers faster speeds than you'll find in most rural areas and the internet plans are cheap, or at least it can be, for any region. Additionally, Kinetic plans come with unlimited data and no contract requirements, which is common among many providers but, again, may be harder to come by in rural areas.


  • Fast speeds in rural areas
  • No data caps, no speed throttling, no contracts
  • Fiber expansion in the works

Don't Like

  • Speeds and pricing vary widely by location
  • No security plan included
  • Below windstream kinetic customer service number customer satisfaction

If your internet options come down to satellite or Kinetic, you're likely to get more bang for your buck with Kinetic. Sure, it's likely going to be DSL internet, which isn't exactly the fastest or most reliable internet type, but Windstream's DSL network is equipped to deliver speeds faster than many satellite, fixed wireless or other DSL providers can. Plans are also likely to be cheaper, and of a better connection quality than satellite or fixed wireless service -- and don't discount the value of unlimited data. That said, speeds -- and unfortunately also the pricing -- vary by location, so the overall value of Windstream's DSL service depends on what's available at your address.

As you get closer to the cities and suburbs where Kinetic fiber-optic service is available, the fast speeds and low introductory pricing are even more enticing. However, speeds and pricing will again vary by location, and these areas typically come with more internet options, including a cable internet provider and perhaps another fiber-optic provider. In that case, you'll want to compare Kinetic closely with other available providers to determine the best internet provider for your needs. Other than low introductory pricing (in some areas) and relatively fast rural internet speeds (again, in some areas), there isn't a whole lot that stands out about Kinetic compared to other providers.


Large coverage area, small coverage percentage

Kinetic is available in 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas. Availability is particularly high in Georgia, Iowa and Kentucky, where coverage spans half the state or more; availability in other states is a bit more spotty. 

In spite of the large coverage area spanning more than a third of US states, Kinetic is available to only around 2.75% of the US population, according to the most recent Federal Communications Commission data. The small coverage percentage isn't a knock against Windstream, it's just an indicator of how reserved Kinetic internet is to rural and suburban regions with low population density. For comparison, cable internet provider Cox Communications has a far smaller coverage area than Kinetic, but is available to more than twice as many people due to the fact that it windstream kinetic customer service number primarily in metropolitan areas like San Diego, Phoenix and Washington, DC.

Broadband speeds available to 85% of DSL coverage area

Kinetic has the largest percentage of broadband availability I've seen from any major DSL provider, with speeds of 25Mbps or higher available to more than 85% of customers. More than half (64%, also according to the FCC), can get speeds of 100Mbps or higher. Competing DSL providers AT&T, CenturyLink and Frontier all have a lower percentage of available speeds at or above 25Mbps (67%, 64% and 33%, respectively) though it is worth noting that these providers also have significantly larger coverage areas.

Fiber has room to grow

As a DSL provider, Kinetic is a leader in delivering broadband speeds, but as a fiber provider, there is an opportunity for improvement. Only about 20% of Kinetic's network is fiber-optic, which is less than AT&T (30%), CenturyLink (38%) and Frontier (33%). That's not to say Windstream is neglecting the need for greater fiber coverage. In fact, fiber expansion is currently in the works. 

A Windstream spokesperson tells CNET that the company is "currently involved in a multi-year $2 billion fiber investment and rollout across the 18-state footprint" and that "by 2027, 50% of the network will have fiber available." That seems like a long way off -- and for the rural residents waiting for it, it probably is -- but running fiber lines isn't easy or cheap, which is why fiber is south florida state college panther central reserved for areas with higher population densities. If Windstream runs fiber lines to 50% of its footprint, much of that will include rural and potentially underserved suburban areas, so kudos to Windstream for investing in fiber service where other providers have not, even if it takes them a few years to do it.

As fiber access improves, more Kinetic customers will have access to faster speeds, but for now, available speeds vary widely by location. Whether you can get DSL or fiber service from Kinetic will also play a significant role in available speeds and plan pricing, but even then, plans are subject to change from one market to the next. I'll do my best to explain.

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Kinetic by Windstream plans

Kinetic is a little different from other providers in how it structures internet plans. Basically, you start with a single plan, which could be any one of the plans listed below depending on your address. Then, if you like, you can upgrade that plan to a faster speed for an added fee (assuming that a faster speed is available).

Kinetic internet plans

Plan Max speeds Connection type Promo rate (first year) Regular rate (after 12 months) how to close capital one checking account first citizens national bank bartlett tn Data cap
Kinetic 50 50Mbps download, upload speed varies DSL $27-$60 $55-$67 None
Kinetic 200 200Mbps download, 200Mbps upload Fiber $37 $55-$67 None
Kinetic 400 400Mbps download, 400Mbps upload Fiber $37 $55-$67 None bank of america open late near me

You'll notice there's not an official gig plan listed there, even though gig service is available from Kinetic, nor are there faster speeds listed for DSL service. That's because higher speed tiers are upgrades to the base plan, not separate plans themselves. 

For example, if Kinetic 200 is the offered opus bank bellevue wa in your area, you may have the option to upgrade to faster speeds for an added monthly fee. For $10 more per month, you could get speeds of 400Mbps, or 500Mbps for an added $20 per month and gig speeds for $30 more per month. That feels like an overly complicated way to do it, but I suppose it works from a company standpoint when you have multiple speeds available across a wide variety of small and large markets. 

Plans and pricing are a box of chocolates

The Kinetic plan you can get, and the cost of said plan, will depend on your address. For DSL service, it's possible that only a speed of less than 50Mbps will be all that's available and, even though you're getting less than the max speed offered in the plan, it may not be available for the lowest possible price ($27 per month). Residents of Bolivar, Missouri, for example, may only be eligible for speeds of up to 15Mbps starting at $45 per month while those in Albemarle, North Carolina, may be eligible for the full 50Mbps starting at $27. Additionally, it's totally possible that DSL speeds higher than 50Mbps are available, but that would require a speed upgrade (and the additional fee).

Fiber service is a little less volatile as far as available speeds and pricing are concerned, but it's still not one size fits all. In some markets, the starting speed will be 200Mbps. In others, it's 400Mbps for the same price. Starting prices also seem to be somewhat inconsistent, and after 12 months the price could increase to somewhere between $55 to $67.

A sweet gig upgrade free for 3 months

One standard across all (eligible) markets is the free gig upgrade for three months. Regardless of whether you can get the 200 or 400Mbps plan, the upgrade to gig service will add $30 to your bill, but that only starts with your fourth month of service. That's a $90 value over three months, and one that could let you try out gig speeds for an insanely low price. 

After a service check in Lincoln, Nebraska, I found 200Mbps pricing starting at $20 per month (again with the fickle pricing, but that's still a really good deal). With the free gig upgrade, that's three months of gig service for only $20 per month, and $50 per month in months four through 12. If you can find a deal this good, whether from Kinetic or another provider, I'd recommend ordering it as fast as you can.

Even if Kinetic pricing isn't that low in your area, a mere $30 (which, remember, is waived for the first three months) to upgrade from 200Mbps to gig south florida state college panther central is generous. The same speed jump with Spectrum will cost you $60 extra ($50 per month for 200Mbps, $110 per month for gig internet). 

Fees and such are more straightforward

Have I mentioned that Kinetic prices and speeds vary by location? In a welcome change of pace, fees and service terms largely do not. I say "largely" because it does appear the equipment rental fee can vary ($10 in most locations, but only $6 in a select few), but other than that, it's all the same across all service areas.

At $10 per month (or $6 if you're lucky), Kinetic's Wi-Fi equipment rental is lower than most. You also have the option of using your own equipment and skipping the monthly fee, but doing so may take a while to really pay off, especially if you lock in that low $6 rate. It's nice to know the option is there if you already own a compatible modem and router, or if you'd prefer to windstream kinetic customer service number a top-of-the-line mesh Wi-Fi setup.

The equipment fee is avoidable, but the internet activation fee ($50 upfront) is not unless you sign up for the gigabit service. This is a separate fee from installation (which is included at no extra cost, whether self or professional), and I honestly don't know what it's for. The good news is that Kinetic currently offers a $100 instant credit when you order online, so you get back the activation fee wilson mortuary salem mo then some with your order.

Regardless of your location, plan and equipment choices, your Kinetic plan comes with unlimited data, no contract requirements and Windstream's promise to weather helena valley west central mt throttle your speeds. This should be a given from all providers but there are still some out there -- ahem, Xfinity, ahem Mediacom -- that impose contracts with early termination fees and data caps with overage fees.

Lots of security options, all for a price

Kinetic service comes with three internet security and tech support options that range from $10 to $15 per month depending on the level of security and support you choose. You can also skip Kinetic's security options altogether.

Surprisingly, not all plans come with internet security software. Only the most expensive one, Total Secure, and the least expensive one, Connect Secure, come with Kinetic Internet Security On The Go. The midlevel plan, Self Secure, comes with premium tech support and identity theft protection, but no internet security software. 

Charging an added fee for premium tech support and identity theft protection is understandable, and most providers also offer some kind of similar security package, but I'd like to see basic internet security included with Kinetic plans. Even the cheapest Kinetic security plan will add $120 a year to your bill, which would cover the cost of nearly any antivirus software. Unless you foresee the need for premium tech support service, you're likely better off going with the antivirus software that best suits your needs and skipping the added fees that come with Kinetic security plans.

Kinetic versus the competition

As a DSL provider, Kinetic is generally faster than similar providers, and if you're lucky enough to be in a market with the $27 introductory pricing, Kinetic is also cheaper than most DSL providers. 

As a fiber provider, there isn't much to separate Kinetic from other fiber providers. Pricing is about the same, maybe a little cheaper with Kinetic in some areas. Speeds are about the same as well. 

It's unlikely you'll have the option of Kinetic and other DSL or fiber internet providers, however, so let's get down to comparing the two options you'll probably have: Kinetic DSL and satellite internet, or Kinetic fiber and cable internet. 


Kinetic DSL versus satellite internet

DSL is almost always going to be the better option over satellite internet, so you'll definitely want to windstream kinetic customer service number out Kinetic before committing to satellite.

Kinetic is going to be cheaper and will probably deliver faster speeds than satellite, though there are some locations that currently get speeds in the 10 to 20Mbps range while HughesNet plans come with 25Mbps. In some regions, Viasat satellite internet plans can hit speeds as high as 100Mbps. Even so, Kinetic still has some significant advantages, so you may find the slight speed sacrifice to be worth it.

For starters, you won't have to worry about data caps with Kinetic, unlike satellite internet, which has the most strict data limits of any internet type. Satellite internet also comes with a two-year contract and a hefty early termination fee if you cancel before the two years are up. Kinetic does not lock you into a contract.

A DSL connection, while not perfect, will also offer greater reliability and lower latency than satellite internet. Rain and cloud cover won't disrupt your DSL service, and latency is low enough to support online gaming, two conveniences you shouldn't expect from satellite.

Kinetic fiber internet vs. cable internet

Like how DSL is preferable to satellite, fiber is often preferable to cable internet. You'll get symmetrical upload speeds with fiber internet and a more reliable connection than cable. Even still, Kinetic versus cable could be a toss-up, depending on which Kinetic plans are available at your address and which cable providers offer service windstream kinetic customer service number your area.

If you can get the $37 pricing (or lower in some areas, apparently) for Kinetic's 200 or 400Mbps plan, that'll be a better deal than you'll get from competing cable providers such as Mediacom, Spectrum and Xfinity. Mediacom and Xfinity do have lower starting prices ($20 per month for 60Mbps and $25 for 50Mbps, respectively), but they come with significantly lower speeds, plus a data cap and a contract in most areas. Spectrum, like Kinetic, does not enforce contracts or data caps, but you'll be paying $50 per month for 200Mbps and $70 per month for 400Mbps with Spectrum.

For those who have the need for speed, Kinetic's gig service is also lower priced than gig plans from most cable providers. Gig service from Kinetic could cost around $37 per month for the first three months, $67 thereafter until you reach a year of service, then $85 per month from the 13th month on (again, Kinetic pricing is different in every market, so don't hold me to that). On the cable side, gig service could cost $80 to $110 initially, then spike up to well over $100 after 12 months. Gig service from Mediacom, for example, is $140 after 24 months.

In most instances, I'd recommend Kinetic fiber over cable internet. It's probably going to be a bit cheaper and you'll get the luxury of symmetrical download and upload speeds. That said, be sure to do your due diligence. If Kinetic fiber service is available, definitely check it out, but be sure to also compare it to plans and pricing options from other providers in your area.


Below-average customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction research groups American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power both placed Windstream below the industry average in 2021 with scores of 61/100 and 682/1,000, respectively. The 2021 numbers from the ACSI once again placed it below average with a score of 61/100. That wasn't a decline year-over-year, but it wasn't an improvement, either. Over at J.D. Power, there was a slight increase as Kinetic scored 682 in 2021 vs. 680 in 2020. It may only be two points, but Kinetic by Windstream was one of the few ISPs to notch a better score year-over-year. Still, it was good for only an eighth-place finish, above only CenturyLink, Suddenlink and HughesNet.

Below-average customer satisfaction scores are concerning, but in Windstream's case, I think it comes down to one thing: 80% of the Kinetic network is DSL. In 2021, it's understandable why customers would not be satisfied with the slower, less reliable nature of DSL service. The outage-tracking site notes a few recent outages, but some commenters claim to experience issues with Windstream on a regular basis.

All this is to say that I think it's more of a network issue that is causing low customer satisfaction rather than poor customer service or shady billing practices on Windstream's end. As the Kinetic network continues to improve (again, the goal is 50% fiber coverage by 2027), I think Windstream's customer satisfaction scores will likely follow suit.

The bottom line

Those in rural areas union savings bank com find Kinetic DSL internet to be a better service and value than satellite. Kinetic fiber and cable internet are somewhat more closely matched, but it's probable that Kinetic fiber will be the cheaper high-speed option as well. Kinetic pricing and available speeds vary widely by market, however, perhaps more so than any other major provider, so be sure to compare your options. 


Windstream Internet: Reviews, Pricing, and Performance

Windstream Internet is an internet provider that uses DSL, fiber, cable, and dialup networks and operates in parts of 18 states in the US. On its website, the company promotes three very high-speed internet packages: Kinetic GIG, Kinetic 500, and Kinetic 200. While its fiber networks are growing, Windstream’s major claim to fame is DSL coverage for rural areas. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), downloads of at least 100Mbps and uploads of 25Mps are available in much of Windstream’s coverage area. Windstream had about 1 million broadband subscribers as of 2018.

Windstream internet packages

Kinetic GIG InternetKinetic GIG Internet by Windstream is a fully fiber-optic Internet service offered in more than 150 communities in the US, providing download and upload speeds of up to 1Gbps and allowing 4K movie streaming. According to Windstream, other advantages of fiber-optic networks include better reliability than copper networks, simultaneous support for multiple devices in the home, and lower latency for faster page loads. Fiber is available in about 6.3 percent of Windstream’s coverage area, according to the FCC.

Kinetic 500 Internet Kinetic 500 Internet is advertised as offering download speeds of up to 500Mbps. Windstream uses DSL for Kinetic 500 and most other plans, except for Kinetic Gig. According to the FCC, however, only about 1.76 percent of Windstream’s DSL service area achieves download speeds of 500Mbps, while another 1.76 percent can download at 250Mbps. However, these small numbers say more about the low availability of very high-speed DSL packages than whether Windstream delivers on promised DSL speeds. In the FCC’s most recent actual-to-advertised speeds report, the company scored between 86.52 percent and 99.71 percent, signifying that you usually get the speeds you pay for from Windstream.

Kinetic 200 Internet As its name suggests, Kinetic 200 Internet, another DSL service is advertised as supplying download speeds of up to 200Mbps. The FCC does not track 200Mbps download speeds. However, download speeds of at least 100Mbps are available in 38.2 percent of Windstream’s DSL coverage area.

Lower-speed internet packages Windstream also offers a wide range of lower-speed internet packages, which vary considerably by speed and price in different locations. In Pittsburgh, PA, for example, Windstream offers four different plans, with none achieving a download speed above 100 Mbps. The plans in Pittsburgh range from a 15Mbps package called Standard Kinetic Internet to a 100Mbps package known as Premium Kinetic Plus. Windstream also offers Internet/phone/TV bundles in some areas, including Pittsburgh. To find out which packages are available in your area, you must provide your street address and zip code to Windstream.  Generally, the FCC found that about 96.8 percent of Windstream’s overall service area can achieve download speeds of at least 4Mbps. About 93 percent can receive 10Mbps or better and 78.1 percent can get 25Mbps and up. DSL is offered in 99.2 percent of the overall service area.

Windstream availability

Windstream is offered in 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. Services are only offered in certain parts of each state, and speeds vary considerably.Windstream provides Kinetic GIG to select communities in 16 states, but communities are increasingly receiving coverage. When the gigabit service first launched in 2016, the initial locations included Lincoln, Como hacer una compra en amazon con gift card Lexington, KY; Sugar Land, TX; and seven communities in North Carolina: China Grove, Concord, Davidson, Harrisburg, Kannapolis, Lewisville, and Matthews.

Windstream features

Unlike some other internet providers, Windstream doesn’t manage network congestion by capping an individual customer’s usage or throttling a customer’s service once a certain amount of usage is exceeded. No contracts are required, and services can be ordered on a month-to-month basis. All Windstream customers gain access to free email addresses. Internet security, cloud storage, data backup, tech support, and wire maintenance services are offered as paid add-ons. These add-ons are supplied through four Internet Shield security packages, each sold at monthly pricing.Three of these paid Internet Shield packages come with McAfee Multi-Access (MMA), a multi-level package for protecting devices that include PCs, Macs, and Android smartphones and tablets. Supporting all browsers, MMA includes anti-virus, anti-phishing, firewall, PC optimization, a mobile device locator, and advanced threat protection for safeguarding your privacy. With MMA protection through Windstream, you can manage up to three supported devices from a single account whenever you go online.

  • Windstream’s Shield Lite offers basic security to protect your identity and data, including MMA, online data backup with file protection, up to 100GB in cloud storage, and identity theft protection with credit monitoring.
  • Shield Standard offers all of the same features as Shield Lite while adding unlimited 24/7/365 tech support for up to three PCs through Tech Help, along with wire maintenance protection for your home through a Protection Plus plan.
  • Shield Premium has all of Shield Standard’s features, in addition to PC Protect and whole-home tech help. You get coverage for computer hardware malfunction as well as for accidental damage to PCs. You also receive remote, enhanced tech support for up to 10 internet-connected devices on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • Windstream’s Premium Wi-Fi device connectivity support offers expert tech help with Wi-Fi issues like installation and activation. It also comes with Protection Plus to cover repair costs for equipment, such as wiring and jacks. This is the only Internet Shield package from Windstream that doesn’t include internet security software from McAfee.

ConclusionWindstream provides DSL, fiber, cable, and dial-up internet services in pockets of 18 states in the US. Services are available at a wide range of speeds and price points, depending on where you live. The company boasts reasonably priced DSL connectivity at 100Mbps or less in rural regions. Windstream also offers fiber connectivity at Gig speeds in 150 communities in 16 states, with plans to expand.

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    Windstream is a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for consumers & businesses; offering high-speed internet, voice, streaming, security & much more.


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